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Vietnamese food souvenirs: Top 20 must-buys for a taste of Vietnam

15/01/2024 38.701

Vietnamese food souvenirs are not just delicious mementos; they encapsulate the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, allowing you to bring home a taste of this vibrant culinary culture.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

Vietnamese food souvenirs are a delightful way to bring the vibrant flavors of Vietnam travel back home. By indulging in Vietnamese food souvenirs, travelers can relive their culinary experiences and share the magic of Vietnamese flavors with family and friends. Read on to discover the top food souvenirs from each region of Vietnam!

1. Top 7 Northern Vietnamese food souvenirs to bring home with you

1.1. Vietnamese green sticky rice cake (Banh com)

If you are on a Hanoi travel and are searching for a unique and delectable food souvenir, look no further than Vietnamese green sticky rice. This bite-sized treat is not only visually appealing but also packed with a delightful mix of flavors.

Banh com’s portability makes it perfect for sharing the pleasure of your Hanoi trip with friends and family back home. Even long after your trip ends, every bite will transport you back to the bustling streets of Hanoi, filled with warmth and nostalgia.

1.2. Mung bean cake (Banh dau xanh)

On the lookout for a delightful food souvenir in Northern Vietnam? You should consider this delectable treat made from ground mung beans. It can be enjoyed with a cup of Vietnamese coffee or served as an after-dinner treat. With its long shelf life, Mung bean cake can easily survive your journey back home without losing its flavor. 

Vietnamese food souvenirs

1.3. What to buy in Vietnam? Salted dried fruits (O mai)

These delectable treats have been enjoyed for centuries and are a true reflection of the region's culinary heritage. They are made by preserving various fruits, like apricots, plums, and kumquats, in a mixture of salt and sugar. The result is an addictive combination of sweet and savory flavors that is simply irresistible. 

The drying process enhances the natural sweetness of the fruits, while the addition of salt provides a delightful contrast. With their vibrant colors and intense aromas, O mai makes for an excellent food souvenir! 

1.4. Xu xue cake (Banh xu xue)

Xu xue cake is a delightful food souvenir that you simply cannot resist bringing home. This scrumptious treat originated from Bac Ninh and has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists alike. 

Made with sticky rice flour, mung bean paste, coconut shreds, and a touch of sugar, Xu xue cake offers a unique blend of flavors and textures. The softness of the sticky rice dough perfectly complements the creamy filling, while the delicate sweetness will linger on your taste buds long after each bite.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

1.5. What to bring home from Vietnam? Rice crust (Com chay)

Have you ever heard of com chay? This is a crispy, fragrant rice treat that makes for a perfect food souvenir to bring back home. It consists of crunchy rice crusts served with a variety of accompaniments, such as pork floss and shrimp. 

Packed in vacuum-sealed packages, this unique souvenir from Ninh Binh can preserve its freshness for a long trip home! Just be sure to grab enough to share a lot of it with your family and friends!

1.6. Thai Binh cay cake (Banh cay)

This crispy treat, originating in Thai Binh, has become popular all over the country. Made from sticky rice flour, sesame seeds, and sugar cane molasses, Banh cay offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors. The outer layer is thin and crunchy, while the inside is soft and chewy. The toasted sesame seeds give it a nutty aroma and add an extra crunch to every bite.

This snack is not only tasty but also visually appealing with its shiny golden-brown color. It is convenient to carry around as it does not require refrigeration or special storage conditions, making it a perfect casual food souvenir.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

1.7. Nam Dinh crispy rice balls (Banh nhan Nam Dinh)

These golden-brown treats are made from glutinous rice that has been meticulously cooked and pounded into a smooth paste before being shaped into small balls. Each ball is filled with a rich and savory mixture, then coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, resulting in a crunchy exterior that contrasts beautifully with the soft filling. It is a delectable snack that embodies the true essence of Vietnamese cuisine, offering balanced textures and a tantalizing explosion of flavors. 

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2. 6 Best Central Vietnamese food souvenirs that you will love

2.1. Banh com sua Mui Ne

Banh com sua Mui Ne is a simple yet incredibly tasty Vietnamese snack that can be a great Vietnamese food souvenir. It combines the richness of milk with the delicate flavors of young sticky rice, resulting in a treat that is both creamy and chewy. 

With each bite, you will experience a slight crunch from the rice, followed by an explosion of sweetness from the rich milk inside. If you are in Mui Ne, be sure to grab some banh com sua to share with your loved ones back home!

Vietnamese food souvenirs

2.2. Mango rice paper rolls (Banh xoai)

Another must-buy snack souvenir is Nha Trang’s mango rice paper rolls. Unlike what their name suggests, they do not consist of rice paper. Instead, they are made of ripe mangoes that are pureed and flavored with lemons and molasses, then cut into bite sizes and rolled up. Banh xoai is quite unique, so you will definitely want to introduce them to your friends and family at home!

