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23+ of the most popular songs in Vietnam that are huge national hits

11/01/2024 8.197

A popular song in Vietnam can introduce you to the country’s charm. Luckily, there are many options available. You can find a list of the top songs in Vietnam here.

Popular song in Vietnam

Listening to a popular song in Vietnam can transport you beyond the realm of music, immersing you in the country's history, culture, and people. Vietnamese music often revolves around themes of love - love for the country, love for family, and love for friends. Perhaps the secret ingredient to a popular song in Vietnam is love!

1. Popular songs in Vietnam about the country

1.1. Que Huong Vietnam - Anh Khang ft. Suboi

One of the top songs about Vietnam is “Que Huong Vietnam”, performed by Anh Khang and Suboi. It was released in 2016 as a track celebrating the beauty of Vietnam. The song is characterized by lyrics that highlight the country’s landscapes and cultures, touching on themes like pride and unity. Those who listen to “Que Huong Vietnam” will be able to connect deeply to Vietnam’s roots and resonate emotionally.

1.2. Hello Vietnam - Among the most popular English songs in Vietnam

This is a catchy heartfelt song that you will often hear in cafes and salons. It is sung by a Vietnamese-American singer named Pham Quynh Anh.

Capturing a sense of longing and belonging, “Hello Vietnam'' appeals to those who are strongly attached to the country but are physically distant from it. Even if you do not fit this description, the song can stir in you a desire to connect to all that Vietnam has to offer. 

That being said, “Hello Vietnam” is quite common in tourist settings, like travel advertising campaigns, to promote the country as a place worth visiting. Its English lyrics have helped it gain widespread recognition and popularity.

Popular song in Vietnam

1.3. Viet Nam Oi - Minh Beta

“Viet Nam Oi” is a popular song in Vietnam written by singer-songwriter Minh Beta. Released in 2020, it was quickly loved by the public for its powerful message about unity, love for the country, and hope for a brighter future. As a result, it strikes a chord with listeners, reminding them of the incredible resilience and unity of Vietnamese people. It is often played at events that celebrate Vietnamese achievements.

1.4. Tien Ve Sai Gon

“Tien Ve Sai Gon” is a popular song in Vietnam composed by musician Luu Huu Phuoc during wartime. The upbeat tune and motivational message of this song made it a hit both in Vietnam and among Vietnamese communities around the world.

1.5. Viet Nam Que Huong Toi - Trong Tan

This is another popular song in Vietnam known for its patriotic nature. “Viet Nam Que Huong Toi” is sung by Trong Tan, a respected Vietnamese singer. The song is about the country’s beauty, the people’s bravery, and their enduring spirit. Adding to it is a moving melody and a strong performance by Trong Khang. The song is often performed at events that celebrate Vietnamese identity.

Popular song in Vietnam

1.6. Nhu Co Bac Ho Trong Ngay Vui Dai Thang

This is a well-known Vietnamese song that means "As If Uncle Ho Were Here On The Day Of Great Victory" in English. It is a tribute to Ho Chi Minh, the founding father of modern Vietnam. The song’s lyrics reflect the reverence, admiration, and gratitude that Vietnamese people have for Uncle Ho, who played a key role in the country's struggle for independence. As the song captures the spirit of unity, pride, and patriotism, you will often hear it at national celebrations like the Independence Day.

1.7. Noi Dao Xa - Trong Tan

“Noi Dao Xa” is another popular song in Vietnam sung by Trong Tan. If you translate the title into English, it is “Distant Island”. By the same token, the lyrics of the song revolve around the themes of distance and separation. It evokes intense emotions like yearning and longing. If you have felt the pang of missing someone or something greatly, you will love this song.

1.8. Hay Den Voi Con Nguoi Viet Nam - Bao An

This is a local favorite in educational settings or cultural events that aim to foster cross-cultural connections. It is sung by Bao An, a Vietnamese singer known for his family-friendly songs. The optimistic lyrics of “Hay Den Voi Con Nguoi Viet Nam” are like an invitation for people to connect with the country’s culture and people. On top of that, this popular song in Vietnam features a cheerful melody. It has become a symbol of the country's welcoming image.

