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Christmas dinner: guide to the fullest feast to enjoy the festivity

28/01/2024 5.908

Unravel the festive tapestry of Christmas dinners worldwide, from roasting meats to desserts. Let’s discover the rich culinary traditions and delightful customs that make Christmas dinner a global celebration.

Christmas dinner

The aroma of roasted meats, the sweetness of desserts, and the clinking of glasses – Christmas dinner is a feast for the senses celebrated worldwide. As the holiday season approaches, families and friends gather around tables laden with culinary delights, creating memories to cherish. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we explore the traditional Christmas dinner dishes, unique customs, and delightful decor.

1. What are the traditional Christmas dinner dishes?

1.1. Main dishes for Christmas dinner

1.1.1. Roasted turkey

A classic roasted turkey is not just a dish for Christmas dinner; it's a tradition that fills homes with an irresistible aroma. To prepare this iconic centerpiece, start by generously seasoning a whole turkey with a blend of spices. For an added depth of smokiness, layer the turkey with bacon or pancetta, infusing the meat with savory flavor. Allow the turkey to rest in the fridge for 1 to 3 days, ensuring it's well-wrapped to absorb all the seasonings. Drain any excess water 24 hours before you cook, pat dry, and continue storing the turkey in the fridge to remove all the moisture. When it's time to bake, slather your turkey with butter, drape it in bacon, and roast until the thickest part of the breast reaches 160°F.

Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner

1.1.2. Roasted goose

Transport yourself to the pages of a Charles Dickens novel by preparing a roasted goose, reminiscent of Victorian-era traditions. Brine the goose in a mixture of water, salt, sugar, bay leaf, and peppercorns for up to 24 hours to infuse it with a delightful blend of flavors. After patting it dry, generously season the cavity of the goose and stuff it with apples, onions, and oranges for a burst of fruity essence. Roast for nearly 3 hours, allowing the goose to cook thoroughly and absorb all the flavors of fragrant rosemary and vibrant orange slices.

1.1.3. Honey-glazed ham

Elevate your menu for Christmas dinner with a honey-glazed ham. The succulent texture and sweet undertones of this dish make it a crowd-pleaser. Start by brushing a mixture of mustard, honey, and sugar over the ham, creating a glossy glaze. Roast the ham to perfection, allowing the glaze to caramelize and create a sticky, golden coat. The result is a ham that's not only visually appealing but also a symphony of flavors, adding a touch of decadence to your festive spread.

Christmas dinner

1.1.4. Roasted beef

Roasted beef, a Sunday lunch favorite in the Anglosphere, takes center stage with its hearty, meaty goodness. This dish is a medley of robust flavors and comforting textures and can be transformed in various ways, such as being served alongside Yorkshire pudding. Whether sliced for sandwiches or savored as the main course, roasted beef is perfect for a typical Christmas dinner. It’s quite easy to make this heartfelt dish. Drizzle the beef with oil and season with salt and pepper. Place the vegetables of your preference in a tray, then bake for about 1 hour until you get the perfect medium beef.

1.1.5. Roasted prime rib

Roasted prime rib is one of the intricate dishes that requires sophistication. The key to success lies in mastering the cooking technique, which is vital for achieving a medium-rare center and a deliciously crisp outer layer. This perfection is attained by refrigerating the meat overnight, generously seasoning it with salt and pepper, and using a high-temperature oven, thereby harmonizing flavors and textures to create an ideal balance.

Christmas dinner

1.1.6. Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon crostini, a delightful appetizer, graces your Christmas dinner with a touch of elegance. Craft these delicate bites using baguette slices, ricotta (or mascarpone), fresh herbs, and high-quality smoked salmon. Elevate the dish by garnishing with dill and serving alongside zesty lemon wedges. Whether served during festive brunches or evening celebrations, these smoked salmon crostini are sure to impress your guests with their exquisite flavors.

1.1.7. Roasted rack of lamb 

Elevate your Christmas dinner with a culinary masterpiece – a roasted rack of lamb. Don’t forget to ask the butcher to “french” the racks so your cooking process becomes less complicated. After seasoning the lamb, coat it with mustard and encrust it with seasoned breadcrumbs infused with herbs. Roast this beautiful cut to perfection, ensuring that the exterior achieves a golden crispness while preserving the tender juiciness within.

