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Hai Phong, Vietnam: Discovering the land of flame flowers

16/01/2024 10.921

Hai Phong, Vietnam has long been a tourist attraction thanks to its wonderful destination and delicate local cuisine. If you are making plans for a short trip with families and friends, Hai Phong is definitely a perfect option.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Known as “the land of flame flowers”, Hai Phong, Vietnam has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. It has a diversity of natural attractions, delicious local cuisine and many historical monuments. Don’t hesitate to read the information below and make plans for a trip to Hai Phong now!

1. About Hai Phong, Vietnam

Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam and 102 kilometers away from Hanoi, adjacent to Quang Ninh to the north, Hai Duong to the west, Thai Binh to the south and the Gulf of Tonkin to the east. It is regarded as the main seaport and an important industrial center in the north of Vietnam.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Due to the prevalence of flame flower trees there, Hai Phong, Vietnam is often called “the land of flame flowers”. It is also home to many beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and famous historical relics.

2. How is Hai Phong's weather? The best time to visit Hai Phong, Vietnam

Hai Phong is typical of a subtropical climate: hot and humid in summers, warm and dry in winters. It has a unique beauty in every season, thus visitors can travel to Hai Phong at any time during the year.

  • From April to October: It is the ideal time to visit Hai Phong, Vietnam, as the weather is cool, dry and very comfortable. You can discover as many famous destinations as possible, or immerse yourself in the cool water on Do Son and Cat Ba beaches.
Hai Phong Vietnam
  • From November to March: Hai Phong is less crowded during this time than from April to October. Visitors can experience a peaceful atmosphere, make plans for a food tour or take beautiful photos around the city. Besides, tourists can participate in many special festivals such as Voi Festival, Doi Mountain Festival, etc.

3. How to get to Hai Phong City, Vietnam?

Depending on your departure location, you can choose to travel to Hai Phong, Vietnam by the following means of transportation.

  •  From the North of Vietnam to Hai Phong

Hai Phong is only 102 kilometers away from Hanoi. Therefore, it is very easy and convenient to travel from Hanoi to Hai Phong.

If you travel to Hai Phong by private car, you can drive along the 5 Highway crossing in Hai Duong Province. Before the trip, you should remember to check the car carefully, fill the petrol tank and prepare a smartphone with the Internet to use Google Maps.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Traveling to Hai Phong by train is the most prevalent option among tourists. The ticket price is around 70,000 VND for students and 100,000 VND for adults. During the train ride, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Hai Phong Vietnam

It takes less time to travel to Hai Phong by express bus than by train. You can catch a bus from Nuoc Ngam Station or Giap Bat Station in Hanoi, and it takes only 1 hour to reach Hai Phong.

  • From the South of Vietnam to Hai Phong

You can choose to travel by train or by express bus from East Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City to Hai Phong, but it will take a lot of time. Therefore, traveling by airplane is the most convenient and the best way to save time.

Hai Phong Vietnam

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4. Must-visit tourist attractions in Hai Phong Vietnam

4.1. Top breathtaking beaches in Hai Phong City

  • Do Son Beach

Do Son Beach is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam. The beach is divided into three zones: zone I, zone II and zone III. Tourists often go swimming and join many interesting water activities in zone II thanks to its splendid view and stretching white sand.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Aside from the cool and blue sea, this destination attracts visitors with a variety of fresh seafood. The diversity of restaurants there provide many delicious dishes with cheap prices. Being only 20 kilometers away from the center of Hai Phong City, Do Son Beach is an unmissable destination.

  •  Cat Ba Island

Being only 30 kilometers away from the center of the city, Cat Ba Island is one of the most prominent attractions in Hai Phong. The island is a combination of the sea, the forest, several fascinating caves and grottoes such as Hang Luon, Khe Sau, Trung Trang and surrounding small islets.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Coming to this island, you can enjoy the wonderful view of stunning beaches, stretching white sand and the blue sky, or immerse yourself in the cool water of Cat Co and Cat Dua beaches. Or you can visit the famous Ha Lan Bay, discover the Cat Ba National Park and try many famous local dishes.

