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Cua Van Floating Village Ha Long: A GREAT place to admire charming nature

01/01/2024 17.609

Situated in Ha Long Bay, Cua Van Floating Village has been listed among the world's most picturesque villages. Featuring stunning natural scenery, vibrant local life, and mouth-watering seafood, it is a must-see attraction on your trip to Vietnam. You will definitely regret not adding Cua Van Fishing Village to your travel itinerary.

Cua Van Floating Market

Cua Van Floating Village has recently become a popular tourist destination in Ha Long, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in a tranquil and charming environment with grandiose scenery. Additionally, you can participate in numerous activities to explore the livelihoods of local fishermen. So, leave the bustle and hustle of crowded cities behind and start experiencing this Ha Long Bay’s floating village.

1. Where is Cua Van Floating Village? How many ways to get there?

Cua Van Fishing Village is situated in Hung Thang Commune, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, about 20 kilometers away from Tuan Chau Tourist Pier. Located between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, this place is home to over 176 households whose main livelihood is fishing.

Cua Van Floating Market

When visiting this Ha Long Bay fishing village, you will be amazed at the beauty and local life here. Thanks to its distance from the city center, Cua Van Floating Village can retain its natural charm and tranquility, offering visitors an idyllic atmosphere. One of the most famous travel magazines in the world,, listed Cua Van Floating Village as one of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world in 2012.

Since this place is situated quite far from the shore, you can choose from several means of transportation to get there:

  • By train: If you are traveling in a large group, you can consider taking a train, which can accommodate 30 to 50 people.
  • By canoe: Canoes are advantageous because they move quickly. A canoe ride takes only half the transport time compared to trains, giving you more time to explore the village.
  • By cruise: Cruises offer more premium facilities and services than ships and canoes. On a Ha Long Bay cruise, you can enjoy high-class amenities such as fine dining, kayaking on turquoise beaches, visiting Ha Long Bay caves, and watching the sunset from beautiful balconies. There are several options available, from 3-star to 5-star.
Cua Van Floating Market

2. What to do on your tour to Cua Van Floating Village Ha Long?

Coming to Cua Van Floating Village, you will have a chance to admire the spectacular limestone karsts and unique caves, not to mention the distinctive culture and tradition that are guaranteed to satisfy the thirst for adventure of every tourist. A visit to this fishing village in Ha Long Bay would be an incredible experience on your trip to Vietnam.

2.1. Admire the idyllic beauty and explore the local life

Cua Van Floating Market

Cua Van Fishing Village is located amidst the calm waters of Ha Long Bay, behind the stunning Va Gia rocky mountain range. This location makes it an ideal spot for boats to anchor. Visitors to this place will be amazed by the scene of a multitude of small boats and rafts anchored in front of colorful houses.

One of the village's unique features is the construction of small houses, which are approximately 30 square meters in size and serve as homes for local fishermen. Each house boasts a vivid and striking color scheme, which is a distinctive characteristic of the area and attracts many curious tourists every year.

Furthermore, the fishing village is surrounded by the rustic and charming natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, where one can experience tranquility without any traffic jams, only the sounds of small boats and local fishermen.

2.2. Take part in countless exciting activities

Cua Van Floating Market

There are several cultural activities for foreign tourists in Cua Van Floating Village:

  • Visit the Cua Van Floating Culture Center: This is a place to preserve the precious cultural values of this long-lasting fishing village. You will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the village via countless archeological collections, including ancient fishing tools, as well as several documentaries and photos.
  • Interact with local fishermen: You can discover a variety of activities with local residents, such as boat sailing, watching sunsets from a boat, listening to people sing, and squid fishing at night. The local people here are so warm and hospitable that you will always feel welcome when interacting with them.
  • Kayaking: Cua Van Floating Village is the perfect place for adventurers to kayak and explore breathtaking caves at a closer distance.
  • Enjoy delectable seafood: This place is famous for fishing activities, so it is not strange that you can find mouth-watering seafood here.

>>> For more fantastic things to do in Ha Long, click HERE!

3. TOP famous tourist attractions near Cua Van Floating Village

To experience Ha Long Bay to the fullest, we recommend some attractions near Cua Van Floating Village:

Cua Van Floating Market
  • Vung Vieng Fishing Village: Vung Vieng fishing village has been established for a long time, around the beginning of the 19th century. Coming to Vung Vieng fishing village, visitors can explore traditional cultural activities, admire beautiful scenery, and explore the daily life of fishermen. 
  • Thien Cung Cave: Thien Cung Cave is one of the most spectacular caves in Quang Ninh, with an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters. The most special thing about this cave is a big opening inside the cave that allows sunlight to shine through, making this place shimmering and stunning.
  • Kim Quy Cave: Another famous tourist attraction near Cua Van Fishing Village you should not miss is Kim Quy Cave, which is associated with the legend of Kim Quy (the Golden Turtle). When visiting this cave, you will enjoy admiring the beautiful scenery of stalactites that have been built up for hundreds of years. 
  • Quan Lan Island: With its pristinely soft white sand, crystal-clear beach, crispy sunshine, and gentle waves, Quan Lan Island in Quang Ninh is definitely a perfect getaway place! This island still retains its natural beauty since tourism has not been developed here.
Cua Van Floating Market

Besides Cua Van Floating Village and the aforementioned places, Ha Long boasts a lot of must-visit tourist attractions, such as Ti Top Beach, Bai Tu Long Bay, Tuan Chau Island, Sung Sot Cave, and so much more.

Cua Van Floating Market

To make the most of your Ha Long Bay trip, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long promises a dream-like vacation with a laid-back atmosphere featuring three secluded beaches, lush greenery, and a splendor outdoor swimming pool. Also, this top-notch resort will not disappoint you with premium services such as fine dining, deluxe lounges, and exclusive spa and retreat experiences. So, why hesitate to book a stay here?

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4. Useful notes for the best experience in Cua Van Fishing Village

Cua Van Floating Market

Here are some notes for you when traveling to this floating village in Vietnam:

  • The most suitable time to visit Cua Van Fishing Village in Ha Long Bay is from April to June, when the weather is usually sunny but not scorching, making it ideal for participating in exciting activities.
  • Make sure to pack comfortable clothes, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • It is advised to bring motion sickness medication with you if you are prone to getting seasick.
  • During the peak season, Cua Van Floating Village can get quite crowded, so it is recommended to book a hotel room in advance to avoid the risk of rooms being fully booked.

Cua Van Floating Village is a vibrant tourist attraction in Ha Long Bay. The peaceful life, friendly residents, interesting fishing activities, and breathtaking scenery of beaches and caves will provide every traveler with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So do not forget to visit this beautiful ancient village on your upcoming trip to our S-shaped country!

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