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Hue pagodas: TOP 12 sacred pagodas for architecture and culture lovers

24/01/2024 61.396

Hue is a tourist city in Central Vietnam that lures visitors with many scenic attractions and religious sites. Come and visit the top 12 spiritual Hue pagodas to get the best experience in the former citadel.

Hue pagodas

Hue pagodas have gained renown thanks to their spiritual beauty and rich cultural values. If you want to discover a more traditional side of Hue, consider visiting Hue pagodas. Below are the top 12 sacred pagodas that are worth a mention on any trip to Hue.

1. Thien Mu Pagoda - Inside the 400-year-old pagoda in Hue

  • Location: Ha Khe hill, An Ninh Thuong village, Kim Long ward

As one of the oldest Hue pagodas, Thien Mu was built in 1601. Having gone through various destructions and reconstructions, the pagoda is still an important historical witness, retaining its valuable architecture and significant cultural values.

With stunning scenery, Thien Mu Pagoda is considered the most beautiful pagoda and a symbol of the ancient citadel. This pagoda preserves many remarkable historical treasures and iconic structures, including Phuoc Duyen Tower, Tam Quan Gate, Nguyen Communal House, and stone steles of past emperors.

Nowadays, Thien Mu Pagoda is surrounded by a vast green pine forest blooming with beautiful flowers and ornamental plants. It is highly recommended that you visit the pagoda in the late afternoon to observe the monk’s praying session and enjoy the romantic sunset on Perfume River.

Hue pagodas

2. Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda - one of the prominent Hue pagodas to visit

  • Location: Cham village, Huong Ho ward, Huong Ha town

Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda was built in 1989, situated halfway up the mountain with a solemn yet fanciful beauty. The pagoda has a lush green garden full of flowers such as purple lilies, rare orchids, minnows, pines, and cypress.

Here, you should see Nghinh Huong Dinh, Am May Tia, Thanh Tam Vien, The Guest House, The Stone Garden, The Five Lakes, and more. Notably, the main hall is renowned for its traditional architecture. Coming to Huyen Khong Son Thuong is about reconnecting with nature and finding inner peace.

Hue pagodas

3. Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery - Among the most visited Hue pagodas

  • Location: Bach Ma mountain, Truoi lake, Loc Hoa commune, Phu Loc district

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery, built in 2008, is regarded as a unique work of architecture blended in a spectacular landscape. The monastery lies in the heart of Truoi lake, like a flower leaning its head toward Bach Ma mountain. 

Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery fascinates any visitor with its charming landscape of ancient pagoda roofs, the aroma of incense, and the sound of the bell humming and spreading. This wonderful place can make you feel soothing and serene.

Hue pagodas

4. Tu Dam Pagoda Hue Vietnam

  • Location: Su Lieu Quan street, Truong An ward

Tu Dam Pagoda is one of the most important and beautiful Hue pagodas. The pagoda was built in the 17th century by the Buddhist monk Minh Hoang Tu Dung. It played an irreplaceable role in the campaign for Buddhist revivals.

Tu Dam Pagoda is a great combination of ancient and modern architecture. The main hall is tranquil and solemn, with statues of Buddha Shakyamuni on a lotus platform and two Bodhisattvas on both sides. The pagoda has a large yard where thousands of people can gather to worship.

Standing out as the symbol of Tu Dam Pagoda, An Ton Tower is an octagonal tower with 7 floors and seven bronze-cast Buddha statues. With its excellent design and charming surroundings, this tower has become a great spot for sightseeing, worshiping, and taking pictures.

Hue pagodas

5. Best Hue pagodas to visit? Bao Quoc Pagoda

  • Location: Bao Quoc hill, Bao Quoc street, Duc ward

Bao Quoc Pagoda was built in 1670. Over the years, it has become a home to many precious treasures. Having preserved significant cultural values, it is now an important religious site of the ancient citadel.

Covering an area of 2 hectares, Bao Quoc Pagoda bears an ancient mossy beauty. Behind the three-arched gate, visitors will see a spacious courtyard with many green trees. 

The main hall was designed in the Vietnamese traditional architectural style. It has three compartments and two wings, which are elaborately decorated with majestic dragon motifs. 

Besides, you should also see Ham Long Well - the soul of Bao Quoc Pagoda. It is also a historical witness to the foundation and development of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hue pagodas

6. Tu Hieu Pagoda

  • Location: Duong Xuan Thuong 3 village, Thuy Xuan ward

Tu Hieu Pagoda is an iconic place for children to show respect to their parents. During the Vu Lan festival, people will come to this pagoda to celebrate and offer the most beautiful roses to pray for their parent’s health and happiness.

This pagoda has picturesque scenery and elegant architecture, covered by a pine forest near a small stream. It consists of three rooms and two wings. The main hall is the most solemn part, used for worship only.

Among many famous Hue pagodas, Tu Hieu Pagoda is one of the most massive, ancient, and outstanding ones.

