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History of Valentine's Day: The full story that you may not know

14/01/2024 6.276

Whether you are a romantic at heart or simply curious about the day, the history of Valentine's Day will surely captivate you. Celebrated on February 14th worldwide, it is a day to let the special people in our life know how much they mean to us.

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day of love. From surprise trips to handwritten love letters or special home-cooked meals, on this day, you have an opportunity to express your love and affection to your partner, friends, and family members. Let’s immerse ourselves in the cultural and spiritual significance of this day by learning about the history of Valentine’s Day and fascinating related traditions from around the world.

1. A brief history of Valentine's Day

The history of Valentine's Day is uncertain. Several theories exist. One theory is that it is named after Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who lived in the 3rd century. This theory states that Saint Valentine was a priest who disregarded the Roman Emperor Claudius II's prohibition of marriages and secretly performed marriage ceremonies for young lovers. When his actions were uncovered, he was imprisoned and eventually executed on February 14th. The day was then chosen to commemorate his death.

History of Valentine's Day

Another theory suggests that the history of Valentine's Day evolved from a pagan festival of love and fertility, known as Lupercalia, which was celebrated in ancient Rome during mid-February. This festival included the exchange of love notes and the pairing of romantic partners, both of which eventually became part of Valentine's Day celebrations.

Regardless of the history of Valentine’s Day, by the 14th and 15th centuries, the day had become associated with romantic love and the exchange of love letters. The first recorded Valentine's Day letter was written in 1415 by Charles, Duke of Orleans, to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. The practice of exchanging love letters on Valentine's Day has continued to the present day. People in many countries around the world also celebrate this day by exchanging gifts, such as chocolates, flowers, and cards, and making romantic gestures such as candlelit dinners and spa days. Whether it is a grand gesture or a simple token of appreciation, the celebration of Valentine's Day is highly personal. Each person can choose to have the day in a way that is meaningful and special to them.

2. The special spiritual meaning of Valentine's Day for couples

For many lovers, Valentine's Day is not just a holiday, but a celebration of the love that they cherish. It is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories and express appreciation in unique and creative ways. Whether it is through exchanging sentimental gifts, indulging in a romantic experience, or simply taking the time to appreciate each other, Valentine's Day is a day that celebrates the special bond.

Valentine’s Day is also an occasion for couples to reflect on the journey they have shared and the milestones they have conquered. It is a time to look back on the laughter, tears, and growth they have experienced together and to celebrate the love that has brought them this far.

For many, Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to look forward to a future together filled with love, joy, and companionship.

History of Valentine's Day

3. Explore the traditions on Valentine's Day around the world

Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world as a day of love, romance, and affection. However, the traditions vary greatly depending on the country and culture. Here are some examples of how Valentine's Day is celebrated in different parts of the world:

3.1. In France

In France, Valentine's Day is known as "La Saint-Valentin." It is a day for couples to spend time together and celebrate their love. French people have a long history of exchanging love letters and poems to express their affection for each other. These means of communication have been a part of French culture for centuries and are considered a romantic and intimate way to show one's feelings. 

Another popular tradition in France is the exchange of gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. Many couples also enjoy romantic meals, picnics, or trips to celebrate the special day. Some couples might even plan a weekend getaway to spend time together and create lasting memories. Whether through love letters, gifts, or other special gestures, French people celebrate the day with romance and love.

In addition, French people also celebrate the day by visiting the graves of their loved ones. This is a way to honor and remember the people they have loved and lost, and to keep their memory alive.

History of Valentine's Day

3.2. In Denmark

Valentine's Day celebrated in Denmark is known as "Værtindedag." Besides flowers and chocolates that are common on Valentine’s Day in many countries, Denmark also has a unique tradition of admirers sending gaekkebrev (loosely translated as “joke letters”) to the admired. Gaekkebrev are generally original poems or rhymes, written on paper and carefully decorated. Spring flowers or snowdrops are also traditionally included with the letters, symbolizing the approaching arrival of Spring.

What brings the “joke” to the gaekkebrev is the signature of the sender. Custom dictates that the letter is signed with dots, one for each letter in the sender’s name. If the recipient correctly guesses the identity of the sender, they will receive an easter egg on Easter Sunday. 

