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Tay Nguyen coffee: Typical features that set it apart from other areas

02/01/2024 5.503

Tay Nguyen coffee, hailing from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is celebrated for its bold and distinctive flavor profile, making it a beloved choice among coffee enthusiasts.

Tay Nguyen coffee

When embarking on a Vietnam travel adventure, exploring the world of Tay Nguyen coffee is a must for any coffee connoisseur. Nestled in the Central Highlands, these coffee plantations offer a sensory exploration, where the aroma of coffee merges with the beauty of the region. Let's discover all the typical features that set the coffee in Tay Nguyen apart from other areas!

1. About Tay Nguyen coffee

Tay Nguyen, also known as the Central Highlands, is a highland region located in the southern part of Central Vietnam, encompassing the provinces of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong, covering a total area of approximately 54,600 square kilometers. Tay Nguyen is not just a single plateau but a series of adjacent plateaus, such as Kon Tum at around 500 meters, Kon Plong and Pleiku at 800 meters, Buon Ma Thuot Vietnam at 500 meters, Lam Vien at 1,500 meters, and Bao Loc at 900 meters above sea level.

In Vietnam, the mere mention of Vietnamese coffee brings to mind the region with the finest coffee cultivation in the entire country - Tay Nguyen. Tay Nguyen coffee is renowned not only within Vietnam but also globally for its exceptional quality. Tay Nguyen is one of the earliest coffee-growing regions in Vietnam thanks to its basaltic soil and suitable climate which contribute to the unique flavor of its coffee.

Tay Nguyen coffee

Tay Nguyen offers a wide range of coffee beans with diverse flavors. While Robusta is known for its strong bitterness and high caffeine content, Arabica offers a milder taste. Buon Me Thuot coffee is bold, Dak Mil coffee is smooth, and Gia Lai coffee is fiery. Exploring each type of Tay Nguyen coffee unveils a fascinating journey that stimulates the senses a. Furthermore, coffee producers and suppliers in Tay Nguyen have discovered many ways to blend various coffee varieties to create specialty coffees that will leave an indelible impression on coffee enthusiasts.

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2. Top 5 best Tay Nguyen coffee beans

2.1. Robusta coffee

When it comes to coffee varieties in Tay Nguyen, Robusta is a must-mention. Robusta, thriving in this region, is easy to cultivate, robust, and high-yielding, making it the dominant coffee type that accounts for over 90% of Vietnam's coffee production. Robusta boasts a robust flavor profile, has high caffeine content, and lacks acidity. It is known for its bold taste that is beloved by those who prefer a nice caffeine kick.

Tay Nguyen coffee

2.2. Arabica coffee

Arabica is another Tay Nguyen coffee that is gaining significant attention. It is cherished for its gentle aroma, mild acidity, and lower caffeine content. Arabica enjoys global popularity and commands higher prices. However, Tay Nguyen has only a few areas that grow for Arabica coffee, with Lam Dong being prominent thanks to its climate and altitude which are conducive to Arabica's growth.

2.3. Cherry coffee

Cherry coffee is a variety that thrives in Tay Nguyen's arid and sunny regions year-round. As a result, Cherry coffee boasts a unique flavor profile, carrying the unmistakable essence of Tay Nguyen. When brewed, Cherry coffee exudes a delicate and enticing aroma, with a slightly tart taste that leaves a refreshing sensation. When in Tay Nguyen, don't miss the opportunity to savor this intriguing Tay Nguyen coffee variety.

Tay Nguyen coffee

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2.4. Culi coffee

Culi coffee is distinct in that each bean has only one round kernel unlike conventional Tay Nguyen coffee beans. Thanks to this unique structure, Culi coffee packs a powerful, distinctly bitter punch. Culi coffee is actually not a separate coffee type but rather a selection from various coffee varieties like Robusta, Arabica, and more. Although its production is relatively low, it is highly regarded by coffee connoisseurs.

