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Vietnam time to India time: A comprehensive guide to time conversion

30/11/2023 5.208

For those planning a trip between Vietnam and India, understanding how to convert Vietnam time to India time helps bring a stress-free journey.

Vietnam time to India time

For those planning a journey from Vietnam to India, converting from Vietnam time to India time becomes crucial for planning your activities seamlessly. In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of the time difference and offer tips to enhance the overall travel experience between these two vibrant nations.

1. Time difference between Vietnam and India

When it comes to time zones, Vietnam and India have different daily rhythms. Vietnam’s time zone is GMT+7, while India's time zone is GMT+5:30. Thus, India is 1 hour and 30 minutes behind Vietnam.

2. How to convert Vietnam time to India time and vice versa?

To convert from Vietnam time to India time, use the following formula:

  • India time = Vietnam time - (1.5 hours)

For example, if it is 9:30 am in Vietnam, it will be 8:00 am in India. All you need to do to convert from Vietnam time to India time is to know which country is behind and consider the 1.5-hour difference.

Vietnam time to India time

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3. Essential things to know about Vietnam time and India time

3.1. Flight time from India to Vietnam

The flight time from India to Vietnam is usually time-consuming because of the long distance between these two nations. The India to Vietnam flight time varies from 15 to 18 hours depending on the choices of airports and airlines. If you opt for connecting flights, you could add 1 - 10 hours of layover to your total trip duration. While scheduling India to Vietnam flights, ensure to convert from Vietnam time to India time.

3.2. Best time to call to Vietnam from India

The best time to call Vietnam from India may vary based on the purpose of the call. For business calls, scheduling during the regular office hours in Vietnam (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) is recommended. This corresponds to 6:30 am - 3:30 pm in India. Also, be aware of holidays that can affect office availability like the Tet Holiday. When making personal calls, consider the time difference and find a suitable schedule for both parties.

Vietnam time to India time

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3.3. Useful Vietnam time to India time converters to schedule a meeting

Online time converters will help you schedule meetings between Vietnam and India. Some popular tools to convert from Vietnam time to India time include:

  • TimeAndDate: This site has an easy-to-navigate layout, providing straightforward conversion between times of different places.
  • Greenwich Mean Time: This site is standard for international business meetings.
  • Windows’ built-in World Clocks: The built-in world clock feature in Windows is also an effective alternative for those running Microsoft’s operating system.
  • World Clock Time Widget for iOS: This built-in app in iOS devices displays the time of specific countries, helping you track the time difference between Vietnam and India.
  • World Clock & Widget for Android: Like the iOS counterpart, this app shows time at different locations in Android devices.
  • World Clock Pro for MacOS: This MacOS counterpart has different features like time conversion, alarm, and timer.
  • Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time for Chrome: This valid extension allows Chrome users to convert time easily from one country to another.
  • HammerTime for Discord: Discord has a bot that facilitates meeting scheduling and manages various time zones.
  • TheTimeNow: This site has a fast and convenient converter for use across various places.
  • Dateful: This site is an easy alternative for standard time conversion necessities.
  • Every Time Zone: With this site, users can see the current time in different areas simultaneously, making planning international meetings easy.
Vietnam time to India time

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Vietnam time to India timeVietnam time to India time

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Converting from Vietnam time to India time is important before taking a journey between these two nations. From scheduling flight times to coordinating travel itineraries, understanding the time difference plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth, well-organized trip.

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