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Hanoi to Danang bus: Essential info & 8 most popular bus companies

01/01/2024 6.645

Taking a Hanoi to Danang bus is recommended if you are looking for a cost-effective way to travel between these two destinations. These long-distance buses offer a comfortable experience with modern services.

Hanoi to Danang bus

If you are looking for a convenient way of traveling from Hanoi to Da Nang during your Vietnam travel, the Hanoi to Danang bus is highly recommended. With many operators equipped with modern buses and various services for long journeys, this means of transportation is favored by many travelers.

1. Overview of traveling from Hanoi to Danang by bus

1.1. Hanoi to Danang distance and travel time

The distance from Hanoi to Danang is about 767 kilometers, which can take around 16 hours if you are traveling by bus or car. There are many Hanoi to Danang bus operators for tourists to choose from, and many trips are offered daily. This route is recommended for those who want to explore Vietnam’s natural beauty on their way to Da Nang from Hanoi.

Hanoi to Danang bus

1.2. Types of buses from Hanoi to Danang

There are a few bus types for you to choose from, depending on your specific need and budget. Typically, tourists traveling from Hanoi to Danang by bus prefer two primary bus types: sleeper buses and limousines.

  • Sleeper bus: Sleeper buses can carry around 34 - 42 berths, each covered in leather and equipped with curtains for privacy. These buses provide necessary items such as water or wet tissue for the long journey and offer free wi-fi throughout the trip. Moreover, their ticket prices are quite affordable, which make sleeper buses a popular choice for tourists.
  • Limousine bus: Limousine buses are equipped with more modern facilities compared to sleeper buses. Their berths are usually of higher quality, with utilities such as a control system to change posture or reading lamps. Some limousine buses are also furnished with an on-board restroom for convenience. Although the ticket prices are higher, they come with much more comfort.
Hanoi to Danang bus

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2. The 8 well-regarded Hanoi to Danang bus companies

2.1. Queen Cafe Bus

Queen Cafe Bus’s high-quality sleeper buses operate many departures between Hanoi and Danang. Their 38-berth sleeper buses offer many amenities, including restrooms and free wifi, which will help tourists feel convenient during their journeys. 

  • Phone: 0914479890
  • Price range: 16 - 25 USD (Source:

2.2. Tan Kim Chi - A limousine bus from Hanoi to Danang

Tan Kim Chi’s Hanoi to Danang buses are furnished with high-end equipment and offer many utilities. They have both sleeper buses and limousine buses. Their limousine buses contain 34 berths, each equipped with a television and charging port. Tan Kim Chi’s buses depart from Nuoc Ngam Bus Station, one of the busiest bus stations in Hanoi.

  • Phone: 0934597597
  • Price range: 21 - 31 USD (Source:
Hanoi to Danang bus

2.3. Trekking Travel

Trekking Travel specializes in providing luxurious transportation service by sleeper bus in Vietnam. They operate 32-berth sleeper buses equipped with televisions, air conditioners, and restrooms that will offer passengers a comfortable traveling experience.

  • Phone: 0906266464
  • Price range: 23 USD (Source:

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2.4. Kim Chi 265 - A top-rated Hanoi to Danang bus 

Kim Chi 265 is famous for their quality services and modern vehicles. They offer different sleeper buses and limousine buses, each equipped with all necessary utilities such as free wi-fi, televisions, etc. to bring you a comfortable traveling experience.

  • Phone: 0905222265
  • Price range: 19 USD (Source:
Hanoi to Danang bus

2.5. Tuan Trinh Bus

Tuan Trinh Bus operates 34-berth limousine buses, providing passengers with many amenities including televisions, air conditioners, blankets, free wi-fi, restrooms. If you are looking to travel in Vietnam by bus, their Hanoi to Danang buses will provide you with a pleasant journey.

  • Phone: 0905113833
  • Price range: 21 USD (Source:

2.6. Camel Travel - A famous Hanoi to Danang sleeper bus

Camel Travel offers luxurious 38-berth Hanoi to Danang sleeper buses and 32-berth limousine buses. Each vehicle is equipped with modern utilities to provide travelers with comfort and privacy in long journeys. With over 10 years of experience, Camel Travel will guarantee you a pleasant travel experience.

  • Phone: 02439036036 | 0906266464
  • Price range: 19 - 21 USD (Source:
Hanoi to Danang bus

2.7. Vu Loc Bus

Vu Loc Bus also has both sleeper buses and limousine buses for tourists to choose from. Their vehicles have all the necessities, such as wifi, entertainment systems, air conditioners, and refrigerators that are needed for your comfortable journey. They also offer meals onboard with a price of 2 USD.

  • Phone: 02439036036 | 0906266464
  • Price range: 16 - 19 USD (Source:

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2.8. Minh Anh Bus - An affordable Hanoi to Danang bus

Another affordable option is traveling with the Vietnam night buses of Minh Anh Bus. You can choose between the 46-berth sleeper buses or the limousine buses of Minh Anh, both providing a wide range of utilities such as air conditioners, televisions, wifi, and many other services that will ensure a pleasant trip for you. 

  • Phone: 0906266464
  • Price range: 15 - 19 USD (Source:
Hanoi to Danang bus

3. How to get from Hanoi to Danang by other means?

Apart from Hanoi to Danang buses, tourists have many other options to choose from for transportation: 

  • By flight: Airplanes are among the most popular options for travelers due to their convenience and short travel time. You can easily find a flight from Hanoi to Da Nang, as there are many airlines operating on this route each day. After landing at Danang Airport, you can go to your destination by bus or car with ease.
  • By train: Traveling by train is also a common choice for travelers, which gives you a chance to explore the beautiful views along the journey. There are various trains operating daily, traveling for about 15 - 16 hours from Hanoi to Danang.
  • By private car/motorbike: If you want to have the most flexibility for your journey, traveling by private vehicle is recommended. You can explore the beautiful scenery along the road at your own pace without worrying about schedules. Traveling by car or motorbike also gives you the ability to stop by any attraction on your way from Hanoi to Danang.

During your trip to Danang, you can also consider visiting Hoi An, an ancient town just about 30 kilometers away from Danang, where you can indulge in the unique local culture and delicious food. If you are wondering about where to stay in Hoi An, you can check out Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, a luxurious resort that will bring you the ultimate experience.

Hanoi to Danang bus

Furnished with top-notch facilities and services, consisting of pools, bars, spas, gyms, and children’s playgrounds, Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An is the perfect retreat for your family vacation. During your stay, you can also visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An, a top-rated amusement park that will offer you relaxing and fun hours with your family and friends.

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The Hanoi to Danang bus offers tourists a cost-effective and convenient way of traveling on their journeys. Bus operators in Vietnam have been developing rapidly, offering more trips to suit every traveler’s needs. These buses in Vietnam, equipped with modern amenities, will surely make your trip a pleasant experience.

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