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An Giang map: Guide to unlocking fantastic things for your exploration

13/01/2024 5.106

Renowned for its beautiful landscapes and ancient temples, An Giang is a great destination to explore when visiting Vietnam. Learn about all the must-visit attractions on the An Giang map with our guide and pack up your bag!

An Giang map

An Giang Province is located in the southwestern part of Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta region, known for its rich agricultural heritage, sacred temples, and breathtaking landscapes. This An Giang map will help you discover the many charms and hidden gems that this remarkable province has to offer on your Vietnam travel.

1. An overview of the An Giang map

Nestled within the Mekong Delta, the An Giang map shows the Tien and Hau Rivers coursing through the heart of the province, blessing the land with bountiful harvests and breathtaking landscapes. The An Giang Vietnam map consists of 11 administrative units, including 2 cities (Long Xuyen, Chau Doc), 1 town (Tan Chau), 8 districts (An Phu, Tinh Bien, Tri Ton, Chau Phu, Chau Thanh, Thoai Son, Cho Moi, Phu Tan). The An Giang zip code is 90000.

An Giang shares a border with the two Cambodian provinces of Kandal and Takeo that stretches for around 100 kilometers. This long border allows people of the two cultures to mingle, creating a beautiful cultural landscape. That, along with breathtaking natural scenery, makes An Giang a compelling destination for tourists traveling to Vietnam.

An Giang map

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2. What are the top tourist spots on the An Giang map?

2.1. Tra Su Cajuput Forest

Tra Su Cajuput Forest, a green jewel that lies within the An Giang map, adorns the captivating backdrop of the Mekong Delta. Beckoning the hearts of nature lovers seeking a tranquil refuge, Tra Su stands as a magnificent tribute to Vietnam's various forests. This lush haven offers a magnificent combination of tall cajuput trees, thick vegetation, and flowing canals. Upon entering, visitors will be greeted by a sense of grandeur, as the pathways and waters are covered in delicate duckweed, giving the area its beautiful green color.

An Giang map

2.2. Ba Chua Xu Temple - a highlight on the An Giang map

Spirituality is a prominent part of the culture of An Giang. A highlight on the Chau Doc An Giang map is Ba Chua Xu Temple, a sacred temple well-known to both locals and tourists. The legend of Ba Chua Xu Temple is deeply embedded in the historical, cultural and spiritual fabric of An Giang. The deity of the temple, Ba Chua Xu, is the patron of the rain. She brings bountiful harvests and wards off diseases for the locals. Many people, near and far, come to this temple every year to pray for luck and prosperity.

2.3. Co To Mountain An Giang Vietnam

As part of the Tri Ton An Giang map, Co To Mountain is also known as Phnom Kto Mountain. Vietnam mountains are always a sight to behold, and Co To Mountain is no different. In the midst of the vast fields of the Khmer people, the mountain lies in close proximity to the border with Cambodia. The lyrical and majestic beauty that nature has bestowed onto this place has drawn visitors from near and far.

An Giang map

2.4. Giong Thanh Pagoda

A notable historical site on the An Giang map is Giong Thanh Pagoda, which was designated as a national relic in 1986. The structure of the pagoda is a harmonious blend of Asian and European architectural styles. From the exterior, the pagoda appears to be an Indian structure with a two-story funnel-shaped tower that is embellished with several attractive decorations. This makes Giong Thanh Pagoda distinct, yet it still retains the essence of Vietnamese pagodas

2.5. Masjid Al Ehsan Mosque

An Giang Province is home to a large community of people practicing Muslim. Masjid Al Ehsan is one of the mosques that the local Muslims use as a place of worship, an educational center, and a regular venue for food parties on major Muslim holidays. Masjid Al Ehsan's architecture shares a lot in common with the mosques in the Middle East. The hallway of the mosque is very large, its interior embellished with magnificent chandeliers, elaborate designs, and stone columns. The meticulously detailed decorations of the mosque makes it a true piece of art.

An Giang map

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2.6. O Thum Lake - a must-visit attraction on the An Giang map

Despite its modest size, the lovely scenery at O Thum Lake more than makes up for it. With tall mountains, a peaceful lake, and azure water, the landscape's wild but endearing nature draws lots of tourists. Most come to take pictures, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the lovely greenery. A specialty here is grilled chicken, which is a treat that you wouldn’t want to miss! 

2.7. Ong Chuong Island An Giang Vietnam

Ong Chuong Island is surrounded by the rivers Tien, Hau, Ong Chuong, and Vam Nao. This is a well-known attraction on a canal of the same name. Ong Chuong Island is famous for traditional crafts such as carpentry and glass painting. Besides those crafts, the island is visited by many people for its many fruit orchards, where you can immerse yourself in the culture of the region.

An Giang map

2.8. Long Xuyen Floating Market

Among the Mekong Delta floating markets, Long Xuyen Floating Market on the An Giang map emerged when roads were not yet established and people were still used to trading on boats. Even when transportation is more efficient nowadays, this floating market continues to practice its traditional way of life. Although not as busy as Cai Rang Floating market or Cai Be Floating Market, Long Xuyen Floating Market is unaffected by the commercialization of tourism and maintains a tranquil ambiance.

2.9. Tuc Dup Hill - a famous place on the An Giang map

Nestled at the foot of Co To Mountain, this historical landmark on the An Giang map is a steadfast testament to the province's history. Tuc Dup Hill not only shows the natural splendor of its surroundings but also offers an enthralling voyage through time. It has a treasure trove of historical recollections in the form of photographs, testimonials, and military equipment. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the annals of history while marveling at nature's grandeur. 

An Giang map

2.10. Chau Doc Market

Vietnam markets are famous for their unique blend of modernity and tradition. Chau Doc Market on the An Giang map is a shining example, a vibrant hub where locals and tourists gather to try many delicacies. Here, fish sauce is a specialty, and you can find a bountiful variety of this condiment. The market also sells many distinct traditional snacks. Be sure to try them all and who knows, maybe you will have a completely new experience with your taste buds.

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An Giang map


An Giang map

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Exploring the An Giang map is a highly recommended activity if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, especially if you are interested in engaging with the history and culture of the southwestern region. Warm people, lush greenery, and sacred temples will greet you with open arms, ready to offer you authentic experiences that you will never forget.

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