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Vietnamese lucky numbers: Explore the cultural significance behind digits

28/01/2024 13.254

Vietnamese lucky numbers are an integral part of the country's culture and traditions. Each number holds important significance and influences various aspects of life. Understanding these numbers provides a unique insight into Vietnam's rich beliefs and customs, allowing you to immerse in the authentic way of life of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese lucky numbers

In Vietnamese culture, the use of symbolism extends from colors to animals, and that includes numbers. Vietnamese lucky numbers in particular carry an array of meanings and superstitions that impact daily life, from choosing the date for important events to influencing the decision-making process. Join us on a journey to explore the rich cultural background of Vietnam's unique interpretation of luck through numbers.

1. About Vietnamese lucky numbers in feng shui and the local culture

The people of Vietnam place great importance on Vietnamese good luck symbols, a belief deeply intertwined with traditions. Of all the prevalent good luck symbols, one of the most widely known and implemented is lucky numbers. These Vietnamese lucky numbers hold a special place in daily life, influencing decisions like buying a house, selecting phone numbers, deciding on wedding dates, and even the choice of car numbers. Vietnamese people hold firm to the idea that these numbers can bring good luck, creating their unique system of lucky numbers.

In addition to local beliefs, the concept of Feng Shui, known as “Phong Thủy” in Vietnamese, plays a significant role in shaping these beliefs. Feng Shui is a crucial aspect of the country’s culture. It deals with the relations in the environment, particularly the flow of air and water, and their impact on one's well-being. The idea is that understanding and harnessing the flow of these elements can bring harmony and good fortune into one's life, an idea deeply integrated into Vietnamese culture.

Vietnamese lucky numbers

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2. The 5 single Vietnamese lucky numbers

You may be wondering “What are Vietnamese lucky numbers?”. Of the Vietnamese numbers 0-10, there are specific numbers, such as 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9, that hold a unique, highly optimistic meaning. These Vietnamese lucky numbers are integral to daily life and traditions, with each number carrying distinct cultural and symbolic implications. These numbers are believed to bring about good fortune and positive outcomes, making them a vital component of various aspects of Vietnamese society, from celebrations and rituals to decision-making processes. As such, understanding the significance of these numbers will shed light on the beliefs and traditions that shape Vietnam's cultural heritage.

2.1. The number 1

Among Vietnamese lucky numbers, the number 1 holds a distinct and significant place. It symbolizes new beginnings, unity, and leadership. In Vietnamese culture, it's seen as representing a person with exceptional talent. Incorporating the number 1 into various aspects of life, such as vehicle plates or phone numbers, is believed to invite prosperity and good fortune. This cultural belief highlights the profound influence of numerology on Vietnamese customs.

Vietnamese lucky numbers

2.2. The number 6

The number 6 is a shining symbol of harmony and smooth progress, a very popular lucky number in Vietnam. Its popularity stems from being a homonym for "good fortune" in Vietnamese, making it highly sought after. This auspicious number is deeply ingrained in Vietnamese customs, often seen in business telephone numbers. Incorporating the number 6 is a way to invite good luck into one's business endeavors. The belief in the significance of the number 6 remains deeply rooted, with the conviction that it can bring forth positive outcomes and prosperity, making it a prevalent figure in the realm of Vietnamese lucky numbers.

2.3. The number 7

Among Vietnamese lucky numbers, the number 7 is a very special one. People see it as a deeply spiritual number, and this belief is connected to Buddhism, a religion that has major influences on the culture and people of Vietnam. The number 7 is considered sacred and associated with good luck and positive things. This shows how Vietnamese culture is deeply influenced by both spiritual and traditional beliefs.

Vietnamese lucky numbers

2.4. The number 8

Is 8 a lucky number in Vietnam? The Vietnamese lucky number 8 holds a prominent and revered position within the realm of Vietnamese lucky numbers. Considered to be one of the luckiest numbers, the number 8 is associated with wealth, prosperity, and positive outcomes. This belief is rooted in the fact that the pronunciation of the number 8 is similar to the word for wealth and prosperity, making it a popular choice in various aspects of life. Its significance as a lucky number in Vietnam underlines the deep-seated influence of numerology on traditional customs and the pursuit of good fortune. 

2.5. The number 9

You may be pondering “Is 9 a lucky number in Vietnam?”, and the answer is absolutely yes. The number 9 is one of the most popular Vietnamese lucky numbers you will find when visiting this country. It symbolizes strength and authority, completeness and the continuous cycle of growth, unlike the number 10 which implies finality. The word for "nine" in Vietnamese is homophonous with "long-lasting" or "eternity".

