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Me Pja Pass: Discover the most thrilling pass with 14 turns in Vietnam

24/01/2024 5.590

Me Pja Pass in Cao Bang is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Vietnam. This pass promises to leave any nature lover or thrill seeker with an ever-lasting experience.

Me Pja Pass

Me Pja Pass in Cao Bang is an astonishing creation of Mother Nature, which has 14 twisted turns surrounded by refreshing greenery. Let us guide you through all you need to know about Me Pia Pass, including when to visit the pass, how to get there, and what to experience once you get to this stunning mountain pass.

1. Overview of Me Pia Pass

Me Pja Pass is located in Cao Bang Province, near the border between Vietnam and China. It is also known as the "14-storey pass", Me Pia Pass, or Khau Coc Cha Pass. Although the pass is only about 2.5 kilometers long, it is winding and divided into 14 steep turns. Despite its challenging terrain, once you make it to the top of the pass, the breathtaking scenery of the region will leave you in awe.

2. Best time to visit Me Pia Pass Cao Bang

The road to Me Pja Pass is quite challenging, so make sure you choose the right time for a complete and enjoyable trip. In August and September, Cao Bang weather experiences mild weather with minimal rainfall, making it convenient for traveling to the pass and trekking through the forest. You can also visit Me Pia Pass from December to February when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and cherry blossoms, apricot flowers, and plum blossoms bloom, adding a captivating touch to the landscape.

Me Pja Pass

3. How to get to Me Pia Pass, Cao Bang?

You can get to Me Pja Pass in two ways:

  • From Ha Giang: Take National Road 4C from Meo Vac to Bao Lam, then continue on National Road 34 from Bao Lam to Bao Lac. Follow the Gam River through the communes of Coc Puc and Ban Phuong to reach Me Pja Pass.
  • From Hanoi: Take a passenger bus to Cao Bang and rent a motorbike there. Begin your journey on National Road 34 towards Bao Lac and follow the Gam River through Coc Puc and Ban Phuong to reach Me Pia Pass.

4. Unique experiences for thrill seekers at Me Pia Pass, Vietnam

4.1. Embark on a motorbike trip 

If you are fond of a Vietnam motorbike tour, embarking on a motorbike trip to Me Pja Pass should be at the top of your bucket list. To conquer Me Pia Pass, you need to pay close attention to safety, as it is one of the most challenging roads in the region. Before tackling the pass, thoroughly inspect your vehicle. Also, the pass has steep slopes and numerous sharp turns, so you should choose a manual or semi-automatic bike. 

Me Pja Pass

4.2. Experience an epic trek through the forest

If you do not want to take risks riding a motorbike to this stunning but challenging pass, you can take a trek to the top of Me Pja Pass. The time needed to climb up to the top of the mountain pass is about 1 hour, so make sure to prepare adequate water and snacks. The local people here are very conscious of nature protection, so you should not litter along the way to the mountaintop.

5. Best places to visit near Me Pia Pass, Cao Bang

Here are some stunning attractions near Me Pja Pass that you should definitely consider visiting:

  • Ban Gioc Waterfalls: This is regarded as the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam, featuring multiple tiers of cascades that stretch over hundreds of meters.
  • Ma Phuc Pass: If you love conquering mountain passes, not far from Me Pja Pass lies Ma Phuc Pass. In terms of difficulty, Ma Phuc Pass may not be as challenging as Me Pia Pass, but it is still worth trying.
  • Nui Thung Mountain: Also known as Mat Than Mountain, Nui Thung Mountain earns its name from a hole that penetrates through both sides of the mountain. It is a favorite photography spot for many tourists due to its pristine beauty.
  • Nguom Ngao Cave: With a length of up to 2,144 meters, Nguom Ngao is the largest and most beautiful cave in the Northeastern region of Vietnam.
Me Pja Pass

Besides Cao Bang, Vietnam is also bestowed with tons of other captivating destinations like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. They are all destinations that you should not miss out on for your Vietnam travel.

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Me Pja Pass


Me Pja Pass

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With its unique twisted turns combined with peaceful surroundings, Me Pja Pass promises to leave thrill seekers with a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. With this article, you can better plan your trip to the pass and enjoy the breathtaking nature that Vietnam has to offer.

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