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Ha Long Bay weather in September and essential travel tips

18/04/2024 5.192

The weather in Ha Long Bay in September offers a delightful respite from the summer heat, characterized by mild temperatures and calm seas. This transitional month sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

Ha Long Bay weather in September

Ha Long Bay weather in September welcomes travelers with its mild temperatures and tranquil atmosphere. As the summer transitions into early autumn, September offers pleasant conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing adventures in this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read on for the necessary notes and detailed travel guide based on the weather in Ha Long Bay in September.

1. Features of Ha Long Bay weather in September

The weather in Ha Long Bay in September signifies a gradual shift from summer to autumn. With temperatures cooling down and rainfall slightly decreasing, September brings a more comfortable climate. 

  • Temperature: Temperatures range from an average high of 30.9°C (87.6°F) to an average low of 23.3°C (73.9°F).
  • Sea temperature: Ha Long's average water temperature in September stands at 29.3°C (84.7°F).
  • Humidity: September marks the highest humidity in Ha Long, with an average relative humidity of 83%.
  • Rainfall: The region sees approximately 22.9 days of rainfall, accumulating up to 232 millimeters (9.13") of precipitation.
  • Sunshine & UV index: September sees an average of 8.1 hours of sunshine daily. Additionally, the average daily maximum UV index in September is 6, indicating a high risk of sun exposure for most people.
Ha Long Bay weather in September

2. Is the September weather in Ha Long suitable for tourism?

Traveling to Ha Long Bay in September offers the benefits of fewer crowds, enticing promotions, and breathtaking scenery, but travelers should be mindful of the possibility of occasional rain.

Pros of traveling to Ha Long Bay in September:

  • Comfortable weather: Ha Long Bay weather in September offers favorable conditions for outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and visiting floating villages. 
  • Splendid scenery: Halong Bay's beauty is magnified during the fall, with clear blue skies and pristine seawater creating breathtaking views.
  • Fewer crowds: September typically sees fewer local tourists. This results in excellent deals and promotions, better services, and a more tranquil atmosphere.

Cons of traveling to Ha long Bay in September:

  • Possibility of rain: While September typically experiences less rainfall compared to previous months, occasional showers are still possible. However, these showers are usually not too frequent or heavy.
  • Rare chance of cruise cancellation: Although rare, there is a slight risk of cruise cancellation due to adverse weather conditions. However, with proper planning and flexibility, travelers can minimize the impact of such occurrences.
Ha Long Bay weather in September

>>> Learn more about the tourist map of Ha Long Bay for a detailed guide to the ultimate travel itinerary! 

3. Best experiences in Ha Long Bay in September

Explore captivating things to do in Ha Long Bay, where pristine landscapes, adventurous water sports, and cultural encounters await travelers seeking unforgettable experiences.

3.1. Go kayaking and chill

Recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 25 kayaking spots globally, Ha Long Bay provides an opportunity to glide through emerald waters, weave through limestone karsts, admire natural caves, and learn about the life of local fishermen. Kayaking in Ha Long Bay offers an accessible adventure suitable for all ages, including beginners, thanks to the bay's calm waters.

Participants can marvel at limestone islands and serene waters regardless of their swimming abilities. Various captivating locations await exploration, such as Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Ba Hang Fishing Village, and mystical caves like Luon Cave and Trinh Nu Cave, each boasting unique geological formations and beauty. 

Ha Long Bay weather in September

3.2. Spend a night on a Halong Bay cruise

As Ha Long Bay weather in September is favorable, booking Halong Bay overnight cruises allows visitors to make the most of the bay’s enchanting beauty. Generally, these cruises also take visitors to rustic fishing villages scattered around Ha Long Bay, explore famous caves, and enjoy various water activities.

Besides, luxurious accommodation awaits on board, with spacious cabins, high-end suites, and more. Moreover, guests can enjoy high-end amenities such as restaurants, relaxing lounges with panoramic views of Ha Long Bay, swimming pools, jacuzzis, bars, gyms, and more. 

3.3. Marvel at the magnificent grottos and caves in the bay

As the weather in Ha Long Bay in September brings mild temperatures and calm seas, tourists should not miss marveling at the magnificent caverns and caves in Ha Long Bay.

  • Sung Sot Cave: Sung Sot Cave is the widest cave discovered in Ha Long Bay and holds high geological and scientific value. The cave's name originates from the fact that many tourists are amazed as they wander through the cave, going from one surprise to another.
  • Luon Cave: Visiting the cave during high tide days, tourists will experience the feeling of bending low on the boat to pass through the flooded cave floor to reach a hidden lake. This place also offers boat rowing services to see monkeys.
  • Trong Cave: Trong Cave spans an area of roughly 300 square meters. Upon entering the cave, tourists can admire the beauty of the cave's arch and the limestone stalactite blocks and hear the sound of wind blowing through the crevices, echoing off the cave walls, creating a sound like a drum. 
  • Hon Trong Mai: Hon Trong Mai consists of two small islands, about 12 meters high, facing each other, resembling a pair of roosters. The two islands, leaning affectionately towards each other, are an endless source of inspiration for numerous artists. 
  • Hon Cho Da: Situated at the foot of the mountain close to the water's edge, about 8 meters high, Hon Cho Da resembles a giant dog. In the past, the villagers considered it a protective symbol for the peace of the fishing village residents on the bay.
Ha Long Bay weather in September

3.4. Experience a seaplane tour

Admiring Ha Long Bay from a seaplane flying at an altitude of over 300 meters is one of the most exhilarating activities travelers can opt for during September. During the journey, passengers will fly over many famous attractions, including Tuan Chau Island, Reu Island, Dinh Cave Island, Ba Hai Island, and more.