History of Valentine's Day

3.3. In Vietnam

While countries around the world consider Valentine a day of affection between lovers, family, friends, and even coworkers, Valentine’s Day in Vietnam is usually for romantic love. Gifts on this day are usually greeting cards, chocolates, and especially red roses - the flowers symbolizing passionate love. In addition to exchanging traditional gifts, many couples choose to take romantic trips to famous destinations like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, etc. These trips are great opportunities to celebrate love, strengthen bonds, and create beautiful moments together.

History of Valentine's Day

If you happen to be in Vietnam on Valentine’s Day, no matter which part of the country you choose to visit, you should plan in advance regarding where to stay in order to have the best experience.

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History of Valentine's Day

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3.4. In Ghana

People in Ghana celebrate Valentine's Day with various traditional activities such as dancing and drumming. Couples also exchange gifts such as hand-woven baskets, clothing, and traditional jewelry.

Valentine's Day in Ghana is not just for couples but for anyone who wants to express love and appreciation to their friends, family members, and even coworkers. It is a day for celebrating relationships of all kinds by sending cards or small gifts.

Since 2007, Valentine's Day in Ghana has also been referred to as the “National Chocolate Day”. As one of the world’s biggest producers of cocoa, the Ghanaian government has decided to choose February 14th to promote the consumption of chocolate and other cocoa products among the population. Many people in Ghana now celebrate Valentine's Day by giving chocolates to their loved ones as a symbol of love.

3.5. In Japan

In Japan, Valentine's Day is celebrated in a unique way, with women typically giving chocolates to the men they love or care for. Japan has long nurtured the tradition of gifting chocolates on Valentine's Day. Different types of chocolates are used, such as "giri-choco" given to coworkers and acquaintances and "honmei-choco" given to romantic partners. A month later, on White Day, the roles are reversed and men are expected to return the favor and send gifts to the women who gave them chocolates on Valentine's Day.

Some women in Japan also give themselves chocolates on Valentine's Day as a symbol of self love and appreciation. Meanwhile, couples may also celebrate this day by having a special date or a romantic getaway.

If you happen to be in Japan on February 14th, you can see plenty of decorations, featuring red and pink color schemes and a lot of heart shapes. As a part of the celebration, restaurants and bakeries in Japan also offer many specialized items in heart shapes.

History of Valentine's Day

3.6. In Estonia

Like in many other countries, Valentine's Day in Estonia is a day for romantic love, when couples exchange gifts such as chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Writing and exchanging love letters and cards is another popular way in Estonia to express love and affection. Couples also celebrate this special occasion by having a special dinner together, either at a restaurant or home. On this day, you can easily see heart-shaped balloons and decorations in public spaces and homes.

In addition to being a day for romantic love, Valentine's Day is also considered to be "Sõbrapäev", or "Friendship Day" here, when people show appreciation for their close friends and family members. While the level of celebration can vary greatly from person to person, it is a widely recognized opportunity to express love and appreciation to those who are important in one's life. 

3.7. In Slovenia

Valentine's Day in Slovenia is an important day celebrated with enthusiasm by many couples. Exchanging gifts is a common tradition, with popular gifts including chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Red roses are particularly popular, which symbolize love and passion. Expressing love through love letters, poems, or songs is also a traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day in Slovenia.

Additionally, St. Valentine is the Slovenian saint of spring. It is believed that on February 14th, spring flowers start to appear on fields. It is also the day that birds “propose” to each other. In order to see the birds and flowers, and perhaps make a proposal of marriage, lovers traditionally walk barefoot through the frozen fields.

History of Valentine's Day

3.8. In Bulgaria

Valentine's Day in Bulgaria is celebrated much like in other countries, with couples exchanging gifts, cards, and flowers to express their love and affection for one another.

This day is also the "Day of the Winemakers". It is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate the relationships in their lives. On this day, people traditionally exchange bottles of wine as a symbol of their love and appreciation. This tradition stems from the rich winemaking culture in Bulgaria, and it is seen as a way to celebrate the country's heritage and honor the hardworking winemakers who produce the delicious wines enjoyed by many Bulgarians. The tradition of exchanging wine on Valentine's Day has become a part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and continues to be widely celebrated to this day.

While the history of Valentine's Day is uncertain, it is definitely a great occasion for us to express our care and love to our loved ones. Therefore, whether you are planning an intimate evening at home or a dreamy getaway, make sure to make the most of this day and celebrate your love in the most meaningful way possible!

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