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Top 12+ Vietnamese Christmas songs to add to your festive playlist

01/01/2024 5.874

Vietnamese Christmas songs are always an essential spice for Christmas celebrations. Have you prepared a good playlist to savor the last days of the year? Let's explore our top 12+ Vietnamese Christmas songs to add to your festive playlist.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

Christmas in Vietnam is just around the corner, and the lively festive spirit is sweeping through every street, resonating with melodies and songs of the season. Let's curate a playlist of Vietnamese Christmas songs for a delightful Christmas evening with your family.

1. Giang Sinh yeu thuong

“Today is Christmas, Christmas
We gather together, singing and playing joyfully
Sharing love and joy
And everyone's smiling”

"Giang Sinh yeu thuong" (Beloved Christmas) is a Vietnamese Christmas song composed and performed by the winner of Vietnam Idol Kids 2017, Thien Khoi. This track captures a range of emotions with its soothing pop melodies, unforgettable tunes, and heart-warming lyrics, offering a refreshing musical experience as the festive Christmas season draws near.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

2. Giang Sinh ngot ngao 

"Jingle bells, hand in hand, wishing for lots of happiness
Shooting stars on Christmas night
Wishes soaring high into the sky
Bells ringing, our loving hearts welcome the season of love
No worries, as we have each other, this year we hear Christmas returning with joy"

"Sweet Christmas," a heartfelt Christmas song in Vietnamese, signifies the first collaboration between 2 famous female artists, Miu Le and Khong Tu Quynh. In the music video, these two talented artists captivated the audience with their exuberant dancing. The song brings joyful lyrics to the listeners during the Christmas season, when everyone wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a New Year filled with happiness.

3. Tieng chuong ngan - The Vietnamese version of "Jingle Bells"

“Celebrate the day of Jesus' birth,
Let's hold hands and smile bright,
Peace embracing everyone's heart,
Together, let our joyful voices impart."

Almost everyone is familiar with this renowned Christmas melody, "Jingle Bells". The song has been translated into numerous languages, including Vietnamese, where it's known as "Tieng chuong ngan." During every Christmas season, the spirited notes of this song along with other traditional Vietnamese Christmas songs fill the air. The Vietnamese version paints a vivid picture of a lively Christmas night: the church bells echoing, the people holding hands on the streets, the festive atmosphere, and the warm wishes from loved ones. Together, they unite in prayer, seeking blessings for everyone.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

4. Giang Sinh ve 

"The winter wind blows through the streets,
Behold the sparkling, vibrant green Christmas tree,
As the winter wind arrives, let's pray together,
For Christmas, full of joy and happiness."

"Giang Sinh ve" is a song performed by Dinh Huong, the runner-up of The Voice Vietnam 2012. Often featured in Vietnamese Christmas song playlists, this song paints a picture of winter's chill being replaced by the warmth of Christmas melodies. Vibrant scenes unfold with decorated Christmas trees, festive tunes, and Santa Claus’s adorning every corner. Amidst this festive atmosphere, people come together, praying for a cozy Christmas season where happiness and peace embrace.

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5. Giang Sinh tran tre

“Christmas abounds,
Love resonates, church bells chime and sing.
This year, I still seek for my own grace,
A serene Christmas night my heart does brace.”

"Giang Sinh tran tre" is a lovely Vietnamese Christmas song composed by Ssay Huynh. The lyrics express the sentiments widely cherished during Christmas, where not only do we wish for peace but also hope that luck and happiness extend to our loved ones. In the lyrics, the church bells with the joyful melodies of Christmas seem to overflow as if they are everywhere. Together, these elements combine to create an enchanting Christmas experience.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

6. Hang Be-lem - Among the best Vietnamese Christmas songs to listen to

"On a chilly, silent night, the Lord is born,
In a humble manger within a cave's embrace,
In Bethlehem's stable, a radiant light gleams,
Through the air, angelic voices echo and beam."

This song, a creation of the Catholic musician Phanxico Hai Linh (whose real name is Tran Van Tri), stands as his debut composition. It has also become a most cherished Vietnamese Christmas song among Vietnamese Catholics. Its lyrics, intimately woven with folk traditions, are gentle and authentic, seamlessly etching themselves into the hearts of millions as they sense the divine presence.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

7. Niem vui cho the gioi 

“The harmonious melodies of countless angels resonate joyously
Echoing through the serene green fields in the night
God's divine glory illuminates the heavens
Bestowing peace upon all living beings”

Continuing the tradition of transforming foreign melodies into Vietnamese Christmas songs, “Niem vui cho the gioi” (Joy for the world), performed by Ho Quynh Huong, has become a favorite Vietnamese Christmas song for all generations. This song conveys the jubilant celebration of the day when Christ was born, expressing gratitude for bringing blessings into our lives and providing us with peaceful and joyful existence.