Each seaplane excursion accommodates up to 14 individuals, comprising 12 passengers and two pilots, ensuring privacy and exclusive experiences. Pilots will directly comment on the tour and the sights along the route. Moreover, passengers can capture the scenic views through photography, filming, or even live streaming without restrictions during the flight.

3.5. Devour delectable local dishes 

Amidst the pleasant Ha Long Bay weather in September, visitors can indulge in a culinary journey featuring the region's renowned seafood delicacies. From razor clams and scallops to shrimp, crabs, and squid, these dishes, infused with the freshness of the bay's harvest, offer a delectable experience for seafood enthusiasts.

Ha Long foods are also characterized by iconic specialties like squid cake with steamed rice rolls, stir-fried snails, and yogurt with tapioca pearls. These captivating dishes and treats can be easily found at sidewalk eateries, tantalizing the taste buds with their distinctive textures and flavors. 

Ha Long Bay weather in September

>>> Check out these Ha Long Bay restaurants for the 15 best local recommendations for a perfect food tour!

3.6. Visit fishing villages

The tranquil Ha Long Bay weather in September provides optimal conditions for exploring the picturesque fishing villages dotting its shores. Among these, Vung Vieng Fishing Village stands out for its distinctive lifestyle, inviting visitors to partake in fishing activities alongside local fishermen and savor freshly caught seafood.

Similarly, Cua Van Floating Village, home to approximately 300 families, offers a peaceful retreat amidst the stunning vistas of Ha Long Bay. The mild climate of Ha Long Bay in September further enhances the village's allure, allowing tourists to discover local artifacts, observe the local way of life, and immerse themselves in the picture-postcard scenery without discomfort.

Cong Dam Village is another ideal destination for an authentic fishing village tour. Visitors can engage in fishing ventures with the villagers, listen to their captivating tales, and relish the tranquil natural surroundings, all complemented by the pleasant September weather.

Ha Long Bay weather in September

3.7. Explore Ti Top Island

Located approximately 12 kilometers from Tuan Chau Tourist Port, Ti Top Island is celebrated as one of Ha Long Bay's most stunning destinations. Its unique shape, featuring a steep slope on one side and a gently sloping area, offers visitors a captivating sight amidst the bay's natural wonders. 

Despite its relatively small size, the island's beach boasts a tranquil and pristine environment, which keeps the sand clean and smooth throughout the year, particularly appealing during the pleasant Ha Long Bay weather in September. Visitors to Ti Top Island can engage in various thrilling water activities, such as kayaking, jet skiing, and beach volleyball. 

One highlight of a visit to Ti Top Island is the opportunity to climb the mountain and reach the 100-meter-high observation deck. From this vantage point, visitors can take in the vast and majestic scenery of the bay, providing a memorable experience amidst the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay.

4. What to pack for a trip to Ha Long Bay in September?

Need to know what to wear to Halong Bay in September? Here are some essential packing tips according to the weather in Ha Long Bay in September: 

  • Pack lightweight summer clothing and a light cardigan or jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Remember to bring your swimsuits for water activities.
  • Even though the weather may not be intensely hot, it is important to bring sunscreen and sunglasses to shield yourself from the harmful rays.
  • Be prepared for unexpected rain by packing light raincoats and waterproof bags.
  • Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellent to stay protected from pesky insects, especially during the transitional weather and monsoon season.
Ha Long Bay weather in September

5. Extra tips for traveling to Ha Long Bay in September

To make the most of your Ha Long trip during September, keep in mind the following information: 

  • September 2nd is Vietnam’s Independence Day, a public holiday in Vietnam, so there might be overcrowding due to increased travel. Travelers should consider this when planning a trip to Ha Long during this period. 
  • Regularly check the weather forecast to plan your trip effectively and stay updated on adverse weather conditions like occasional storms and heavy rain.
  • When visiting Ha Long, opt for restaurants with publicly displayed prices or inquire about prices before placing your order. Moreover, if dining out on weekends, booking in advance or choosing off-peak hours is wise to avoid crowds.
  • To address any tourism-related issues in Ha Long City, tourists can contact the hotline at 0911 619 066 or via email at [email protected].
Ha Long Bay weather in September

With pleasant Ha Long Bay weather in September, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the majestic limestone karsts, emerald waters, and vibrant fishing villages that define this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether engaging in water activities, savoring delicious seafood, or embarking on cultural excursions, Ha Long Bay offers endless opportunities for memorable adventures during this time of the year. 

For guaranteed accommodation during your September trip, it's recommended that you make reservations at Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long. As the inaugural and sole resort in northern Vietnam constructed entirely over the sea, Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long features expansive rooms with sizable balconies, lush surroundings, and a 1,200-square-meter outdoor pool, ensuring you an unforgettable stay. 

Ha Long Bay weather in September

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long and elevate your September travel with relaxation and enjoyment!

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