Christmas dinner

1.2. Side dishes for Christmas dinner

1.2.1. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes, a beloved side dish, embody the essence of comfort and tradition. To achieve the perfect mash for your Christmas dinner, select the right potatoes and cook them to sublime tenderness. The key lies in mashing the potatoes without releasing excess starch, ensuring an airy, fluffy texture. Incorporate the essentials – milk, butter, salt, and pepper – into the mix to transform these humble spuds into a velvety indulgence.

1.2.2. Roasted baby carrots

Oven-roasted baby carrots, a vibrant and flavorful accompaniment, add a burst of color to your Christmas dinner. Tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a medley of seasonings, these carrots transform into a delectable side dish as they roast to the perfect balance of tenderness and caramelization. You can pair them with succulent meats or other main courses, allowing their natural sweetness to complement the savory elements of your festive meal.

1.2.3. Gravy

Crafted from the natural juices of meats and enriched with a harmonious blend of flavors, gravy, the crowning glory of a Christmas feast, enhances the entire dining experience. Thickened with cornstarch for ideal texture, this savory sauce is poured over roasts, mashed potatoes, and more, adding depth and richness to every bite. 

Christmas dinner

1.2.4. Stuffing

Stuffing, a timeless classic Christmas dinner dish, captures the essence of holiday indulgence. Made from torn bread, aromatic vegetables, fresh herbs, and a medley of spices, stuffing is a culinary revelation. This edible mixture, stuffed into poultry or served as a standalone dish, soaks up and enhances flavors during its preparation. Stuffing embodies the heartwarming spirit of Christmas, pleasing taste buds with its rustic charm and robust taste.

1.2.5. Risotto

Risotto, an Italian delicacy, completes Christmas tables with its creamy allure and aromatic charm. Cooked and stirred with broth until it reaches a velvety consistency, risotto encapsulates the artistry of Northern Italian cuisine. Its seemingly simple combination of butter, onions, wine, rice, and broth transforms into culinary brilliance. Finished with Parmesan, this indulgent side dish captivates diners with its richness and depth of flavor.

Christmas dinner

1.2.6. Pear salad

Pear salad, a delightful fusion of sweet and savory, provides a refreshing contrast to the richness of holiday fare. It combines fresh pears, greens, and an array of toppings to create a refreshing mix of flavors and textures. All of this is drizzled with a zesty vinaigrette, highlighting the natural sweetness of pears while complementing it with salty and earthy ingredients.

1.2.7. Creamed spinach

Creamed spinach brings a touch of decadence to the Christmas dinner menu. Spinach leaves, bathed in an indulgent blend of cream, butter, and Parmesan, transform into a luxurious yet effortless side dish. Quick to prepare and packed with flavors, this dish is a favorite among those seeking a balance of comfort and finesse. For a contemporary twist, consider using baby kale, infusing the dish with a slightly pungent, nutrient-rich dimension.

Christmas dinner

1.2.8. Vegetable casserole

Vegetable casserole, a timeless favorite on holiday tables, captures the essence of home-cooked goodness. One of the most popular versions of casserole features green beans coated in a homemade cheddar cheese sauce enriched with sour cream and mushrooms. Topped generously with Parmesan cheese and fried onions, this vegetable casserole bakes into a golden, bubbling masterpiece. 

1.2.9. Roasted beet goat cheese salad

A symphony of lively colors and bold flavors, roasted beet goat cheese salad marries the earthy sweetness of beets with the tangy creaminess of goat cheese. Topped with blood oranges, candied walnuts, and peppery arugula, this salad is a visually satisfying work of art that tantalizes the taste buds. The harmonious blend of ingredients creates a medley of textures and tastes, turning a humble salad into an exquisite culinary creation.

Christmas dinner

1.2.10. Candied yams

Candied yams are a delightful holiday treat, turning ordinary sweet potatoes into a syrupy delicacy. To prepare, arrange the yams in a baking dish and drizzle them with a reduced brown sugar syrup packed with comforting flavors and aromas of orange, cinamon, butter, nutmeg, and bourbon. After baking to perfection, these candied yams come out of the oven as a heavenly fusion of caramelized sweetness and velvety softness, making them a beloved holiday classic.

