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TOP 3 Sapa valleys to put on your radar for unforgettable trekking trips

23/05/2023 5.611

Sapa valleys are beautifully situated in the northern region of Vietnam. A visit to these valleys will offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience rich culture in a stunning natural setting.

Sapa valleys

In Sapa, there are numerous mesmerizing valleys, including Muong Hoa Valley, Cat Cat Valley, and more. Renowned for their awe-inspiring landscapes, it comes as no surprise that Sapa valleys remain favorites among tourists. Each of these valleys offers captivating scenery that is bound to leave a lasting impression on travelers.

1. Muong Hoa Valley - Best Sapa valley for a hill village tour

1.1. Where is Muong Hoa Valley? How to get there?

Muong Hoa Valley is located in Hau Thao Commune, about 8 kilometers away from the town of Sapa. To get to this Sapa valley, you can rent a motorbike or car to immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes here on your own. It is advisable that you use Google Maps and ask the locals the way to avoid getting lost.

Sapa valleys

1.2. When is the best time to visit Muong Hoa Valley Sapa?

For optimal exploration of Muong Hoa Valley, it is recommended to plan your visit between September and November. During this time, the weather is pleasantly cool and dry and the sky tends to be clearer, providing picturesque and unobstructed scenery. Another great time to experience the valley's beauty is April and May, the blooming season of many vibrant flowers in Sapa.

1.3. Highlights of Muong Hoa Valley

  • Spectacular rice terraces: This Sapa valley is famous for having some of the most beautiful rice terraces in Vietnam. The terraces here cover the mountainsides, which are incredibly picturesque and offer incredible views from the top.
  • An ancient field of rocks: Muong Hoa Sapa Valley is also known for its stunning field of rocks, which provides a glimpse into the peculiar past of ancient Vietnam.
  • Muong Hoa Stream: This is a hidden gem that offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can enjoy the beauty of Vietnam's natural landscapes.
Sapa valleys

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2. Rose Valley - The best Sapa valley to admire the beauty of flowers

2.1. Where is Rose Valley? How to get there?

Situated along Muong Hoa Road, Rose Valley spans across an expansive area of approximately 5 hectares. To reach this picturesque destination, you can rent a motorbike or take a taxi from Sapa.

The journey, which takes about 40 minutes by car or 1.5 hours by motorbike, treats travelers to breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Note that the roads leading to Sapa Rose Valley can be steep and winding, requiring caution during the trip.

2.2. Best time to visit Rose Valley

The ideal time to visit Rose Valley is from March to May, when the roses here are in full bloom and the weather is pleasant. Alternatively, you can also visit this Sapa valley in September and October, when the weather is dry and the sky is clear, offering beautiful views of the surrounding hills and mountains.

Sapa valleys

2.3. What to see in Rose Valley in Sapa?

In Rose Valley, there are several captivating sights to explore. The main attraction here is the impressive collection of 150 species of roses. As you stroll through the valley, you will be surrounded by the exquisite beauty and fragrant aroma of these blooming flowers. 

Here, each rose species showcases its unique color, shape, and scent, creating a vibrant tapestry of flora. This diverse collection is a treat for the senses, providing an enchanting experience for flower enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

>>> Check out the map of Sapa Vietnam to explore the town with ease!

3. Sapa Green Valley - A rising star of Sapa tourism

3.1. Location of Sapa Green Valley

Sapa Green Valley of Sapa is located only about 3 kilometers away from the town center of Sapa. With its pristine beauty, this Sapa valley Vietnam has become an attractive destination for many domestic and international visitors.

Sapa valleys

3.2. Top Sapa Green Valley attractions to discover on your excursion

Entering this Sapa valley, visitors will be welcomed by a pathway adorned with tranquil bamboo trees along a romantic hillside. This idyllic setting is perfect for leisurely strolls. Moving forward, visitors will reach a transparent glass bridge, which offers a mesmerizing view of the world below.

Another highlight of Sapa Green Valley is a collection of exquisite statues. Another unmissable attraction is the Magic Eye Car, a car painted in a bold yellow-green hue and featuring an intriguing, mysterious eye. A visit to the mountain-view coffee shop here is highly recommended as well, where an array of beautiful spots await you to capture stunning photographs.

>>> Go on a Sapa trekking tour to discover these valleys in Vietnam!

Sapa valleys

In addition to the above-mentioned Sapa valleys, Sapa has many other attractions like Cat Cat Village, Ham Rong Mountain, O Quy Ho Pass, Ta Phin Village, and Fansipan Mountain

After exploring the beauty and diversity of Sapa, consider extending your journey to other renowned destinations in Vietnam, including Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Ha Long, each offering their unique charm and attractions.

To enjoy a flawless trip in these destinations, it is recommended that you book a stay at Vinpearl, a chain of luxurious hotels and resorts in many popular tourist destinations of Vietnam. With top-notch facilities and all-inclusive amenities, from indulgent spa treatments to expertly prepared cuisine, Vinpearl ensures that you will have the best accommodation to conveniently explore nearby attractions.

Sapa valleys

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In conclusion, these Sapa valleys in Vietnam will surely leave you in awe. Whichever valley you choose to visit, be prepared for an adventure filled with remarkable landscapes, warm hospitality, and memories that will last a lifetime.

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