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Phu Quy Island: Unveil an enchanting hidden gem of Binh Thuan

23/01/2024 7.923

Phu Quy Island weaves together natural beauty, cultural immersion, and serene relaxation, ensuring an unforgettable and well-rounded escape.

Phu Quy Island

Nestled off the captivating coastline of Binh Thuan Province, Phu Quy Island is an appealing destination for an enchanting Vietnam travel escapade. With its unspoiled beaches, thriving marine ecosystem, and tranquil charm, this hidden gem offers an irresistible invitation to explore the coastal allure of South Central Vietnam on your next adventure.

1. About Phu Quy Island: Location and weather

Situated 120 kilometers east of Phan Thiet, Phu Quy Island emerges as a pristine gem in the East Sea. Recently opened to tourism, its ovoid, gently undulating terrain is graced with a grand lighthouse and Cao Cat Mountain. The coastline reveals sweeping bays, while volcanic bluffs shape dramatic escarpments at the tips. Inland, a lush agricultural expanse complements the island's green forested charm. 

Phu Quy Island enjoys a consistently refreshing and cool climate. The ideal period to discover its wonders spans from December to June, while the storm-prone months from September to November should be steered clear. Spring and summer unveil serene waters and gentle breezes, ensuring smooth exploration. Nevertheless, occasional rough seas warrant a Phu Quy Island weather check in advance.

Phu Quy Island

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2. How to get to Phu Quy Island and get around?

Phu Quy Island, the farthest district of Binh Thuan Province, boasts untamed beauty that remains relatively untouched by tourism. The sole route to Phu Quy Island is a ferry ride from Phan Thiet City.

To travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quy Island, tourists can take a bus to Phan Thiet City. From there, you will need to take a ferry to get from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy Vietnam. 

Ferry options include Superdong-PQI, Superdong-PQII, and Phu Quy Express, which typically depart from Phan Thiet from 6:30 am to 7:30 am. There are occasional early trips at 5:30 am or late trips at 3:00 pm. A ferry ride will take from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. 

Taxis are absent on the island, but motorbike rentals are widely available. The island's ample roadways make navigation effortless. Engaging the locals for guidance is always advisable.

Phu Quy Island

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3. Top 10 recommended attractions to visit on Phu Quy Island

3.1. Trieu Duong Bay

Upon reaching Phu Quy Island, your initial stop should be Trieu Duong Bay. It presents pristine white shores that extend gracefully, offering a picturesque spectacle. Here, the sea boasts unparalleled clarity, adorned with a turquoise hue that unveils the seabed. Sunny days provide ideal conditions for a refreshing swim in its cool waters.

3.2. Nho Beach

Bai Nho (Nho Beach) graces the coastline with a serene crescent shape embraced by rocky outcrops. Despite its modest size, the beach exudes tranquil and clear waters, cementing its status as a must-see gem in Phu Quy Island in Vietnam.

Encircled by rugged rocks, the beach presents a juxtaposition of untamed wilderness and invigorating allure. As the sun ascends, its golden rays dance upon the iridescent sea, harmonizing with the vast mountains and sky, evoking a sense of serenity.

Phu Quy Island

3.3. Hang Cliff

Looking on the Phu Quy Island map, approximately 650 meters away from Nho Beach lies Ganh Hang (Hang Cliff), a sprawling cliff that overlooks the ocean. Here, relentless waves sculpted a sea inlet known as "Khe Sung Suong", which houses a natural "infinity pool" cherished by tourists. For safety, visitors should wear sturdy climbing shoes. While capturing photos, exercising caution near the pool's edge is crucial to avoid being swept into the sea.

3.4. Cao Cat Peak

Located in the northern part of Phu Quy Island, Cao Cat Mountain stands tall, reaching an elevation of 106 meters above sea level. Its distinctive character includes weathered cliffs with horizontal formations reminiscent of the renowned Grand Canyon in the US. A trip to Cao Cat Peak also offers the opportunity to explore Linh Son Pagoda along the way.