Popular song in Vietnam

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2. Popular songs in Vietnam about family love

2.1. Chi Toi - Tran Tien

"Chi Toi” is a Vietnamese song written and composed by Tran Tien, a renowned musician and songwriter. The title translates to "My Sister”. As you can probably guess, it is about the emotional bond between siblings. Though it was released all the way back in 2000, the touching sentiment of “Chi Toi” continues to make it a popular song in Vietnam.

2.2. Cha - MTV

“Cha”, which means “Father” in English, is a popular song in Vietnam performed by the band MTV. It is a tribute to fathers and the significant role they play in their children's life. The lyrics of “Cha” express love, respect, and gratitude towards fathers, and therefore, has become an anthem for father-child relationships. In line with that, the song frequently makes an appearance on special occasions such as Father's Day.

Popular song in Vietnam

2.3. Hinh Bong Cha Gia - Ngoc Son

“Hinh Bong Cha Gia” is a soulful song sung by Ngoc Son, who is known for his emotional delivery and ability to touch the hearts of listeners. The song walks through the life of an elderly father and his experiences, including sacrifices and hardships. “Hinh Bong Cha Gia” illustrates the bittersweet emotions of seeing a beloved parent grow older. When people want to show their appreciation for their fathers, this is the go-to popular song in Vietnam.

2.4. Ba Ke Con Nghe - Nguyen Hai Phong

This is a heartwarming song about the relationship between a father and a child. If you listen to it, you will feel nostalgic and be reminded of your father’s love and care. Coupled with a gentle melody, “Ba Ke Con Nghe” is a soothing song that is passed on from generation to generation.

2.5. Me Toi - Tran Tien

Written by Tran Tien, “Me Toi” is one of the most famous songs in Vietnam about mothers. It translates directly into “My Mother”. The emotional lyrics of this song reflect love, gratitude, and respect for a mother's sacrifices, care, and unwavering support. Needless to say, this popular song in Vietnam is quite sentimental and nostalgic. 

Popular song in Vietnam

2.6. Khuc Hat Cha Yeu - Ly Hai

“Khuc Hat Cha Yeu”, or “Song of Father’s Love”, is another popular song in Vietnam for fathers. It was performed by singer-songwriter Ly Hai. Reflecting on the sacrifices that fathers make for their children's well-being, the song portrays gratitude and respect for a father's unwavering support and care. “Khuc Hat Cha Yeu” is often played on occasions that honor fathers, where people want to express their love for their fathers. 

2.7. Nhat Ky Cua Me - Hien Thuc

This is one of the most popular songs in Vietnam for mothers. Its lyrics are uniquely written from the mother’s perspective as words in a diary, expressing her thoughts, feelings, and hopes for her child. “Nhat Ky Cua Me” effectively conveys the love that mothers provide unconditionally. For people who want to delve into maternal love, celebrate motherhood, or express appreciation for their mothers, this song is ideal.

2.8. Chua Bao Gio Me Ke - Bui Anh Tuan ft. Bui Minh Tam

Translated into "Never Have I Heard My Mother Told”, this is a tear-jerking ballad about the unspoken emotions and untold stories of a mother. The song’s lyrics are from a child’s perspective, wondering about their mother's experiences, struggles, and dreams. It captures a sense of curiosity and the sentiment of realizing that despite the close bond between a mother and child, there are aspects of a mother's life that remain hidden. You will usually hear this popular song in Vietnam's coffee shops and tea rooms.

Popular song in Vietnam

2.9. Noi Ay Con Tim Ve - Phan Manh Quynh

Phan Manh Quynh is a well-known singer-songwriter famous for his soulful music, and “Noi Ay Con Tim Ve” is one of his most popular songs in Vietnam. Evoking feelings of warmth and comfort, it is about a mother's love and support for her child. As maternal love is universal, this song is easy to resonate with. Regardless of your gender and age, “Noi Ay Con Tim Ve” will touch your heart.