2.5. Moka coffee

Moka coffee, another highly renowned Tay Nguyen coffee variety, shares lineage with Arabica and is extensively cultivated in Lam Dong. What sets Moka apart is that the higher the altitude at which it is grown, the better its quality. Regarded as the "queen of coffee”, Moka boasts a distinctly captivating taste, combining a refreshing tartness with an air of sophistication.

Tay Nguyen coffee

3. Where to explore and taste Tay Nguyen coffee in Vietnam?

If you are eager to savor the authentic flavor of Tay Nguyen pure coffee and delve into its history, consider visiting these following Tay Nguyen coffee makers and coffee shops.

3.1. Trung Nguyen Coffee Village

Trung Nguyen Coffee Village is a sanctuary where you can deeply connect with Vietnamese coffee culture. Situated in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province, this site showcases ten ancient houses and over 2,000 artifacts, including historical coffee production tools and cultural items representing the diverse ethnic groups of the Central Highlands. Visiting this place provides insights into the diligent craftsmanship behind Tay Nguyen coffee beans, fostering a greater appreciation for these coffee treasures.

Tay Nguyen coffee

3.2. The World Coffee Museum 

The World Coffee Museum in Buon Ma Thuot is an essential stop for coffee enthusiasts and history buffs alike. This museum is one of Vietnam's largest private coffee museums, housing a vast collection of items related to Vietnamese coffee and its global influence. Here, you can explore the fascinating history of coffee and discover the various ways people around the world enjoy this beloved beverage. Additionally, you can even taste some outstanding coffee varieties in the Central Highlands and participate in many captivating coffee-related events. 

Tay Nguyen coffee

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3.3. Trung Nguyen coffee shops

Trung Nguyen is one of Vietnam's most renowned coffee brands, known for its global expansion of Vietnamese coffee. To gain a deeper understanding of Tay Nguyen coffee, don't forget to visit various Trung Nguyen coffee shops scattered across the country. You can easily find the nearest one by looking up "Trung Nguyen coffee near me" on the internet. At these coffee havens, you can indulge in a wide array of Trung Nguyen coffee types, including Legendee, Creative, G7, and Passiona. They are meticulously crafted from premium coffee beans and brewed to perfection.

Tay Nguyen coffee

3.4. Tay Nguyen coffee shops in Dak Lak Province 

Perhaps nowhere else can you enjoy coffee as delightful as in Buon Ma Thuot, the heartland of Vietnamese coffee. Don't miss the chance to visit these coffee shops for an authentic Tay Nguyen coffee experience:

  • Mehyco Coffee Paradise: Located at 159/3 Nguyen Van Cu Street, this shop offers a spacious garden space and bold coffee flavors, 
  • Arul Cafe: Located at 17-19 Tran Nhat Duat Street, this shop combines coffee enjoyment with the traditional culture of the Ede ethnic group. 
  • Bang Khuang Cafe: Located at 176 Phan Boi Chau Street, this is one of Buon Ma Thuot's oldest coffee shops. 
  • Hoai Niem Cafe: Located at 5/34 Nguyen Khuyen Street, this shop serves a unique caramel coffee alongside coffee staples.

Sipping coffee is a cultural beauty of Vietnam, and travelers can relish Tay Nguyen coffee almost anywhere when exploring iconic destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ha Long. While you are in these cities, consider spending your time at Vinpearl's hotels and resorts. Vinpearl is dedicated to offering a world-class accommodation experience along with a range of amenities, including spas, swimming pools, shopping centers, restaurants and bars, entertainment complexes, and much more.

Tay Nguyen coffee


Tay Nguyen coffee

For an even more thrilling adventure, venture to VinWonders, which is among Vietnam's largest and most modern entertainment complexes. Here, you can engage in numerous activities and unwind with your loved ones.

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Tay Nguyen coffee is not just a beverage; it brings a rich cultural experience that symbolizes the heart and soul of Vietnam. Whether you are strolling through the vibrant markets of the Central Highlands or enjoying a cup at a local café, the journey into the world of coffee in Vietnam will be unforgettable, offering a taste of heritage that will linger long after your visit.

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