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Han River Bridge in Da Nang: The FIRST and ONLY swing bridge in Vietnam

23/01/2024 25.067

Han River Bridge is the first and only swing bridge in Vietnam, a highlight of Da Nang’s cityscape. Learn more about Han River Bridge as well as the exciting activities to try here on your upcoming trip to Da Nang in this article.

Han River Bridge

Da Nang is known not only as a beautiful tropical retreat but also as a young and rising city. Han River Bridge is a symbol of its status as one of the fastest-developing urban centers of the country. The urban buildings also charm visitors and locals alike with their modern and luminous beauty. For the best experience at Da Nang, find out more about the swing bridge below.

Han River Bridge connects Le Duan Street and Pham Van Dong Street - the two main streets of the city. The swing bridge also serves to regulate the waterway traffic of the Han River. Its prime location provides easy access to the city central bus stop as it is only a short distance away. The bridge spans an impressive 487.7 meters in length and 13 meters in width. Construction of the bridge started on September 2nd, 1998. The bridge was inaugurated on March 29th, 2000 and has become an important symbol of Da Nang ever since.

Han River Bridge

A distinct feature of Han River Bridge in Da Nang is its ability to swing. At night, the middle section will rotate by 90 degrees, allowing ships and boats on the river to pass.

If you want to see the rotation of Han River Bridge at night, here is the schedule:

  • From Monday to Friday: The bridge begins rotating at 1 am. Depending on the number of ships passing, the bridge will rotate back to its initial position at 2 am or 4 am.
  • From Saturday to Sunday: The bridge begins rotating at 11 pm. After 60 minutes, the bridge will rotate back to its initial position. 

There are a variety of locations visitors can choose to enjoy the beauty of the swing bridge at night. Cruise ships that take you along the river is one option. Another option is the many coffee shops and lounges along the banks of the Han River, as well as nearby high-rise buildings, which can give you a panoramic view of the bridge.

Han River Bridge

Visitors can also choose to stay at nearby hotels to enjoy a brilliant view of the bridge or choose resorts that facing the beach. If you are looking for perfect accommodation with all-inclusive services, it is highly recommended that you stay in Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An. This resort seamlessly blends contemporary architecture with the breathtaking beauty of nature. The resort building, resembling gigantic sails, fronts the pristine 1.3km-long Binh Minh Beach. It features an infinity pool shaped like a seashell, opulent villas, and various other amenities. As a bonus, swing by VinWonders Nam Hoi An for an exquisite cultural experience in this modern entertainment complex. 

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Tailoring in Hoi An

As mentioned, Da Nang Han River Bridge location is near the city center. It is also in close proximity with many other famous destinations of Da Nang. After admiring the beauty of the swing bridge, make sure to also check out these nearby attractions on your Da Nang trip.

4.1. Love Bridge Da Nang

Han River Bridge

Love Bridge Da Nang is one of the most popular destinations for couples in the city. The bridge is designed with a modern European style and adorned with rows of bright red hearts. At the bridge, couples can purchase and write their names on a lock, lock it onto the rail, then throw the key away as a display of their undying love. You can visit the Love Bridge and capture the most romantic moments with your partner at any time of the day.

4.2. Dragon Bridge Da Nang

Han River Bridge

Another brilliant architectural work of Da Nang is the Dragon Bridge. Its intricate and unique design makes the bridge look like a dragon rising from the river to fly to the sea. Even more fascinating, the Dragon Bridge can “breathe” fire and water. This fire-and-water-breathing performance takes place at 9 pm on the weekends, taking by surprise both locals and visitors alike. The Dragon Bridge also shines brilliantly at night and is a sight not to be missed.

4.3. Dragon Carp Statue

Han River Bridge

The Dragon Carp Statue, located next to Han River Bridge, is a replica of Singapore’s Merlion statue. The image of a carp evolving into a dragon has long been a significant symbol in the religious culture of Vietnam, representing fortune and prosperity. Its astonishing appearance and significant meaning has attracted many sightseers and is a site worth visiting.

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4.4. The Da Nang Museum

If you are looking for an interesting indoor attraction, visit Da Nang Museum. The museum is equipped with modern visual-auditory and lighting systems. It also houses many important artifacts of the city, giving you a chance to understand more about the rich history, culture and people of Da Nang.

Han River Bridge

To travel between different destinations in Da Nang with ease and convenience, taking a taxi is a recommended option. And speaking of taxi options, it is highly recommended that you choose XANH SM Taxi. 

han river bridge

XANH SM Taxi - the first electric taxi company in Vietnam, operated entirely with VinFast electric cars. Customers who travel by XANH SM taxi not only receive an excellent standard of service, but they also join XANH SM in its efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and safeguard the environment. XANH SM provides standard and luxury taxi service, airport taxi, with attractive promotions. Customers can easily book a taxi in 04 ways:

(1) Call the national hotline 1900 2088
(2) Wave on the street like a traditional taxi
(3) Book on the Taxi Xanh SM app. Click HERE to download the app
(4) Use the beVinFast service on the multi-service customer platform BE to book Xanh SM taxi

Ever since its inauguration, the beautiful and modern Han River Bridge has become a landmark of Da Nang, representing the rapid economic development of the city. As the sun sets, Han River Bridge lights up, turning Da Nang into a vibrant city and an exciting destination to visit on your next vacation.

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