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Truc Bach Lake: One of the BEST places in Hanoi to admire poetic scenery

04/01/2024 8.222

Truc Bach Lake is one of the most renowned lakes of Hanoi capital city, ideal for tourists who want to explore interesting historical legends and experience a sightseeing tour.

Truc Bach Lake

Truc Bach Lake is an ideal spot for those looking for a unique landscape with various outdoor activities, where people can relax, exercise, hang out, learn about history and try Hanoi's delicacies. Therefore, this place is always a top destination for any Hanoi travel itinerary. If you still wonder about things to do and see at this place, read on!

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1. The history of Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi

Truc Bach Lake is located in Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam. This place was once a part of the enormous West Lake, one of the most famous lakes in Hanoi. To better fish, the residents built a dyke across this large lake in 1620. As a result, the lake was divided into two: West Lake to the west and Truc Bach Lake to the east. The dyke is now known as Thanh Nien Street.

The history of Truc Bach Lake dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when it was established during the reign of King Le and Lord Trinh. In the 18th century, a lakeside palace was built, which was later converted into a reformatory for rebellious royal concubines, who had to stay here weaving silk.

Truc Bach Lake

2. The geographical features of Truc Bach Lake

Truc Bach Lake Hanoi is 22 hectares wide. The banks are made of stone, and the surrounding pavements are tiled. The beauty of the lake is further enhanced by miniature gardens with grass, roses, and daisies. Strolling around the lake, you will feel refreshed thanks to the rows of bamboo and willow trees that line the pathway.

3. How to get to Truc Bach Lake for the most convenience?

Truc Bach Lake is about 3 kilometers away from the city center. Consequently, there are many means of transportation for visitors to get here:

  • Motorbike: You can take a motorbike taxi through ride-hailing apps, such as Grab or Gojek, to easily get around Hanoi at reasonable costs.
  • Public transportation: You can take buses number E05, E09, 33, 50, 143, and 145. It's advisable to look up the schedules of these buses to ensure that  you can catch them on time.
  • Taxi: There are several well-known taxi companies in Hanoi, including Mai Linh, Taxi Group, or G7.
Truc Bach Lake

4. What is the most exciting activity to try at Truc Bach Lake?

One of the best bits about visiting Truc Bach Lake is getting around the lake in a swan pedalo and admiring the charming scenery. The green space along with two small islets that stand out in the middle of the calm lake are what make a unique, poetic, and idyllic sight here. Pedaling the boats around and enjoying the scenery while listening to the music from cafes in the distance will be a memorable experience.

The ideal time for this activity is late afternoon. Currently, the boat rental price is VND 200,000/ big boat/ one hour and VND 100,000 / small boat/ one hour. In addition, you can rent a bicycle and enjoy the fresh air of Truc Bach Lake around. You can also enjoy many famous street foods here, such as ice cream, Tay Ho shrimp cake, etc.

Truc Bach Lake

Articles for you:

5. Top 3 famous cafés with beautiful views at Truc Bach Lake

  • Havana

Havana is the only Cuban-style coffee shop in Hanoi. It is located right on the lakeside and has a nice view of Truc Bach Lake. Havana impresses visitors thanks to its spacious and fancy space with green tones.

Truc Bach Lake
  • Santorini Vibes

Santorini Vibes cafe was inspired by the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece. As its name suggests, the shop has a vibe that is driving young people crazy in the capital city.

Truc Bach Lake
  • Manzi Art Space And Cafe

Manzi Art Space And Cafe is also known as one of the most dynamic art spaces in Southeast Asia. There is a wide range of art activities and projects here.

Truc Bach Lake

Aside from Truc Bach Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake is another famous lake in Hanoi that you should definitely see. Tourists can walk around the lake and visit the surrounding Old Quarter. You will also have an opportunity to learn about the distinctive features of the architecture and culture in Hanoi.

Besides, there are countless other tourist attractions in Hanoi that you should not ignore, including VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium Times City.

Vinpearl Aquarium is nearly 4,000 square meters in size, with about 3 million liters of seawater and over 30,000 sea creatures from around the world. Here, you can not only admire shimmering aquatic animals but also participate in a variety of shows and tours designed to provide useful and interesting information about the ocean world.

Meanwhile, VinKE is a "play and learn" ground for children to explore their favorite fields and become more confident. VinKE focuses on many job simulation games such as Fire Department, Traffic Police, Special Force, Hospital, Television Station, Fashion Star, Dance Club, Kid Chef, Agricultural Academy, Auto Repair Workshop, and so on.

Truc Bach Lake

>>> Don't forget to round out your trip by booking tickets of VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium!

In addition to Hanoi, Vietnam has numerous other attractive destinations, such as Phu QuocNha TrangHoi An, and Ha Long. For each destination that you intend to go to in Vietnam, you should plan where to stay in advance to have the best experience.


Located at most touristy attractions in Vietnam, Vinpearl is a top-rated brand of accommodation with high-class services and amenities, such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and entertainment areas. Vinpearl will ensure a comfortable stay for you on your Vietnam trip.

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Truc Bach Lake is a relic with great historical significance to the people of Hanoi in particular and Vietnamese people in general. Its natural beauty will surely take everyone's breath away. Hopefully, this article will help make your trip to this destination more convenient and fulfilling.

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