8. Lien khuc Giang Sinh ron rang 

“I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas 
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart”

“Lien khuc Giang Sinh ron rang,” performed by talented singer Bui Anh Tuan, is the Vietnamese version of Feliz Navidad. With his soulful rendition and linguistic mastery, the Vietnamese artist infused the song with a unique Vietnamese flavor, captivating listeners and spreading the joy of the festive season. With its cheerful lyrics, this rendition exudes an infectious liveliness and boundless happiness, turning every moment into a celebration of life and love.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

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9. Hoa nhip Giang Sinh - A catchy Vietnamese Christmas song to add to your playlist 

“Together, let's embrace Christmas, exchanging gestures of love,
To add warmth to the winter night.
From above, snowflakes fall, angels gracefully traverse the sky,
Let's synchronize with the Christmas harmony."

"Hoa nhip Giang Sinh,” performed by Min, is more than just a song. It's an invitation to immerse ourselves in the warm embrace of the Christmas season. Through its enchanting melody, this Vietnamese Christmas song beautifully captures the essence of togetherness and the spirit of giving that defines this festive time of year. The lyrics echo the universal themes of love, kindness, and joy, bringing people closer despite any differences.

10. Nho mua Noel

"On a lively night, Christmas stars shine bright
Wishing for happiness to flourish and life to bloom even more
A night filled with the joyous spirit of Noel
Dreaming of a life filled with endless laughter"

“Nho mua Noel” doesn't carry a cheerful melody. Instead, it resonates deeply, almost to the point of being heart-wrenching. This song encapsulates the sincere wishes from one person to their beloved and sentiments that, though personal, echo the shared hopes of everyone. Considered one of the best Vietnamese Christmas songs, its emotional depth makes it a poignant reminder of the power of love and shared aspirations during the holiday season. 

11. Ban giao huong mua dong

"No need for much
Just growing old together
Holding hands like we've just fallen in love on the first day"

“Ban giao huong mua dong” (The winter symphony) by Juky San is produced by Universal Music Vietnam. Drawing inspiration from classical music, this symphony incorporates melodic elements from the 40th Symphony composed in 1788 by the great Austrian composer Wolfgang A. Mozart. This is among Christmas songs in Vietnamese that many listeners adore.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

12. Noel biet yeu - A Vietnamese Christmas song that will lift your spirits

"This Christmas isn't like the others
Oh, I'm in trouble
I know what love is now, Mom!"

"Noel biet yeu" is a piece of Vietnamese Christmas music performed by Tien Tien, a famous female artist. This song is a confession from a young adult to their mother about her facing romantic emotions for the first time. "Noel biet yeu" captures listeners’ hearts with its bright melody and sweet lyrics, resembling a charming declaration of love from the experiences of newfound adulthood.

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13. Sai Gon Giang Sinh

"And Christmas has finally come,
Moments of welcoming the approaching new year are upon us.
The skies and earth seem aware that Saigon is entering winter,
Thousand stars shimmer in a magical display."

"Sai Gon Giang Sinh" is a renowned Vietnamese Christmas song known for its lively, vibrant melody that perfectly complements the festive spirit of Christmas and the ambiance of the bustling Saigon. Over the years, several singers have lent their unique styles to this song, adding to its enduring charm.

Vietnamese Christmas songs

With the Christmas season just around the corner, why not consider exploring various Vietnam travel destinations for your vacation? From the bustling streets of Hanoi, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City to the serene beaches of Phu Quoc, Ha Long, and Nha Trang, Vietnam offers a diverse range of experiences for an unforgettable Christmas vacation.

For a memorable Christmas getaway, consider staying amidst tranquility at Vinpearl’s hotels and resorts. As Vietnam's leading hospitality brand, Vinpearl offers outstanding accommodations with all-inclusive facilities including restaurants, pools, shopping centers, recreational areas, conference spaces, and spas for your travel convenience. 

Additionally, don't miss the chance to discover VinWonders, Vietnam's most vibrant entertainment complexes, where you can enjoy a diverse range of thrilling games, cultural events, and lively festivals.

Vietnamese Christmas songs


Vietnamese Christmas songs

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In our curated playlist of Vietnamese Christmas songs above, we aspire to enhance the festive ambiance, fostering a warm and joyful atmosphere for you and your loved ones during this year-end celebration! We hope you enjoy the soul-stirring melodies that these Vietnamese Christmas songs bring. Let the music resonate with your heart, bringing everyone together in the true essence of Christmas.

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