Phu Quy Island

3.5. Van An Thanh Temple

Back in 1941, islanders came across an astonishing sight – a whale carcass gracing the shores of Phu Quy Island. This leviathan of the deep, believed to have measured over 20 meters in its prime, was laid to rest with great reverence by the community. 

Now at Van An Thanh Temple, visitors can behold this awe-inspiring whale skeleton. In the local lore, whales are seen as guardians which offered protection to seafarers against storms, a belief that further enriches the cultural significance of this temple.

3.6. Phu Quy Lighthouse

Perched atop Cam Mountain, Phu Quy Lighthouse commands a vantage point 100 meters above sea level, offering a mesmerizing panoramic vista of the island's picturesque expanse. This venerated site provides an unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in Phu Quy's captivating beauty. The lighthouse doors swing open for all, inviting exploration at no cost, yet a modest contribution to the dedicated maintenance crew is always appreciated.

Phu Quy Island

3.7. Temple of Princess Ban Tranh

Constructed by the Cham people in the late 15th century, the Temple of Princess Ban Tranh on Phu Quy Island holds a captivating history. The legend narrates the princess's defiance against a forced marriage, leading to her banishment on a sea-bound vessel. Fate guided her to Phu Quy Island, where she aided the locals against foreign intruders. Following her passing, a shrine was built to commemorate her legacy. She became known as Ba Chua Xu or Ba Chua Dao, the revered princess and guardian of the island.

3.8. Palace of Master Nai

Dedicated to a benevolent Chinese doctor, the Palace of Master Nai commemorates his selfless dedication to the island's early settlers. Master Nai found himself drawn to Phu Quy's beauty after a fateful storm redirected his path during a Vietnamese business venture. Captivated by the island's beauty, he chose to spend the rest of his days in this tranquil haven.

Following his passing in 1665, his tomb became a place of pilgrimage for locals seeking blessings and prosperous harvests. Annually, on the 4th day of the 4th lunar month, a ceremony is held to celebrate his enduring legacy and contributions to Phu Quy Island.

Phu Quy Island

3.9. Phu Quy Wind Farm

Within Phu Quy Island's embrace lies Phu Quy Wind Farm, a testament to the island's commitment to renewable energy. Towering 60 meters tall, the turbines here bear 37-meter-long blades, gracefully harnessing the power of the wind. A visit to Phu Quy Wind Farm unveils a captivating backdrop for memorable photo shoots.

3.10. Long Hai Fish Market

A visit to Phu Quy Island is incomplete without experiencing the vibrant Long Hai Fish Market. As the sun graces the horizon, this bustling marketplace awakens to the rhythmic dance of fishing boats arriving. As a treasure trove of culinary delights, the market showcases an impressive assortment of coveted seafood.

Here, affordability meets excellence, as prices stand as a testament to the island's generosity, while the seafood quality ensures an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Long Hai Fish Market has become a symphony of colors and flavors of the ocean's bounty, captivating visitors in a sensory celebration of the island's coastal riches.

Phu Quy Island

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4. A complete guide for your trip to Phu Quy Island Vietnam

4.1. What to do on Phu Quy Island?

Nestled within the embrace of Vietnam's coastal allure, Phu Quy Island offers a diverse array of captivating activities for an unforgettable retreat. The island's pristine beaches, such as Bai Nho and Bai Thuong, set the stage for relaxation, inviting you to unwind amidst the tranquil ambiance while enjoying the sweeping ocean views. For a deeper connection with the sea, diving or snorkeling reveals a mesmerizing underwater realm, where vibrant coral reefs and marine life create an enchanting spectacle.

While exploring Phu Quy's natural beauty is a highlight, the island's rich history and cultural heritage add another layer of fascination. Visiting landmarks like Van An Thanh Temple and the Temple of Princess Ban Tranh provides insights into the local culture. Renting a motorbike lets you uncover hidden coves and charming villages, allowing you to immerse yourself further into the island's charm. Additionally, no visit to Phu Quy would be complete without savoring freshly caught seafood at local eateries.