  • Hon Dau Island

Being 1 kilometer away from Do Son Peninsula, Hon Dau Island is well-known for the pristine beauty of its ancient forest, marvelous mountains and seashores. The island is surrounded by green trees, making it an ideal destination for people who want to enjoy pure air.

Hai Phong Vietnam

If you are a nature lover, you should not miss out on Hon Dau Island to wander in the forest, or swim and lay back on the untouched beaches. It is also an ideal place for visitors to take beautiful photos of nature.

  • Van Boi Beach

Van Boi Beach is part of Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City. This place is popular for its poetic scenery of rocks, mountains and green trees. It also attracts visitors by its wild nature, stunning beach and stretching sand.

Hai Phong Vietnam

A unique feature of Van Boi Beach is the clear blue water that visitors can see to the bottom. Visiting the beach, you can immerse yourself in the cool water, paddle a kayak or discover many colorful corals under the sea.

  • Nam Cat Beach

Belonging to Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Nam Cat Beach is a famous destination in Hai Phong thanks to its harmonious combination of the pristine beach and majestic mountains. Surrounded by other islets and islands, the beach has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for people who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Aside from contemplating the magnificent view of nature, visitors can paddle a kayak and discover other surrounding islets and islands such as Sen Island, Cu Island, etc. Or you can enjoy many fresh seafoods at low prices such as squid, shrimps, snails and scallops.

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4.2. Unmissable historical sites in Hai Phong

  • Hai Phong Navy Museum

Hai Phong Navy Museum is similar to a large ship on the mainland, connecting the center of Hai Phong City with Do Son Beach. Established in 1975, the museum has preserved a large number of historical relics and valuable documents. It ranks No.2 in the National Museum System.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Hai Phong Navy Museum is not only a historical and cultural center of the navy and Hai Phong army but also a place for visitors to understand more about the nation’s history. Aside from historical artifacts, the museum also exhibits many articles that present Vietnamese people’s efforts to protect the country and our victories during the war.

  • Tuong Long Tower

Built at the peak of Long Son in 1058, Tuong Long Tower is a famous historical site with a history of a thousand years. After giving a command to build the tower, emperor Ly Thai Tong dreamed of a golden dragon and thus named the tower “Tuong Long”, which means auspicious dragon.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Through ancient documents, Tuong Long Tower was considered a major monument worshiping Buddha as well as an observatory station. Standing in the tower, tourists can admire the panorama of Do Son Beach and the daily lives of Hai Phong fishermen.

  •  Bao Dai Villa

Located in Vung Hill, Do Son Zone II, Do Son District, Bao Dai Villa is one of the seven palaces of emperor Bao Dai – the last emperor in Vietnam. It was constructed by the Governor General of Indochina in 1928 and given to emperor Bao Dai in 1949. It is called the summer palace of Bao Dai, since he usually stayed in the villa during the summertime.

Hai Phong Vietnam

The villa has a unique French architecture and an area of 3700 square meters with 3 floors. It maintains many photos and memorabilia so that visitors will have a realistic and specific view of the last emperor’s life, people and history under the feudal dynasty.

4.3. Must-see natural landscapes in Hai Phong

  • Voi Mountain

Being 20 kilometers away from the center of Hai Phong City, Voi Mountain has a similar shape to a giant elephant lying down. According to local myths, the mountain was a shelter for the Vietnamese army and witnessed many sacrifices during the war. Associated with the nation’s proud history, Voi Mountain was recognized as a National Historical Site in 1962.

Hai Phong Vietnam

The mountain has an altitude of 143 meters and many magnificent caves such as Nam Tao Cave, Bac Dau Cave, Nam Cave, etc. The caves have a lot of stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes.

  • Tuyet Tinh Coc

Located in An Son Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Tuyet Tinh Coc attracts a lot of young visitors. The name Tuyet Tinh Coc highlights the breathtaking landscape, which looks like a scene in an old martial arts film. This destination is called a fairyland by visitors due to the harmony between rocks and the clear blue water.

