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Ho May Park Vung Tau: Guide to a trip filled with unforgettable moments

14/06/2023 6.296

Ho May Park Vung Tau is a mesmerizing paradise that combines thrilling attractions, tranquil nature, and breathtaking panoramic views for an unforgettable experience.

Ho May Park

Ho May Park is a true gem nestled in the enchanting city of Vung Tau. This captivating park offers numerous attractions and activities for visitors of all ages. From its panoramic cable car ride, which provides awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains and sea, to delicious local cuisine at onsite restaurants, Ho May Park promises an extraordinary experience for every traveler.

1. Where is Ho May Park? How to get there?

  • Address: No. 1A, Tran Phu Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau.

Located 120 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho May Park is ideal for sightseeing and relaxing with family and friends. To reach Ho May Park from Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose from one of the following options:

  • Speedboat: Take a speedboat from Bach Dang Wharf, which takes approximately 2 hours to reach Vung Tau.
  • Motorbike or car: Take the route from Saigon to Cat Lai, Nhon Trach, and Dong Nai. When you reach the entrance of Nhon Trach Industrial Zone, continue on Road 51 for about 100 kilometers until you reach Vung Tau City. From there, ask locals for directions to Ho May Park.
Ho May Park

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2. What does Ho May Park Vung Tau offer tourists?

  • Cable system

Ho May Park in Vung Tau features a highly advanced Ho May cable car system with a large capacity capable of transporting up to 2000 visitors per hour. On cable car cabins, tourists can enjoy the breathtaking coastal and forest scenery of Vung Tau City from a height of 250 meters.

  • Entertainment activities

Ho May Park offers a cutting-edge entertainment area that appeals to domestic and international tourists. Visitors can indulge in thrilling and challenging high-tech games like the Ultimate Slide, Quick Jump, Drift King, Tarzan, Zipline, and Alpine Coaster. 

Notably, the indoor entertainment center has over 70 games, world-class magic shows, and circus performances. Families with young children can enjoy the kid's playground, designed to provide the utmost fun and excitement. 

  • Cultural experience

Aside from entertainment, Ho May Park offers a rich cultural experience. You can visit the prominent Ho May Main Temple, worship the Eighteen Arhats, or admire impressive structures like Phat Tich Cave and the 33 Zen Masters. 

Ho May Park offers a delightful blend of traditional folk games and cultural experiences. Visitors can engage in cockfighting, toy figurine crafting, and kite flying. The park's cultural spaces are beautifully adorned with enchanting tales such as The Man in the Moon, Thach Sanh, and Cinderella, adding a touch of magic to the overall experience. 

Ho May Park
  • Ecological experience

Ho May Park boasts a diverse ecosystem with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Nestled in a 50-hectare ecological forest at an altitude of 250 meters, it is home to the largest ecological lake in the mountain. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty, explore the lush forest, and encounter fascinating wildlife. 

  • Ho May Grand Show

Ho May Grand Show is a spectacular water music extravaganza in Vietnam featuring water shows, 5D and 3D laser effects, immersive sound, lighting, fire, and water elements. This grand spectacle occurs every day at 7:30 PM and lasts approximately 30 minutes.

With a capacity of 5000 seats and a massive 2500-inch outdoor screen, the show shares profound messages of humanity, showcasing Vietnam's tourism, highlighting its stunning natural beauty, and celebrating the vibrant culture and traditions of the Vietnamese people.

Ho May Park

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3. Top 4 well-regarded tours in Ho May Park to try once

3.1. Tram sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours on trams are available at Ho May Park, catering to visitors of different ages. The duration of the sightseeing tour is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time, visitors will be taken on a scenic journey spanning 9 kilometers, encompassing steep hills, breathtaking natural landscapes, renowned pagodas, temples, pristine nature reserves, and areas dedicated to growing unique plants.

3.2. Fortress visit

The tour to visit the fortress is a captivating experience that offers a glimpse into the remarkable architecture and historical significance of this site. 

Constructed in the late 19th century, the fortress was crucial to controlling the Southeast region and accessing Saigon. From the fortress's elevated position, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Vung Tau and its scenic surroundings.

3.3. Nightly sight-seeing tours

Vung Tau's Nightly Sight-Seeing Tours offer visitors amazing activities. You can marvel at the breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean and cityscape from a height of 250 meters and explore the picturesque mountaintop lake, majestic waterfall, and the charm of the pine forest. Conclude your tour with the delightful experience of savoring Royalty Tea, a precious herbal infusion once reserved exclusively for kings.

3.4. Fun Farm tours

Fun Farm tours provide engaging activities for Vietnamese students to enhance their educational goals through real-life experiences. Students immerse themselves in group activities and creative games, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. 

Such a tour offers firsthand insights into laborers' hardships, promoting empathy and a sense of duty. Thus, they can gain patriotism and expand their life experience through lessons on ethics and history, ensuring an enjoyable after-school experience.

Ho May Park

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4. Detailed Ho May Park prices for tickets and services

Here are the prices for services at Ho May Park for your reference:

Option 1: Ho May Park Sightseeing tour on trams

  • Adults (over 1.3 meters in height): VND 100,000/pax
  • Children (1-1.3 meters in height): VND 50,000/pax
  • Babies (under 1 meter in height): Free

Option 2: Visiting ancient artillery battlefields on trams

  • Adults (over 1.3 meters in height): VND 150,000/pax
  • Children (1-1.3 meters in height): VND 75,000/pax
  • Babies (under 1 meter in height): Free

The price includes cars and a local guide-driver during the sightseeing tour.

Note: A 50% discount applies to pregnant women, monks, elders aged 69 and above, and disabled people. This discount is applicable throughout the year, and visitors are required to present their ID cards to purchase discounted tickets.

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Besides Vung Tau attractions, Vietnam offers a myriad of other captivating tourist destinations that can be easily connected to create a remarkable travel itinerary, such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, Ha Long.

Ho May Park

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Guests can expect spacious and beautifully designed rooms, suites, or villas with modern facilities and breathtaking views. There are world-class dining options that showcase both local and international cuisines, satisfying even the most discerning palates. Relaxation and rejuvenation are at the forefront with indulgent spa treatments, fitness centers, and swimming pools.

Ho May Park


Ho May Park

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Ho May Park in the heart of Vung Tau is truly worth visiting. With its breathtaking panoramic views, lush greenery, and thrilling adventures, this enchanting destination is ideal for nature lovers and adventure seekers. If you are seeking adrenaline-pumping activities or serene moments in nature, Ho May Park has it all. With the detailed information above, you can easily plan your visit, immerse yourself in the beauty of this remarkable place, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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