Vietnamese lucky numbers

3. The best combination of Vietnamese lucky numbers

In Vietnamese culture, lucky numbers aren't limited to just single digits, there are also many meaningful combinations with deep cultural significance. These Vietnamese lucky numbers combinations are strongly believed to bring about good fortune, prosperity, and harmony. They are interwoven into the fabric of Vietnamese traditions and customs, shaping everyday life and decisions. Let us dive into the world of lucky numbers in Vietnamese culture and discover all the meaning and significance underlying the digits.

3.1. Combination of 2 numbers

There are several pairs of two-digit Vietnamese lucky numbers, each carrying a highly auspicious meaning. These numbers are often chosen for special occasions, such as grand openings or when buying lottery tickets. Let's delve into a few of these meaningful lucky Vietnamese numbers combinations:

  • Number 23: Known for its ability to bring balance and prosperity.
  • Number 29: Symbolizes eternal wealth and enduring fortune.
  • Number 56: Signifies a surge of prosperity and good fortune.
  • Number 68: Embraces the concept of both prosperity and the gift of life.
  • Number 86: Promises the arrival of both wealth and blessings in abundance.
Vietnamese lucky numbers

3.2. Combination of 3 numbers

These are some three-digit Vietnamese lucky numbers combinations that you might come across when traveling through the country. Many individuals opt to present a sum of money equal to these Vietnam lucky numbers within a red envelope during the Lunar New Year, also known as li xi, symbolizing their heartfelt wishes for good fortune to be bestowed upon the recipient.

  • Number 132: The wish for the recipient to enjoy lasting success in their career and the unwavering flow of prosperity.
  • Number 168: The wish for the recipient to enjoy continuous wealth and prosperity throughout the year.
  • Number 413: The wish for smooth sailing in all aspects of life, especially in business.
  • Number 555: The wish for the recipient to bear children soon and for their family to remain happy and harmonious.

3.3. Combination of 4 numbers

For 4-digit number combinations, the meaning and intentions are much more profound. When four numbers come together, they form not just a sequence but a story of blessings, fortune, and prosperity. Let's delve into the fascinating world of 4-digit Vietnamese lucky numbers and unveil the meanings behind some of these combinations:

  • Number 1102: Symbolizes uniqueness and one-of-a-kind significance.
  • Number 1111: Represents a solid and unwavering foundation.
  • Number 2628: Promises a bountiful harvest of fortune.
  • Number 4078: Guarantees smooth sailing throughout all four seasons.
  • Number 6868: Radiates the promise of prosperity and good fortune.
Vietnamese lucky numbers

4. Applications of Vietnamese lucky numbers in daily life

The lucky numbers for Vietnamese find applications in various aspects of life. One of the most iconic uses is during the Tet Holiday, where red envelopes filled with Vietnamese lucky money are exchanged as gestures of goodwill. The specific amount of money inside often features these Vietnamese lucky numbers, conveying wishes for good fortune in the upcoming year.

For significant life events such as weddings, business openings, and housewarmings, Vietnamese people often turn to numerology experts. They seek to select dates associated with lucky numbers to ensure a future marked by harmony and prosperity.

In the realm of telecommunications, the selection of phone numbers is influenced by beliefs in good luck. Numbers ending with 6, 8, and 9 are highly sought after due to their association with prosperity and positive energy.

Even on the road, the quest for luck continues. Drivers in Vietnam frequently opt for vehicle license plates bearing Vietnamese good luck numbers, which are believed to bring good fortune and protection against accidents. These applications of Vietnamese lucky numbers reflect a culture deeply rooted in the pursuit of good luck, prosperity, and positivity.

Vietnamese lucky numbers

5. Contrasts to Vietnamese lucky numbers

As opposed to good luck symbols, there are specific numbers that are generally viewed as bad luck in Vietnamese culture. Of the Vietnamese unlucky numbers, the number 4 is the most widely known, as it is pronounced similarly to the word for “death”. Another such number is 13, often associated with bad luck. This apprehension towards the number 13 is not unique to Vietnam and can be attributed to various historical and cultural factors. 

However, if you find yourself worrying “Is 4 an unlucky number in Vietnam?”, or avoiding the number 13, it's important to note that these superstitions are rooted in psychological fear and cultural beliefs rather than any inherent power in the numbers themselves. Luck is ultimately a matter of perspective, and these superstitions are more about shared beliefs and cultural traditions than concrete realities.

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Vietnamese lucky numbers


Vietnamese lucky numbers

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Vietnamese lucky numbers are not merely numerical combinations, they represent a profound connection between the culture's rich traditions, deep-seated beliefs, and everyday life. Rooted in ancient practices and shaped by historical, cultural, and even linguistic factors, these numbers serve as powerful symbols of good fortune, prosperity, and harmony. From the celebrated Tet Holiday and its associated red envelopes, the significance of auspicious wedding dates, the choice of phone numbers to choosing license plates, the influence of these lucky numbers is pervasive. They are a testament to the enduring cultural values of Vietnamese people who seek balance and prosperity in all aspects of life.

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