1.3. Desserts for Christmas dinner

1.3.1. Christmas pudding

Crafted from a medley of mixed dried fruits, candied fruit peel, apples, and citrus zests, the pudding is infused with the deep, complex flavors of brandy and spices. While the ingredient list might appear daunting, meticulous preparation ensures a hearty outcome. Best made well in advance, Christmas pudding matures over time, allowing its flavors to harmonize and intensify. Traditionally prepared on "Stir-up Sunday," families gather to stir the pudding mixture and make wishes together. In the past, coins were even added to the pudding for luck, creating a cherished holiday tradition.

Christmas dinner

1.3.2. Yule log

A Yule log, or Bûche de Noël, embodies the essence of Christmas in France. This cake features a delectable chocolate rolled cake enveloped in decadent Italian buttercream and typically decorated to resemble a holiday Yule log, hence the name. 

While chocolate is the preferred flavor, especially for a classic Yule log, variations abound, from vanilla to autumn spice and strawberry. Bûche de Noël can also effortlessly transform into an elegant Swiss roll for sophisticated dinner parties, adding a touch of finesse to your Christmas dessert repertoire.

1.3.3. Mince pies

Mince pies, with origins rooted in English tradition, are sweet pies brimming with mincemeat—a blend of fruits, spices, and suet. Originally, minced meat was a key ingredient, alongside suet, various fruits, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Today, these delectable pies predominantly feature a fruity, spiced filling. Their irresistible combination of flavors captures the spirit of Christmas, offering a delectable treat that has stood the test of time.

Christmas dinner

1.3.4. Gingerbread men cookies

Gingerbread men cookies, both delightful to eat and enjoyable to create, bring a whimsical touch to your Christmas festivities. These fragrant cookies, filled with the aroma of ginger and spices, possess a charm of their own. Children and adults alike revel in decorating these adorable and gleeful figures, as there is so much room for creativity, allowing everyone to showcase their own personality. 

1.3.5. Christmas stollen

Originating from Germany, stollen is a Christmas delicacy that enchants palates with its delightful flavors. Filled with marzipan and an assortment of fruits, this sweet bread is glazed to perfection, creating a delectable treat reserved exclusively for the holiday season. Its jammy glaze adds a touch of indulgence, transforming stollen into an inviting dessert that excites dessert enthusiasts during Christmas festivities.

Christmas dinner

1.4. Beverages for Christmas dinner

1.4.1. Mulled wine

As winter descends, mulled wine emerges as the coziest companion for holiday gatherings. A bottle of red wine, a hint of brandy, and a melange of holiday spices will infuse your home with the nostalgic essence of Christmas. This warm, spiced concoction is the epitome of holiday comfort, especially after a day on the slopes or while lounging by the fire. 

1.4.2. Eggnog

Eggnog, a luscious and creamy delight, is the epitome of the holiday season. Crafted from scratch, this scrumptious beverage captivates the taste buds with its rich and indulgent flavor. From traditional versions to contemporary adaptations, eggnog recipes vary, catering to every palate, including nonalcoholic and vegan alternatives.

1.4.3. Wassail

This aromatic beverage, filled with spices, exudes warmth and cheer, embodying the essence of Christmas hospitality. Whether crafted with brandy and sherry or rum and beer, wassail brings people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and merriment. Reviving this age-old custom adds a touch of nostalgia to your modern holiday festivities.

Christmas dinner

1.4.4. Poinsettia

Elevate your holiday celebrations with the enchanting poinsettia cocktail, an elegant sparkling sensation. This effervescent drink, composed of orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and Champagne, dazzles the senses with its vibrant hues and lively taste. Simple to prepare yet undeniably sophisticated, the poinsettia cocktail adds a touch of glamor to your menu for Christmas dinner. 

1.4.5. Hot buttered rum

This spicy and buttery comfort in a cup, based on rum, envelops you in a cozy embrace, making it nearly impossible to resist. Rustic yet divine, this cherished traditional beverage offers solace and warmth during the chilly winter evenings. 

2. A glance at Christmas dinner traditions in different countries

2.1. Christmas dinner in the United States

In the United States, a typical Christmas dinner reflects a rich tapestry of traditions. Rooted in British origins, the meal typically features roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a stuffed roasted fowl. However, regional nuances abound, with each part of the country showcasing its unique variations.

