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Vietnamese spring rolls: Satisfy your appetite with a well-liked food

16/01/2024 19.811

Vietnamese spring rolls are one of the most popular dishes that you will see in any region of Vietnam. Let’s see the variations of spring rolls available to understand this traditional dish of Vietnam.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese cuisine in general and Vietnamese spring rolls in particular are among the top concerns of tourists when they are making plans for a Vietnam travel. You should learn about the most popular variations of spring rolls available, their ingredients, and the ways they are served. Then, you will better understand a part of Vietnamese culture.

1. Vietnamese spring rolls ingredients

Vietnamese food is well known in the world with various distinguished dishes, among which Vietnamese spring rolls are one of the most popular. There are various variations of spring rolls available throughout the country and you will not have to worry about where to buy Vietnamese spring rolls once in Vietnam. It is hard to say which is the best Vietnamese spring rolls because the ingredients are diverse, depending on each region. The most simple variation of spring rolls always comprises:

  • Meat: minced pork, crab, shrimp
  • Egg: chicken or duck eggs
  • Glass noodles and rice paper
  • Spices such as onions, scallions, salt, garlic, wood ear, shiitake mushroom
  • Vegetables: about 2-3 kinds of vegetables such as carrot, kohlrabi, taro, sweet potatoes, tofu, jicama, bean sprouts
Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese spring rolls are regarded as both delicious and nutritionally well-balanced due to the wide range of ingredients they incorporate.

2. How to eat Vietnamese spring rolls?

Vietnamese spring rolls are served with dipping sauce, which is often a harmonious mixture of salty, sweet, and sour flavours from fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar, pepper, minced garlic, and chili. The dipping sauce can be mixed with some pickled carrot, green papaya, or kohlrabi.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Depending on the variations of spring rolls, they can be served with or without fresh vermicelli, such as fried Vietnamese spring rolls. In the meantime, fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, pho Vietnamese spring rolls, or cuon diep (vegetarian lettuce rolls) can be served with dipping sauce only.

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3. Top 5 types of Vietnamese spring rolls to enjoy once

There are various types of Vietnamese spring rolls, which shows the creativity of Vietnamese people. The most popular ones are:

3.1. Fried Vietnamese spring rolls (Cha gio)

The traditional fried Vietnamese spring rolls are made of minced pork, shrimp, egg, vegetables, glass noodles, and spices, all of which are wrapped inside rice paper and then fried until their color turns light brown. The tasty rolls should be served hot with dipping sauce and vermicelli. This dish is called “cha gio” in the southern region and “nem ran” in the northern region.

Vietnamese spring rolls

3.2. Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls (Goi cuon)

Goi cuon is a variation of Vietnamese spring rolls that is served fresh without being fried. Hence, the ingredients can either be cooked or eaten raw. Normally the fresh rolls are made of boiled pork, boiled shrimp, vermicelli, herbs or vegetables. Goi cuon can be made into a vegetarian variation by excluding meat and adding tofu and mushrooms instead.

Vietnamese spring rolls

3.3. Pho Vietnamese spring rolls (Pho cuon)

Pho cuon is wrapped with fresh rice sheets instead of dried rice paper, with beef, herbs, and vegetables as fillings. The rolls are served with a salty, sour, and sweet dipping sauce. This dish is popular in the Truc Bach Lake area in downtown Hanoi.

Vietnamese spring rolls

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3.4. Vietnamese spring rolls crab meat (Nem cua be)

This dish originates in the coastal city of Hai Phong, which is now present all over the country. Fillings of crab, shrimp, pork, wood ear, mushroom, glass vermicelli, and bean sprouts are wrapped in dried rice paper. It is then folded into a square shape before being deep-fried. Nem cua be is often served with fresh herbs to enrich the flavour.

Vietnamese spring rolls

3.5. Vegetarian lettuce rolls (Cuon diep)

This is a healthy variation of rolls with lots of vegetables and easily digestible ingredients. A piece of boiled pork, shrimp, and fresh vermicelli will be wrapped by mustard leaves. It is then tightened with a green onion stalk. Cuon diep is served with a thick dipping sauce with peanuts and ginger.

Vietnamese spring rolls

When you come to Vietnam, you can easily find a place to enjoy many variations of Vietnamese spring rolls in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, etc.

For each destination that you intend to go to in Vietnam, you should plan in advance regarding where to stay to have the best accommodation experience while trying the cuisine here.

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Vietnamese spring rolls
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Vietnamese spring rolls
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Vietnamese spring rolls

Vietnamese cuisine has always been a highlight of the S-shaped country of Vietnam, in which Vietnamese spring rolls have surprised many visitors with their diverse variations. Try these dishes and see the essence of Vietnam’s traditional identity as well as the creativity of the local people!

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