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Map of Ha Long Bay: Guide to a perfect travel itinerary with your beloved

03/01/2024 7.978

Map of Ha Long Bay is the ultimate guide to the top 10 appealing destinations in Ha Long Bay - the tourism hotspot of Vietnam. This location is ideal for visitors, with magnificent historical relics, poetic scenery, yummy seafood, and friendly locals.

Map of Ha Long Bay

If you are considering a trip to Ha Long, you should check out the Map of Ha Long Bay to plan a suitable itinerary and discover various famous tourist landmarks in this magnificent attraction. As a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a harmonious combination of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it a dream destination for travelers worldwide.

1. An overview of the tourist map of Ha Long Bay

Located in Quang Ninh Province, Ha Long Bay is about 180 kilometers away from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The bay covers 1,553 square kilometers and consists of 1,969 all-sized limestone islands, several lakes and caves. According to legend, the islands were formed by a dragon falling into the sea, which explains the name “Ha Long Bay” - the bay of the descending dragon.

Traveling to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi is the most convenient option as there are no direct flights to Ha Long, Quang Ninh. You can easily get to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi via taxi, private car, local bus, shuttle bus, motorbike, or train.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2. Detailed map of Ha Long Bay: 10 worth-seeing destinations

2.1. Tuan Chau Island

As one of the most famous places to visit in Ha Long, Tuan Chau Island is a great getaway for those seeking a complete retreat from the urban hustle. This island captivates domestic and foreign visitors with the untouched beauty of white sand, crystal-clear blue waters, top-notch amenities, and thrilling amusement activities.

You should visit Tuan Chau between April and October, when the weather and natural scenery are at their best. If you are concerned about crowds or your budget, avoid visiting the island on weekends or holidays.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.2. Bai Chay area

Bai Chay is a picturesque seaside city on the Ha Long Bay tourist map with plenty of attractions and activities to explore. This location has everything for everyone: magnificent beaches, lush green mountains, and vibrant nightlife.

Bai Chay is also an excellent choice for those seeking an adventure. There, you can try various exciting activities such as a Ha Long Bay kayak tour, rock climbing in the limestone karsts, hiking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Besides, Bai Chay is also the true heaven of Ha Long foods, with tasty sea delicacies like peanut worms, horseshoe crab, sea shark, oyster, and mud clam.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.3. Reu Island – a must-have on the map of Ha Long Bay

Reu Island fascinates every visitor with its charming and unspoiled beauty. Thanks to its marvelous natural landscape, it is an ideal haven for nature lovers to enjoy a peaceful vacation and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

When visiting Reu Island, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long is the perfect accommodation for you and your family to experience the exceptional amenities and services. As the first and only resort in the North of Vietnam built entirely on the sea, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long makes an unforgettable impression with three private beaches, green premises, an outdoor swimming pool, and a system of spacious rooms.

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Map of Ha Long Bay

2.4. Ti Top Island

During Ha Long tours, you should not miss Ti Top Island - the precious pearl in the heart of Ha Long Bay. Covering a total area of 3.7 hectares, this is one of the smallest and most pristine islands in Ha Long Bay.

Ti Top Island is favored for its enchanting scenery and pleasant weather. The mesmerizing view and prime location contribute to Ti Top Beach's highlights, which attract many tourists annually. Here, you can enjoy nature and participate in multiple tourism activities such as swimming, kayaking, taking towed buoys, beach parachuting, etc.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.5. Sung Sot Cave

Among the many must-see attractions on the Map of Ha Long Bay, Sung Sot Cave, or Surprise Grotto, is one of the most extensive and beautiful caves in northern Vietnam. It is also a highlight on the Ha Long Bay itinerary.

Sung Sot Cave is divided into two chambers. The first chamber is vast and surrounded by beautiful stalagmites, stalactites, and colorful lights to complement its structural beauty. The second chamber, also known as the “Serene Castle”, is immense and stands out with an extremely high ceiling, a massive freshwater lake, and stunning rock formations.

>>> Check out things to do in Ha Long Bay to have a memorable holiday with your loved ones!

2.6. Dau Go Cave – a famous place on the map of Ha Long Bay

Dau Go Cave, a must-see Ha Long tourist attraction, is not only the most enchanting cave in Ha Long Bay but also a unique place with historical legends that are difficult to ignore. Located at an altitude of 27 meters above sea level, Dau Go possesses diverse flora and fauna and majestic architecture. If you go deeper into the cave, a whole different world is waiting for you to discover. Here, you can find sparkling stalagmites and spectacular scenery that can hardly be found elsewhere.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.7. Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave has been considered a shimmering paradise in the city thanks to its tranquil, enigmatic and poetic stalagmites resembling exquisite natural sculptures. 

The cave consists of three main sectors with distinct characteristics. In the first chamber, you can admire a massive depiction of fairytale characters, as well as a system of stalactites hanging down like crystal chandeliers. In the second chamber, you will be astonished by pillars in different shapes of flowers, birds and ancient people's daily activities. The last chamber of Thien Cung Cave appears like a paradise with dim sunshine and stunning stalactites. You can also find a small pond with clear water flowing all year.

>>> Do not miss out on many attractive Ha Long Bay caves

2.8. Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is known as a laid-back alternative to the touristy bustle of Ha Long Bay. This place is an excellent combination of islands and seas, making it one of Southeast Asia's top five greatest tourist destinations (rated by Gecko Travel).

This bay will surprise you with its amazing landscapes of untouched beaches, impressive karst mountains, peaceful floating fishing villages, numerous limestone islands, and magnificent caves. It also boasts a diverse biodiversity of two different ecosystems: a tropical, moist, evergreen rainforest along with a marine and coastal ecosystem.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.9. Bai Tho Mountain

Bai Tho Mountain is an excellent vantage point awaiting you in the heart of Ha Long. It is a natural landmark with great historical and cultural significance, providing unforgettable memories to cherish. 

On the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the breathtaking and panoramic view of the ethereal Ha Long Bay - a spectacular artwork of mother nature: blue water imprinted with clouds, green mountains gently rising, and all-sized boats entering and leaving the bay. The cold breeze and fresh air can cast away all your worries and anxieties.

Map of Ha Long Bay

2.10. Cua Van Floating Village

Cua Van Floating Village has been named one of the world’s most picturesque villages. Located between Ha Long Bay and Ha Lan Bay, the village is home to over 300 households whose main source of income is fishing.

With poetic natural scenery, rustic local life, and delicious seafood, Cu Van Village allows you to immerse yourself in calm and charming surroundings with majestic scenery. Besides, you can also participate in numerous activities to explore the local life here.

Map of Ha Long Bay

Known as a tourism paradise in the north of Vietnam, Ha Long Quang Ninh is home to plenty of impressive tourist sites, attracting millions of domestic and international tourists each year. Thanks to the panoramic views and modern facilities, Ha Long Bay stands out as the highlight of Quang Ninh tourism and will definitely be worth a visit. If you plan a trip to visit this famous location, read the Map of Ha Long Bay to see the famous attractions and hidden gems. 

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