For instance, in the South, you might find specialties like country ham and Christmas ham. In Virginia, oysters, ham pie, and fluffy biscuits pay homage to the English settlers. The Upper Midwest embraces Scandinavian influences with lutefisk and mashed rutabaga. Southern states tend to favor rice over potatoes, while the Gulf Coast indulges in seafood Christmas dinner delights. Game meats like elk and quail might also grace tables, reminiscent of the fare enjoyed by early American settlers.

2.2. Christmas dinner in the United Kingdom

British Christmas dinner centers around the quintessential roast, featuring options like turkey, chicken, or goose. This hearty feast includes stuffing, roast potatoes, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, pigs in blankets, and devils on horseback. Gravy, cranberry jelly, and bread sauce accompany the meal.

Christmas dinner

2.3. Christmas dinner in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Noche Buena, held on Christmas Eve, encompasses a grand feast. Rooted in Hispanic traditions, the meal includes lechon (roasted pig), queso de bola (Edam cheese), various pasta dishes, and desserts featuring fruits with condensed milk or coconut cream. Tsokolate (hot chocolate) and unconventional treats like slightly sweet spaghetti with tomato sauce complete the Filipino Christmas table.

2.4. Italian Christmas dinner

Italian Christmas dinners offer a culinary extravaganza. A festive antipasto, resembling a Christmas wreath charcuterie board, sets the tone. Caprese skewers, baked pasta, braised beef, and classic Christmas sides enrich the feast. Traditional Christmas dinner treats like pizzelle cookies and tiramisu add a sweet finale to the Italian-style celebration.

2.5. German Christmas dinner

German Christmas dinners often include duck, goose, rabbit, or roast as the main course, accompanied by sides like potato and red cabbage dumplings. For dessert, Stollen, a delicious fruit bread dusted with powdered sugar, takes center stage. Gingerbread houses (pfefferkuchenhaus) adorn tables, enhancing the festive atmosphere. To warm up the celebration, many Germans enjoy Feuerzangenbowle, a hot mulled wine and rum beverage.

2.6. Swedish Christmas dinner

In Sweden, the julbord, or Christmas table, commences with a selection of cold fish dishes followed by meats, hot dishes, and desserts. At the heart of the fête is the Christmas ham, boiled and glazed to perfection. Accompanying this centerpiece is an abundance of delectable items like meatballs, lutfisk (dried fish), various potato and fish dishes, and pork sausage. Glögg, a mulled wine, complements the feast, creating a true Swedish holiday experience.


Christmas dinner

2.7. Spanish Christmas dinner

Spanish Christmas meals begin with an array of starters featuring Iberian ham, rich cheeses, seafood, preserves, and pickles. First courses may include regional specialties, especially stews or soups, like Andalusian stew, Catalan escudella, garlic soup, cream of almonds, or trout soup. Rotisserie meats, especially lamb and suckling pig, as well as oven-baked fish, grace the main course, culminating in a festive and diverse Spanish feast.

2.8. Japanese Christmas dinner

Japanese Christmas dinner revolves around KFC, with fried chicken becoming a holiday tradition since 1974. Families eagerly place orders for their Christmas chicken meals weeks in advance. Light and airy strawberry cakes are especially popular as a Christmas dessert, unlike their more complicated Western counterparts. Hot sake, the traditional Japanese alcohol, is usually the most preferred Christmas alcoholic drink among Japanese people.

Christmas dinner

2.9. Brazilian Christmas dinner

In Brazil, Ceia de Natal, the Christmas dinner, is a lavish banquet served late on Christmas Eve. The vibrant star of the feast is often a turkey, which is beautifully adorned with local fruits and accompanied by ham, garlicky kale, salted cod, potato salad, farofa, rice, and nuts. Christmas dinner desserts like panettone, stollen, and rabanada, a variation of French toast, offer a satisfying conclusion to the tropical feast.

2.10. Vietnamese Christmas dinner

Christmas in Vietnam blends local traditions with global influences. Common Vietnamese Christmas foods are grilled seafood marinated in local spices, roasted turkey infused with Vietnamese flavors like lemongrass and ginger, or succulent Christmas ribs, typically found at Christmas in Hanoi. Christmas in Vietnam is a time for families to come together, enjoy these special dishes, and create cherished memories.

A Vietnam travel excursion during the holiday season will take you on a journey to discover the unique blend of Vietnamese traditions and global influences. From savoring a grilled seafood Christmas dinner to indulging in more innovative dishes like roasted Vietnamese-style turkey, explore the vibrant culinary scene and create unforgettable memories during your Christmas celebrations in Vietnam. Some stunning cities you can consider visiting are Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Ha Long, etc.