Phu Quy Island

4.2. Where to stay on Phu Quy Island?

In contrast to well-trodden mainland destinations, the unspoiled allure of Phu Quy Island remains untamed by commercial tourism. Consequently, those seeking opulent accommodations might need to adjust their expectations. Presently, the island boasts a modest collection of Phu Quy Island hotels, guesthouses, and homestays that have sprung up around the bustling main port and the inviting Tam Thanh Commune.

Conveniently, most of these establishments offer transfer services from the port to their welcoming abodes. To ensure a seamless experience, it is advisable to reach out to them in advance and arrange for pickup, ensuring that you dive into the island with ease and comfort.

4.3. What to eat on Phu Quy Island?

Phu Quy Island offers a delectable culinary journey that mirrors its coastal charm and abundant catch. As you explore this hidden gem, here are some must-try dishes that will tantalize your taste buds and immerse you in the island's culinary culture.

  • Fresh seafood: Embrace the island's rich seafood offerings, ranging from succulent shrimp and flavorful crab to a variety of fish and snails. Thanks to the island's vibrant fishing industry, you can savor the ocean's bounty in every delectable bite. 
  • Phu Quy lobster: A true delicacy that adds to the attraction of Binh Thuan tourism. Phu Quy lobster boasts a distinctive reddish hue. Once steamed, its shell transforms into a deep shade of red, delivering a succulent and flavorful treat.
  • Phu Quy king crab: For a taste of Phu Quy's specialties, dive into the unique textures and flavors of the king crab. While it might appear imposing at first glance, its exquisite taste will quickly win over even the most tentative eaters.
  • Fresh fruits: Tropical fruits like dragon fruits, mangoes, and bananas will add a delightful touch of sweetness to your culinary exploration on Phu Quoc Island.
Phu Quy Island

4.4. Extra tips for the best experience on Phu Quy Island

  • As the voyage to Phu Quy Island can take over two hours, to ensure a healthful and enjoyable experience, remember to pack motion sickness medication.
  • Secure your ticket in advance and opt for a front-row seat on the ship for enhanced comfort during the voyage.
  • Given the absence of a ride-hailing service on Phu Quy Island Vietnam, it is advisable to rent a motorbike for transportation while exploring the island.
  • Make sure to pack all necessary personal belongings, a power bank, and camera accessories such as a tripod and gimbal. These items will help you capture the island's splendor and create vivid memories.
  • While the weather is not always sunny, don't overlook the importance of sunscreen to shield your skin from unwanted tanning.
  • Equip yourself with a reliable 3G/4G data package, as the wifi on the island can be inconsistent.
Phu Quy Island

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Adorned with diverse attractions, Binh Thuan Province invites exploration beyond Phu Quy Island. Some other interesting things to do on a Binh Thuan trip include discovering the vibrant Mui Ne Fishing Village, enjoying the panoramic views from Ke Ga Lighthouse, hiking up Ta Cu Mountain, sandboarding at the Red Sand Dunes, splashing water at the Fairy Stream, immersing in the local culture at Phan Thiet Market, relishing the allure of Hon Rom Island, marveling at the ancient Poshanu Cham Tower, etc.

Vietnam is also home to many other captivating destinations such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. If you are about to visit these destinations, you can experience unparalleled luxury with a stay at Vinpearl. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, the elegant hotels and resorts of Vinpearl provide an array of amenities that will suit every traveler's preference. Also, don't leave the country without visiting the iconic entertainment complexes of VinWonders, where you can enjoy all kinds of games and activities and create lots of unforgettable memories.

Phu Quy Island


Phu Quy Island

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Phu Quy Island presents an authentic sanctuary away from the bustling city life. The island's serene ambiance, diverse landscapes, and warm locals weave an enchanting tapestry of experiences. Balancing natural splendor with cultural authenticity, it offers a rejuvenating retreat that will leave an indelible mark on every traveler's soul.

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