2.10. Ba Ngon Nen Lung Linh - Ngoc Le, Phuong Thao

This is one of the most famous songs in Vietnam, often sung by kids. It has a joyful melody that is quite catchy. The lyrics are simple, a sentimental message about family from the point of view of a child. Using candles as metaphors, the candle family is always happy together. This song is often taught like a lullaby to Vietnamese kids at home or school. It is also a common option for children’s talent shows.

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3. Popular songs in Vietnam about friendship

3.1. Cay Dan Sinh Vien - My Tam

School friendship is a recurring theme in Vietnamese songs, and “Cay Dan Sinh Vien” is one of the most well-known pieces about it. This song, released in 2016, was performed by My Tam. When you listen to it, you will feel like you are transported back in time. The song’s nostalgic sentiment makes it a beloved piece in Vietnamese music’s treasure trove. 

Popular song in Vietnam

3.2. Tam Biet Nhe - Lynk Lee

Lynk Lee is a famous singer known for relatable songs about youth, such as this one. “Tam Biet Nhe” is about students bidding their school life goodbye. It captures the bittersweet moments of coming-of-age, and anyone who has gone through this experience can resonate well with the song. “Tam Biet Nhe” is often covered by students at end-of-year ceremonies or the last day of school. 

3.3. Ngay Ay Ban Va Toi - Lynk Lee

This is another song by Lynk Lee. It also revolves around school friendship. The lyrics recall the memories shared between friends at school while highlighting familiar scenes like the campus’s backyard filled with Phoenix flowers. If you are a fan of nostalgic melodies, “Ngay Ay Ban Va Toi” by Lynk Lee will not disappoint.

3.4. Giac Mo Than Tien - Miu Le

Miu Le is a singer with many well-received songs dedicated to the youth, and “Giac Mo Than Tien” is one of her best hits. It is quite infectious and inspirational, so while listening to it, don't be surprised if you feel a sudden surge of determination. “Giac Mo Than Tien” is often played where an optimistic outlook is celebrated.

Popular song in Vietnam

3.5. Ban Than - V.Music

Perhaps the most iconic Vietnamese song about friendships, “Ban Than” translates directly into “Best Friends”. Produced by Quoc An and performed by the band V.Music, it starts with a rhetorical question about whether you will be sad to say goodbye to your friends tomorrow. This implies the end of student life and moving onto new horizons. The chorus then answers the question by confirming that true friendships will never die, even if it means being physically distant. The message of “Ban Than” is simple but strong, making it an incredibly meaningful and memorable song.

3.6. Mong Uoc Ky Niem Xua - Tam Ca 3A

Last but not least, Tam Ca 3A’s “Mong Uoc Ky Niem Xua” focuses on the intense feelings when reminiscing about moments with friends and wanting to return to simpler times. The lyrics evoke lingering sensations that can bring tears to your eyes. If you are looking for a song that can help you recall your childhood memories, nothing beats “Mong Uoc Ky Niem Xua”.

How about listening to these popular Vietnamese songs in the country’s top tourist destinations? You can choose from Hanoi, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ha Long, and more. In these destinations, Vinpearl’s hotels and resorts serve as the best bases for unwinding and experiencing Vietnam’s musical tapestry. There are live performances that can introduce you to other amazing songs in Vietnam as well.

Popular song in Vietnamvinpearl

Additionally, you can visit VinWonders to join in on concerts that showcase the diversity and evolution of Vietnamese music. VinWonders also brings many thrilling games and activities that will complement your entertainment experience in Vietnam.

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A popular song in Vietnam can help you learn more about Vietnam’s beauty and culture. We have given you over 23 options, and you can add a couple or all to your playlist so you can nurture your love for this wonderful country. They might just ignite your wanderlust, too.

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