Hue pagodas

7. Thien Lam Pagoda Hue Vietnam

  • Location: Quang Te hill, Thuy Xuan ward

Built by the monk Ho Nhan in the 1960s, Thien Lam is a pagoda with attractive beauty and distinctive architecture, making it different from other Hue pagodas. Its design represents the unique architecture of the Theravada sect from Thailand.

When you set foot in Thien Lam Pagoda, you will be amazed by the white golden-peak stupa, which is bell-shaped and 15 meters tall. The stupa has two floors for worshiping Shakyamuni Buddha and Saint Sangha. In this pagoda, there is a 1.6 meter-tall statue of Shakyamuni Buddha meditating.

Hue pagodas

8. Thanh Duyen Pagoda - One of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam

  • Location: Tuy Van mountain, Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district

Thanh Duyen Pagoda was built in the 17th century. Its structure features the famous multi-roofing design of the Nguyen Dynasty. This pagoda is a collection of three compartments, two wings, Dai Tu Pavilion, and Dieu Ngu Tower. 

The main altar worships the Three Buddhas, and other altars worship the Lady Buddha, Guan Yin, and the Eighteen Arhats.

Behind the pagoda is Dai Tu Pavilion. Nearby, the three-storey Dieu Ngu Tower stands about 12 meters tall. It used to be a holy spot for the king to find peace of mind.

Hue pagodas

9. Quoc An Pagoda

  • Location: Ngu Binh mountain, Hon Thien hill, Truong An ward

Quoc An Pagoda was built in the late 17th century by the Chinese monk Nguyen Thieu. Through many ups and downs of history, the pagoda was damaged and renovated several times.

Quoc An Pagoda has a three-arched gate, monk house, guest house, and spiritual house. At the back of the pagoda is a collection of ancient tower tombs, where former abbots are laid to rest. The main hall is made up of 52 wooden pillars. The double wings are decorated with delicate patterns.

Quoc An Pagoda is not only a stunning scenic spot but also an important Buddhist destination for well-known monks. Visiting this place, you will have a chance to marvel at the collection of statues and ritual implements of Buddhism.

Hue pagodas

10. Phuoc Duyen Pagoda in Hue

  • Location: An Ninh village, Huong Long ward

Phuoc Duyen Pagoda was built in 1948 by the monk Thich Danh Le. This pagoda possesses a long history of more than 700 years and is one of the oldest Hue pagodas.

Covering an area of 4,000 square meters, Phuoc Duyen Pagoda has three compartments, double wings, a lecture hall, an apse, a dining hall, and a guest room. Here, there is a magnificent statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, surrounded by many well-trimmed bonsai pots.

Among many famous Hue Pagoda, Phuoc Duyen is well-known as a perfect spot for calming one’s mind. Many tourists share that the pagoda has brought them inner peace. People come here to worship and pray for a prosperous and happy life.

Hue pagodas

11. TOP 12 Hue pagodas for your Hue bucket list? Dieu De Pagoda

  • Location: Bach Dang street, Phu Cat district

Dieu De Pagoda was built under the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri. It was declared one of the most sacred national pagodas. In 1887, all of the buildings were nearly destroyed and major renovations were made in the 20th century. Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, Dieu De Pagoda is known as one of the most renowned structures among other beautiful Hue pagodas. 

Hue pagodas

12. Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda Hue Vietnam

  • Location: Nham Bien village, Huong Ho commune, Huong Tra district

Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda, or Huyen Khong Son Trung Pagoda, is a Theravada temple built in 1973. Differing from the traditional architecture of other Hue pagodas, Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda is famous for its harmony between the two architectural styles of Japan and India. 

The pagoda stands amidst a breathtaking landscape, covering 6,000 square meters of green space and peaceful atmosphere. Visiting Huyen Khong 1 Pagoda, you should see Yen Ha Cac and Dai Giac Tower, which are unique structures bearing the spirit of Buddhism in the ancient citadel.

Hue pagodas

Along with the flow of history, Hue pagodas have become important spiritual sites for visitors to gain more historical and cultural knowledge. Moreover, there are a lot of alluring tourist attractions in Hue that are waiting for you to discover, such as the Mausoleum of Emperor Khai Dinh, Perfume River, the Tomb of King Thieu Tri, Trang Tien Bridge, etc.

Besides Hue, tourists should also visit the nearby Hoi An and Da Nang to get the best experience in Central Vietnam. These are both beautiful cities with a variety of fun activities to do.

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Hue pagodas

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Hue pagodas

Hue tourism is not only about admiring the beautiful natural scenery, it is also about contemplating the ancient pagodas which bear significant historical and spiritual values. Hue pagodas attract tourists with their impressive architecture, stunning landscape, and long history. If you are searching for a place to pray or to learn more about the local culture, note down this list of the top 12 sacred Hue pagodas.

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