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Vietnamese night buses: Guide to a comfortable and convenient journey

22/01/2024 9.927

Vietnamese night buses are one of the most reasonably priced and enjoyable ways to travel around the country. These night buses, which are a preferred means of transportation for many people, are an excellent choice for tourists on a tight schedule or budget.

Vietnamese night buses

Vietnamese night buses are favored by locals and Vietnam travel tourists for being competitively priced and convenient at the same time. Traveling at night in an unfamiliar nation might be intimidating for first-time visitors if they don't have all the necessary information. Read on to learn all you need to know about night buses in Vietnam.

1. Things to know about the interior of Vietnamese night buses

If you have experienced Vietnam bus travel, you will have seen the usual seater bus with two rows of seats. Vietnamese night buses consist of these typical seater buses, along with sleeper buses with 3 rows of beds. Most sleeper buses have two bunks in each row: an upper bunk and a lower bunk.

Depending on the bus, you will be provided with amenities such as USB sockets. Some Vietnamese night buses have onboard bathrooms, but these are fairly rare to come by. Because there are fewer beds on a sleeper bus, ticket costs will be slightly higher than a seater bus. However, for a long journey, the comfort of a sleeper bus is worth the higher fee.

Vietnamese night buses

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2. The prominent advantages of Vietnamese night buses

For travelers looking for an authentic trip in Vietnam at night, Vietnamese night buses provide a distinctive experience. The first benefit of this means of transportation is affordability. By taking an overnight bus, you can save money on lodging as well as on transit costs. This is a popular option for backpackers on a tight budget.

On a night bus, Vietnam will reveal its nighttime beauty to you. From the bustling city to the quiet countryside, a night journey on a bus offers a perfect chance for you to witness all the charm that Vietnam by night has to offer.

The night bus is accessible in most places around the country. Some cities in Vietnam lack airports and train stations, so taking the bus instead of other means of transportation will save you a lot of time and energy. Traveling at night also means that you can spend more of the day exploring around.

Vietnamese night buses

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3. How many types of Vietnamese night buses are there?

There are three different types of Vietnamese night buses that specifically cater to the needs and preferences of travelers. They offer various degrees of comfort and amenities. Here is some info on the three types of Vietnamese night buses.

3.1. Sleeper buses

The most popular Vietnamese night buses are the standard sleeper bus. They are available in a variety of interiors, but most have three rows of bunk beds running the length of the bus, with each bunk providing a bed for one passenger. For privacy, some buses have curtains. 

The sleeper bus in Vietnam offers more comfort and privacy than the seater bus. This means of transportation is great if you want to be efficient with your time and reduce the fatigue of traveling long distances. However, passengers also need to be aware of the downsides of this type of Vietnamese night buses.

First of all, the limited headspace can be uncomfortable for taller people. Safety can also be an issue on some sleeper buses, particularly if the driver's working hours are not properly monitored or if the vehicle is badly maintained. Thus, passengers should research in advance and only choose trustworthy bus operators.

Vietnamese night buses

3.2. Semi-sleeper buses

The second type of Vietnamese night buses is the semi-sleeper bus, a type of seater bus designed to provide greater comfort on short journeys. It provides a mix of seating and sleeping options, allowing passengers to relax, recline, and rest while traveling. As the name suggests, semi-sleeper buses, as opposed to standard seater buses, give more leg space and allow you to recline your seat to take a more comfortable nap.

Although it provides greater comfort than the standard seater bus, the semi-sleeper bus still has some downsides when it comes to traveling overnight. Sleeping on this type of overnight bus in Vietnam can be a rough experience, as the seats have limited reclining capabilities. The traveler cannot sleep in the correct position and can experience soreness. These buses often offer little privacy and minimal amenities. 

Vietnamese night buses

3.3. VIP buses

The VIP bus provides the most comfortable experience when traveling. As the name says, this is the most expensive of the three types of Vietnamese night buses, but the degree of amenities given is far superior to the prior two types.

Most VIP buses are limousine sleeper buses in Vietnam. Like standard sleeper buses, they provide passengers with bed compartments that may be covered with curtains for privacy. Unlike standard sleeper buses, VIP buses contain only two rows of beds rather than three, offering each passenger more space.

The most evident advantage of VIP buses is the amenities they provide to their passengers. They are often operated by trustworthy businesses, ensuring a better level of safety and reliability. The downside is the greater price. The issue of availability is also noteworthy, as VIP Vietnamese night buses may not be available on some routes. Reservations can also fill up quickly due to its high popularity and limited seats.

Vietnamese night buses

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4. The most popular Vietnamese night bus routes for tourists

Vietnamese night buses are available throughout the country and easily accessible. Some popular Vietnamese night bus routes in the Northern region are the Hanoi to Ha Long Bay bus and the Cat Ba to Hanoi bus. If you plan to visit the Central part of the country, the Hoi An to Hue bus, the bus from Da Nang to Hue, and the bus from Hanoi to Hue are worth your consideration.

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5. The full guide for traveling with Vietnamese night buses

5.1. How to book Vietnamese night bus tickets?

When it comes to booking Vietnamese night buses, travelers have various options. You can check Vietnamese night bus timetables and book Vietnam bus tickets online, which allows you to compare the options and reviews before making a decision. You can also seek the service of a travel agency, which will have extensive knowledge of local bus operators and help you navigate Vietnam's vast bus network.

Vietnamese night buses

5.2. How much do Vietnamese night bus tickets cost?

Vietnamese night bus prices are very budget-friendly compared to other means of transportation. Depending on your route of choice, the price will vary. 

The regular Vietnamese sleeper bus price ranges from 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND for a distance of a few hundred kilometers. For routes spanning the whole country such as from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, the average price will be from 900,000 VND to 1,100,000 VND. 

On the other side of the spectrum is the VIP sleeper bus in Vietnam. Their tickets can go over 3 million VND for a more luxurious experience. Based on your budget constraints and preferences, you can choose the type of bus that is most suitable for you.

5.3. Tips for your trip with Vietnamese night buses

Here are some tips that will help you maximize your comfort when traveling on a Vietnamese overnight bus: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes, avoid anything too tight
  • As the bus's air conditioning might be too cold for comfort, stay warm by wearing layers 
  • Be mindful of your belongings to avoid petty theft
  • Bring snacks, water, tissue paper, and hand sanitizer on hand
  • Bring something for entertainment during the ride, such as books
Vietnamese night buses

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Vietnamese night buses


Vietnamese night buses

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As an economical and comfortable means of transportation, Vietnamese night buses are well-liked by both domestic and foreign tourists. Nevertheless, first-time travelers may find it unsettling to ride these night buses in an unfamiliar country. Hopefully, our thorough guide has offered essential knowledge and advice to make sure that your journey on these late-night excursions around Vietnam is not only easy but also a lot of fun.

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