Hai Phong Vietnam

In the process of exploiting limestone mountains, a chemical reaction occurred that turned the original color into a clear blue color like a high-class jade now. For that reason, the lake has a unique beauty that is difficult to find anywhere else.

  • Dai Hop Commune eco-tourism area

Dai Hop Commune eco-tourism area is situated in Dai Hop Commune, Kien Thuy District. This mangrove forest system was planted 6 years ago to constrain natural disasters and floods. Besides, this eco-tourism area serves the needs of sightseeing, tourism and ecosystem research.

Hai Phong Vietnam

Aside from exploring the forest, visitors also have the opportunity to try many unique dishes there. A useful tip is that you should follow local people’s instructions to ensure safety in the forest.

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5. What to eat in Hai Phong, Vietnam?

Coming to Hai Phong, Vietnam, you should not miss out on a variety of local specialties at very affordable prices. Below are some famous dishes recommended for you.

  • Hai Phong Crab Noodle Soup

Crab noodle soup is one of the most popular dishes in Hai Phong. A bowl of crab noodle soup has a lot of toppings including noodles, crab-roe, meat, shrimp, pork roll, guise leave roll, fresh vegetables and fried onions and a sweet broth, creating a unique flavor of Hai Phong cuisine. The price is around 30,000 – 50,000 VND, depending on the topping you choose. You can try this dish at 26 Ky Dong street, Hong Bang.

Hai Phong Vietnam
  • Hai Phong Spicy Breadstick

Spicy breadsticks are considered the soul of Hai Phong cuisine. A delicious spicy breadstick must have soft, fragrant pâté and sweet chili sauce. The price of a breadstick is only 2.500 VND. You can enjoy the dish in Ba Gia Spicy Breadstick at 57 Le Loi street, Ngo Quyen.

Hai Phong Vietnam
  •  Hai Phong Spicy Fish Noodle

Referring to Hai Phong specialties, you can not forget the famous spicy fish noodle. The spicy taste of capsicum together with various toppings such as cabbage, grilled chopped fish, deep-fried fish and Indian taro will create an unforgettable flavor. You can enjoy a bowl of spicy fish noodles at a price of 20,000 VND in Thang To Spicy Fish Noodle at 49 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen.

Hai Phong Vietnam
  •  Hai Phong Crab Roll

Unlike the traditional spring roll, this specialty has Hai Phong crab as the main ingredient. The crispy crust together with the greasy crab filling will definitely allure your taste. If you are a seafood lover, you must try this dish when visiting Hai Phong. Ba Cu Restaurant at 179 Cau Dat, Ngo Quyen is recommended for you.

Hai Phong Vietnam
  • Hai Phong Coconut Sweet Gruel

Hai Phong coconut sweet gruel is a popular dessert for young visitors. A glass of cool coconut sweet gruel has coconut fibers, jelly, pearls, coconut milk, coconut meal and shaved ice at a price of 15,000 – 35,000 VND. To enjoy the dish, you can go to Co Thuy Coconut Sweet Gruel at 124 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen. 

Hai Phong Vietnam

Hai Phong, Vietnam has a distinctive beauty coming from its nature, people and cultural tradition. Coming to Hai Phong, visitors not only explore the wonderful scenery of nature but also feel the lifestyle, the people there and savor the flavor of many local dishes. The land of flame flowers will definitely be an ideal destination for visitors to have a memorable vacation.

Besides Hai Phong, Vietnam is home to numerous other spectacular destinations, such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long, where you will be impressed by the mesmerizing blend of landscapes, culture, and cuisine. In these destinations, choosing a comfortable accommodation is key to enhancing your overall travel experience. Thus, it is highly suggested that you stay at the hotels and resorts of Vinpearl.

Situated in leading beach destinations in Vietnam, Vinpearl offers lavish accommodations with scenic vistas and unmatched facilities such as luxurious bars, fine dining venues, fitness centers, rejuvenating spas, and more, ensuring a dream vacation for every guest. Furthermore, Vinpearl will elevate your trip with the world-class entertainment complexes of VinWonders, where you can delve into many unparalleled games.

Hai Tien Beach


Hai Tien Beach

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