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Ti Top Island: An ultimate guide to the pearl in the heart of Halong Bay

11/01/2024 36.301

Ti Top Island is favored with the enchanting scenery and pleasant weather. These elements make Ti Top Beach a not-to-be-missed destination for tourists in the journey of exploring Halong Bay, especially those who love nature in Vietnam.

Ti Top Island

Covering a total area of 3.7 hectares, Ti Top Island is one of the smallest islands making up Halong Bay - a natural wonder in Quang Ninh Province. The mesmerizing view and its prime location contribute to the highlights of Ti Top Beach, which allures a large number of tourists each year.

1. The location of Ti Top Island

Ti Top Island is preferable for tourists when taking Halong Bay tours, thanks to its ideal location. Specifically, Bo Hon Island and Sung Sot Cave are ahead of the island, while Dam Nam Island is to the right, and Cua Luc Bay is on the backside. Moreover, Ti Top Beach is located only about 7-8 kilometers away from Bai Chay Tourist Area to the Southeast.

Ti Top Island

From the bird's eye view, Ti Top has a steep slope on one side and an inclined slope on the other side. The beach coast here has a moon-like shape with the smooth white sand and is favored with stunning nature. You can find its water clear and blue all year round, thus making pebbles visible on the sandy bottom. All of these geographical factors turn Ti Top Island into a must-visit stopover in Halong Bay.

Ti Top Island

2. The history of Titop Island Vietnam

In the past, Ti Top Island was popular with its folk name Nghia Dia or Hong Thap Tu instead. The locals called it Ti Top to commemorate the sailors who lost their lives on a French freighter that crashed in Halong Bay.

The island’s current name was named after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov on his visit to Halong Bay in 1962 by Uncle Ho. Coming here, you can know the entire history of Ti Top Island in detail through the memorial stone in front of the island.

Ti Top Island

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3. How to get to Ti Top Beach?

It is very convenient for you to pay a visit to this island by 3 following means of transport: 

  • By boat: Ti Top Island is one of the sites on route No. 2 of Halong Bay tour. To get there, all you need is a ticket included in sightseeing tours to the bay. The ticket fee ranges from 500,000 to 700,000 VND/hour for the whole boat rental and 150,000 - 250,000 VND/person for solo tourists.
Ti Top Island
  • By yacht: As for those who prefer a luxurious form of tourism, taking a yacht would be a perfect choice. The cost varies from a few million VND or more depending on the accommodation and the number of days you stay.
Ti Top Island
  • By seaplane: More and more tourists have recently been drawn to visiting Titop Island by seaplane. Each trip costs about 1.5 - 2.5 million VND/person. The seaplane takes off from Tuan Chau Island and hovers at an altitude of about 300 meters, which offers you a panoramic view of Halong Bay.
Ti Top Island

4. Top 5 interesting tourism activities in Ti Top Island

Coming to Titop Island Vietnam, you can not only enjoy the nature but also participate in multiple types of tourism activities as below:

4.1. Swimming at Ti Top Beach

Beside the beautiful natural scenery and charming mountains, Ti Top Beach, or Vang Trang Beach, contributes to the unique features of the island. The beach is not too big compared to the others, yet the island mesmerizes tourists with its pure white sand and clear blue seawater in the four seasons. Therefore, this place is definitely an ideal destination for your holiday getaway.

Ti Top Island

4.2. Viewing Halong Bay from above at the peak of Ti Top Island

Climbing on Ti Top Island is an activity that you cannot miss. By taking 400 steep steps, you can conquer the peak of the mountain, which gives you a chance to grasp the immensity and majesty of Halong Bay at a 100-meter altitude. In this way, you can see the various changes in Ti Top Island according to the time of day.

Ti Top Island

4.3. Kayaking - An indispensable activity in Ti Top Island

Kayaking is an indispensable activity when coming to Ti Top. In this activity, you will control a tiny kayak on your own and wriggle through the caves to discover the beauty of nature. To avoid tipping over, you must know how to keep your balance and paddle evenly. The kayak rental price to explore Ti Top is about 150,000 VND/hour.

Ti Top Island

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4.4. Taking towed buoys - A water-based activity to join with friends 

Despite not being a new activity, taking towed buoys is among the most enjoyable activities in this wonderful island. Specifically, the buoy is tied to a canoe or a motor and is dragged across the water at a speed of 50 - 80 km/h. This kind of sport is very suitable for groups of young people, especially for company team-building purposes.

Ti Top Island

4.5. Beach parachuting

For those who prefer swinging in the wind and enjoying the beauty of Halong Bay from above at the same time, beach parachuting is a perfect option. However, this activity requires participants to be in good health. If you can, try it out so that you will not miss a super cool experience!

Ti Top Island

5. Some notes for your perfect trip to Ti Top Beach

To make your perfect trip, some information below will be useful to you:

  • Ti Top Beach is relatively sunny in the summer, so sunscreen is necessary for you to not get sunburnt.
  • You should not forget to take along a portable charger to save your moments with your devices.
  • There are very few catering services on the island so you should remember to bring snacks with you.
  • To ensure safety on the way to the peak of Ti Top, you should mind your steps during climbing or descending.
ti top island

Also, during the peak season, Halong Bay welcomes a lot of domestic and international tourists. To avoid running out of accommodation, you should book a hotel room in advance. As the first and only resort in the North of Vietnam to be built entirely on the sea, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long has a system of spacious rooms with large balconies.

Ti Top Island

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long has the haughty shape of a magnificent castle with the architecture inspired by the Rennes theater in France. The landscape’s resort makes an unforgettable impression with 3 private beaches, green premises and an outdoor swimming pool of up to 1,200 square meters. Therefore, you can consider choosing this place to stay when visiting Ti Top or other destinations in Halong Bay.

Ti Top Island

>>> Booking rooms in Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long to get the best travel experience to Ti Top Beach!

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6. Which places near Ti Top Island are worth visiting?

There are several fantastic destinations near Ti Top Island that are certainly worth your visit:

  • Ha Long Bay: Renowned for its stunning limestone karsts and emerald waters, Ha Long Bay is a must-see destination. Its breathtaking beauty and unique geological formations make it a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Sung Sot Cave: Also known as the Surprise Cave, this marvelous cave is located in Bo Hon Island. The expansive cave complex showcases impressive stalactites and stalagmites, creating a mesmerizing underground world.
  • Cat Ba Island: Cat Ba Island, located in Hai Phong City, is a captivating destination that shouldn't be missed. With its picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant local culture, Cat Ba Island offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and immersive experiences.
ti top island

Are you ready to pack up and take a tour to Ti Top Island with the information above? To take an excursion to Ti Top and other top-rated tourist attractions in Halong Bay at ease, you should take the time to search for rooms as we have introduced above and reserve a room in Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long to your taste. Wishing you a happy and memorable trip to Ti Top Beach with your beloved family and friends!

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