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Vietnamese birthday cakes: Best cake ideas for memorable celebrations

29/01/2024 5.821

If you are looking for unique ideas to make your celebration more special, Vietnamese birthday cakes will not disappoint you. With a variety of flavors and designs, you can choose from many different types of cakes to mark your special day.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

Every birthday marks a cherished milestone, evoking contemplation of the past and hope for the future. On their special days, offering scrumptious Vietnamese birthday cakes to your loved ones evokes an unparalleled sense of joy. In this article, we delve into the origins, attributes, and widely favored choices of Vietnamese cakes for birthday celebrations.

1. Origin of Vietnamese birthday cakes

The concept of birthday cakes can be traced back to the 12th century, with the Old Norse term "kaka" believed to be the origin of the words "cake" in English and "chiếc bánh" in Vietnamese. Initially, celebrating birthdays was not common among Vietnamese people, but the cultural impact from the West in the 19th century ushered in new customs, leading to the adoption of birthday celebrations and the enjoyment of birthday cakes. 

Today, Vietnamese birthday cakes come in a variety of shapes, flavors, brands, and prices, catering to every customer's preferences and needs.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2. Popular types of Vietnamese birthday cakes

Some popular types of Vietnamese birthday cakes include sponge cakes, mousse cakes, cheesecake, jelly cake, and traditional layered cakes, each boasting unique flavors and designs.

2.1. Sponge cake

The Vietnamese sponge cake, known for its light and airy texture, has a rich history dating back to the Renaissance period in Europe. Made primarily from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, it offers a subtly sweet taste that pairs well with various flavors, from classic vanilla and coffee to decadent chocolate. With its versatility, this Vietnamese birthday cake recipe comes in many variations, such as layered with fresh fruits, forming the delicious Vietnamese fruit cake, topped with creamy frosting, or crunchy nuts. While prices may vary depending on size and intricacy, this delectable treat remains an affordable delight for many dessert enthusiasts.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.2. Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a globally renowned type of cheese-based cake, originating from various Western cultures. It stands as one of the most beloved and commonly preferred Vietnamese birthday cakes, blending fresh cheese, cream, milk, and eggs seamlessly. 

The distinct charm of this cake originates from the fusion of cream cheese and whipping cream, resulting in a luxurious and creamy taste. It is often adorned with various fresh fruits, syrups, or chocolate, creating a diverse and appealing array of flavors.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.3. Tiramisu

Tiramisu cake originates in Italy, boasting the passionate and free-spirited love between couples. It seamlessly blends sweet, creamy flavors with the rich, bitter notes of rum. 

Nestled within are alternating layers of biscuits, cream, eggs, cheese, coffee, cocoa, and a hint of rum, crafting an unmistakable flavor profile for tiramisu. Externally, dusting cocoa powder, coffee powder, or a cascade of chocolate enhances its visual allure. Bakers have the option to introduce various ingredients to impart a unique taste.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.4. Mousse

Mousse, originating from the culinary capital of France, is among the renowned Vietnamese desserts, commonly enjoyed as a delectable treat or snack. It features two layers: a velvety cream layer on top, delivering a refreshing, quick-to-melt sweetness, and a delicate base layer infused with flavors like chocolate, coffee, or fruit (especially tropical fruits like mango and passion fruit).

The richness of mousse cakes might not be for everyone, but those who savor this delicacy are bound to be captivated by its irresistible charm.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.5. Ice cream cake

As a special variant of Vietnamese birthday cakes, ice cream cake comprises three layers: a spongy or crumbled cake layer at its center, enveloped by two layers of fresh ice cream. Typically, the cake's base is prepared using a traditional recipe. It is also decorated with fresh cream and embellishments. Finally, the cake is refrigerated to retain its delightful flavor and prevent its structure from melting.

Nowadays, ice cream cakes are available in diverse sizes, colors, and appealing shapes, tailored to the preferences and needs of the consumer.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.6. Vietnamese birthday jelly cake

Apart from the familiar Vietnamese birthday cakes, jelly cakes have become the preferred choice for many dessert enthusiasts who prefer lighter and less sweet options. Refreshing and light, these delights are available in various designs, sizes, and price ranges. 

Jelly cakes are made from jelly powder, food coloring, and sugar. Unlike the rich, creamy taste of regular cakes, these desserts are light and low in calories. Therefore, individuals with dental issues, high blood sugar, or those following a weight-loss plan can enjoy jelly cakes without much worry.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

2.7. Vietnamese birthday cake made from sticky rice

The Vietnamese sticky rice birthday cake is a brilliant adaptation of the traditional sticky rice dish commonly found on the table during Vietnamese festive occasions.

Usually prepared by layering smooth black bean or mung bean sticky rice, this cake brings forth the distinctive flavor of beans and the delightful chewiness of sticky rice. Often adorned with various nuts and herbs, the sticky rice birthday cake is not only aromatic but also colorful and unique. This cake is often seen as a symbol of connection, unity, and happiness during festive occasions, especially during birthday parties, symbolizing togetherness, joy, and longevity.

Vietnamese birthday cakes

3. Best birthday cake shops in Vietnam

In every birthday celebration, a birthday cake has become an essential element. Beyond its delicious taste and appealing appearance, it serves as an expression of joy, care, and love, symbolizing heartfelt wishes for the celebrant. 

As the demand for Vietnamese birthday cakes continues to rise, numerous brands have emerged, making it challenging to select a reliable option. Following is a comprehensive list of esteemed and popular birthday cake brands in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, ensuring that you have a reliable reference for your next celebration.

In Hanoi

  • Fresh Garden 
  • Tous Les Jours
  • Paris Gateaux
  • Madame Huong
  • Thu Huong Bakery
  • Artemis Pastry

In Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Paris Baguette
  • Savoure
  • Breadtalk
  • Givral Bakery
  • Tous Les Jours
Vietnamese birthday cakes

Besides many variations of Vietnamese birthday cakes, there are many other must-try desserts that showcase the rich and diverse flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Some notable options include Vietnamese banana cake, Vietnamese honeycomb cake, Vietnamese cassava cake, Vietnamese mung bean cake, Vietnamese shrimp cake, Chung cake, etc. These fantastic delights will take you on an exciting culinary journey, enhancing your overall experience of Vietnam travel.

In addition to a varied and vibrant food culture, Vietnam offers multiple extraordinary attractions waiting to be discovered. Within its plethora of renowned destinations, Phu QuocNha TrangHoi An, and Ha Long are absolutely unmissable locations that should not be overlooked.

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Vietnamese birthday cakes

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In the culinary realm, Vietnamese birthday cakes embody not only delicious treats but also symbols of love, joy, and togetherness. With the harmonious fusion of traditional flavors and modern ingenuity, these cakes satisfy the palate and narrate the tale of the nation's diverse heritage. Whether it is the savory essence of mung bean in the sticky rice cake or the delightful sweetness of fresh fruit cream cakes, Vietnamese birthday cakes captivate the senses and evoke cherished recollections of childhood for everyone.

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