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Vietnam bus travel guide: Types of buses, booking & safety tips

11/01/2024 8.956

Traveling in Vietnam by bus is a popular option among tourists thanks to its affordability and convenience. The information provided in this article will help you be fully prepared for your upcoming travel adventure.

Vietnam by bus

Exploring Vietnam by bus is an immersive and economical way to traverse this splendid Southeast Asian gem. Having a clear understanding of the country's extensive bus network will help you make wise transportation choices for your upcoming Vietnam travel journey. Read on for essential information about Vietnam bus travel and some useful booking tips!

1. Which are the most popular buses for traveling in Vietnam?

1.1. Public buses

On the positive side, exploring Vietnam by bus is more cost-effective compared to taxis. These buses usually connect different spots in the same city or nearby areas. Thus, traveling by public buses allows tourists to explore a wide range of destinations without breaking the bank. However, they are not the most comfortable option due to their fixed schedules. Plus, in smaller towns, it can be tough to predict when a bus will show up, which can disrupt travel plans and lead to frustration.

Vietnam by bus

1.2. Minivans

Minivans, also known as limousine buses, are a popular choice for shorter trips in Vietnam. You will often find Ford Transit and Hyundai Solati minivans customized to carry 9 - 12 passengers. These minivans come with comfy features like reclining leather seats, reading lights, and charging ports. The best part is that these minivans can pick you up and drop you off at your desired location, saving you the hassle of reaching a bus station. However, some minivan drivers can be a bit too speedy and careless, which can be a safety concern. So, it is essential to choose a reliable minivan service provider for a safe ride.

Vietnam by bus

1.3. Seater buses

Seater buses are ideal for long journeys, available in different sizes for a varying number of passengers. Larger ones can accommodate 30 - 45 travelers, while minibuses are perfect for smaller groups of 15 - 30. These buses prioritize passenger comfort, with amenities like air-conditioning, water, and cold towels, making them a convenient option for extended trips. It is worth noting that seater buses can be noisier than other means of transportation. There are also no curtains or partitions between seats.

Vietnam by bus

1.4. Sleeper buses

Vietnam sleeper buses are a popular choice for long-distance travel, especially at night thanks to their comfy seating arrangements. They usually have adjustable seats, making it easier to set up. Sleeper buses boast a spacious layout, featuring two or three rows of bunk beds thoughtfully divided across two levels. You will also find handy amenities like bottled water, refreshing towels, and air conditioning on most sleeper buses. Some deluxe ones even offer private cabins with curtains, pillows, blankets, and wifi. However, sleeper buses may have limited seats and their quality can vary.

Vietnam by bus

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2. How to book a bus ticket in Vietnam?

There are several ways to book a bus ticket in Vietnam:

  • Online booking: This is a popular and hassle-free method. You can book your Vietnam bus travel tickets online through reputable transportation companies such as or Bookaway Vietnam. Booking tickets through these platforms lets you compare prices and offers secure payment.
  • At your hotel or travel agency: Another option is to book your Vietnam travel bus ticket through a local travel agency or your hotel. However, exercise caution to avoid scams.
  • At bus stations: You can also purchase bus tickets directly at bus stations. Nevertheless, they are usually located outside city centers, so it can be inconvenient. If you opt for the bus station, head straight to the ticket counter to avoid scams.
Vietnam by bus

3. Are there any open buses available in Vietnam?

Open-tour buses are a hit with budget travelers in Vietnam, especially in the southern and central regions. They give you the freedom to decide when and where you want to stop, making your journey more flexible and enjoyable. 

The concept of Vietnam open bus tours started in Ho Chi Minh City in the early '90s. Now, you can find these buses in most major cities across Vietnam. Most of them offer comfy sleeper buses or seater buses, making your travel experience a breeze.

Here are some well-known open-tour bus companies in Vietnam that you should consider:

  • Phuong Trang Bus

Phuong Trang Bus Company, established in 2001, is a well-known transportation provider. They mainly operate routes between central and southern provinces, making travel between places like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Nha Trang easy and convenient. Known for reliability, Phuong Trang Bus is a popular choice among travelers in Vietnam.

  • Hanh Cafe Bus

For over 20 years, Hanh Cafe Bus Company has been a reliable choice for travelers between Saigon and Hue. They have served countless customers, both locals and tourists, with their high-quality service and a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction. Today, Hanh Cafe Bus offers numerous Vietnam bus tours to famous tourist cities all across Vietnam, including Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Saigon, Da Lat, Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Mui Ne, etc.

  • The Sinh Tourist

Established in 1993, The Sinh Tourist has grown to become one of Vietnam's leading travel companies. What sets them apart is their commitment to daily departures regardless of the number of passengers. They have an extensive bus network covering many popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, including Hanoi, Hue, Phong Nha, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon, Da Lat, Mui Ne, etc. 

Vietnam by bus

4. Are there any safety tips for traveling in Vietnam by bus?

If you want to embark on an exciting adventure through the vibrant landscapes of Vietnam by bus, these safety tips will help you have a smooth journey on the country's roads:

  • Prior research: When planning Vietnam bus travel, it is essential to research the routes and schedules in advance.
  • Travel light: Pack two bags - a bigger one for your luggage and a smaller one for your travel essentials like purses, snacks, and medications. This makes it easy to access what you need during the trip.
  • Watch your stuff: Keep a close eye on your belongings, especially at bus stations. Don't leave your bags unattended to avoid any potential theft or loss.
  • Emergency money: It is a good idea to have some cash or a credit card handy in case you encounter unexpected situations or need to make payments.
  • Overnight travel comfort: If you are taking an overnight bus, bring an eye mask and earplugs to ensure a good night's sleep.
  • Snack smart: While long-distance buses stop for food and restrooms, having snacks like candy or energy bars can keep you satisfied between breaks and help you stay energized during the journey.

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Vietnam by bus


Vietnam by bus

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Traveling around Vietnam by bus offers travelers an affordable and flexible way to uncover the country's diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Vietnam bus travel is suitable for those who want to embark on a budget-friendly and comfortable trip. Hop on a bus and start your adventure through this captivating Southeast Asian country!

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