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Christmas dinner

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3. Guide to set a festive and cozy Christmas dinner table

3.1. Christmas table themes

Vibrant red waratahs take center stage as a striking floral centerpiece. Red napkins and festive red crackers can also be used to adorn the table to amplify warmth and holiday cheer.

A rustic woodland scene, one of the more traditional Christmas decoration styles, unfolds with a tartan tablecloth as the backdrop. Natural woven placemats add texture, while pine cones, evergreens, and berries form an enchanting table runner.

You can also opt for vibrant-colored decorations, like a lively floral table runner atop a pristine white tablecloth. Round yellow placemats, complemented by accents of pink and blue, add a pop of brightness. Small presents wrapped in coordinating hues will round up your joyful Christmas decor theme.

Christmas dinner

3.2. Christmas creative napkin folding

This effortless Christmas table setting showcases the beauty of simplicity. It features a classic pocket Christmas napkin adorned with a sprig of evergreen, creatively folded for a touch of charm. The setting includes carefully arranged silverware, an affordable off-white place mat, layered red and white dishes, and a decorative frame made from grapevine twigs. Everything is placed on a table runner crafted from budget-friendly burlap, adding a rustic touch to the arrangement.

Or, emulate the festive ambiance of gifts under the tree with this wrapped Christmas table setting idea. Begin by placing a square-folded red cloth napkin on your favorite dishes. Wrap the entire place setting with a complementary ribbon and tie an elegant, loopy bow at the center. Accentuate the setting with a golden charger and flatware, adding a touch of sophistication to your Christmas dinner table.

Christmas dinner

3.3. Christmas dinner lighting

Turn ordinary wine glasses into charming candle holders with a touch of creativity. Fill the wine glass with small Christmas balls or other decorative items and place it upside-down on the table. 

Welcome bags, elegantly adorned with tea lights, are ideal for enhancing the ambiance outside your front door or in the entryway. Lit tea lights inside these bags create a soft, inviting glow, further accentuated when clearlights or tea lights in transparent cups are used. The gentle candlelight not only illuminates the bags but also enhances the designs on them.

Achieve simple yet exquisite decor by filling a cylindrical glass or vase with water. Place slender twigs at the bottom and top them with floating candles. This decorative arrangement adds a touch of sophistication to your interior space, especially during the chilly winter months.

Christmas dinner

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4. Things to know about Christmas dinner etiquette

Here are some essential tips for festive Christmas dinner etiquette, covering everything you need to know!

  • Christmas napkins:
    • Place neatly folded napkins on top of the plates.
    • Avoid using fussy napkin rings.
  • Christmas table decorations:
    • Embrace simplicity; avoid excessive decorations.
    • Add a subtle festive touch with one small kitsch item, like a Father Christmas gravy boat.
  • Cutlery:
    • Provide ample elbow room and even spaces between seats when laying the table.
    • Place knives and spoons on the right and forks on the left for a well-organized table setting.
  • Christmas champagne:
    • Open champagne bottles with finesse; avoid loud cork-popping antics.
    • Hold the bottle firmly, remove the foil, unscrew the cage, and twist gently for a subdued pop.
    • Pour glasses for guests first, then yourself. Chill the bottle in an ice bucket.
  • Guest behavior:
    • Communicate dietary requirements to hosts in advance.
    • Bring presents and maintain a cheerful, engaging demeanor.
    • Pace eating, converse thoughtfully with neighbors, and ensure inclusivity during formal meals.
  • Christmas meat rules:
    • Opt for high-quality turkey or consider a capon for a special touch.
    • Avoid suggesting a specific meat to hosts; trust their culinary choices.
    • Serve ham hot on the first occasion and cold thereafter, ideal for continuous gatherings.
Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner

>>> For a fulfilling Christmas, discover everything about Christmas games, Christmas gifts, and Merry Christmas wishes!

As you embark on your Christmas dinner preparations, remember that the essence of this feast lies not just in the food on the table but in the hearts gathered around it. It's in the laughter that echoes through the room, the warmth of shared stories, and the joy of being together. So, as you savor every bite of your meticulously prepared feast, also savor the love, the connection, and the traditions that make this meal truly special!

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