2.3. Peanut rice paper candy (Keo cu do) - A famous Vietnamese food souvenir to satisfy a sweet tooth

If you are looking for a unique food souvenir from Central Vietnam, you cannot go wrong with peanut rice paper candy. This is a delightful treat made by sandwiching roasted peanuts between thin layers of rice paper. Ginger and molasses are also added to the peanuts, so the candy has a hint of warmth and sweetness that enhances its overall flavor. 

Not only is this treat delicious, it also holds cultural significance in Central Vietnam. Peanut rice paper candy has been enjoyed for generations and is often associated with special occasions and celebrations. It represents the region's culinary heritage and showcases the creativity and craftsmanship of local artisans.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

2.4. Sesame candy (Keo me xung)

Sesame candy is a Hue treat that combines the nutty flavor of roasted sesame seeds with the sweetness of caramelized sugar. Its chewy texture makes it an addictive snack, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Locals in Hue take great pride in crafting this traditional delicacy, which has been passed down through generations. It makes for a fantastic souvenir to bring back home as a delicious reminder of Vietnam's culinary wonders.

2.5. Dried fruits (Hoa qua say)

Dried fruits are popular Vietnamese food souvenirs that capture the essence of fresh fruits. These delightful treats are made by gently removing the moisture from various fruits, intensifying their flavors and extending their shelf life.

The process maintains most of the nutritional value and creates a convenient on-the-go snack with a satisfyingly chewy texture. From tangy apricots to sweet mangoes and everything in between, dried fruits offer a vibrant explosion of taste, making them an ideal gift for those who appreciate wholesome indulgences.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

2.6. Crispy coconut cake (Banh dua nuong)

Crispy coconut cake is one of the most popular Vietnamese food souvenirs from Quang Nam. It is a mouth-watering delicacy made from fresh coconuts, sugar, and glutinous rice flour. 

Banh dua nuong is cooked until it turns golden brown and develops a delightful crispiness on the outside while remaining moist and soft on the inside. It is perfect for taking home as a reminder of your memorable Vietnamese adventure.

3. Top 6 fantastic Southern Vietnamese food souvenirs to buy for friends and family

3.1. Coconut candy (Keo dua)

This sweet treat is made from fresh coconut and malt sugar, creating a chewy texture and a rich tropical flavor. It carries a unique taste that reflects the vibrant culture and natural resources of South Vietnam. As you unwrap the colorful packaging, you will be greeted with an irresistible aroma that instantly transports you to lush green rice paddies. And when you savor its chewy texture, your taste buds are enveloped by the essence of sun-kissed beaches and gentle ocean breezes!

Vietnamese food souvenirs

3.2. Rice paper (Banh trang)

Rice paper from Tay Ninh makes for the perfect food souvenir. This thin, translucent, and slightly crisp rice paper is tossed with accompaniments like sour mango, dried beef, quail eggs, peanuts, etc., that add perfectly-complementing bursts of flavor. 

Banh trang Tay Ninh is lightweight and easy to pack, making it an ideal gift to bring back home. Its long shelf life also allows recipients to enjoy its authentic taste long after returning from their travels!

3.3. Banh pia - Among the best Vietnamese food souvenirs to buy as gifts

This delectable treat is a specialty from the city of Soc Trang in Vietnam. Banh pia is essentially a flaky pastry filled with mung bean paste or durian that will make your taste buds dance with joy. The delicate, buttery layers provide a satisfying crunch, while the creamy mung bean paste or the pungent durian filling adds a burst of sweetness that lingers on your palate.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

3.4. Cashew (Hat dieu)

Vietnam is famous for its cashew nuts, and they make the perfect edible gift to bring back home. These delightful nuts are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fats. Whether you enjoy them as a snack or incorporate them into your cooking, Vietnamese cashews are a flavorful reminder of the country's culinary heritage.

3.5. Prawn crackers (Banh phong tom)

These crispy snacks combine the sweetness of prawns with a subtle hint of garlic and saltiness. Not only are these snacks incredibly delicious, they are also conveniently compact and easy to carry. Whether you are on a road trip or simply looking for a quick snack at work, these savory delights are always ready to satisfy your cravings. 

3.6. Candied coconut (Mut dua)

If you are on the hunt for authentic Vietnamese food souvenirs to bring back home, look no further than candied coconut. This delightful treat is a heavenly combination of the natural richness of coconut with the added sweetness of sugar. It is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth! Plus, the compact size and long shelf life make it an ideal edible travel memento that will not take up too much space in your luggage.

Vietnamese food souvenirs

4. Marou Chocolate - Among the best chocolate in the world

This artisanal chocolate has taken the world by storm with its rich and unique flavors. Made from locally-sourced cacao beans from different regions in Vietnam, Marou Chocolate truly captures the essence of the country. It is a must-buy food souvenir for travelers who want to bring home a piece of Vietnam's gastronomic magic.

Your list of Vietnamese food souvenirs should also include Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese tea. These aromatic beverages will transport you back to the flavors and charm of Vietnam, allowing you to continue your culinary journey long after your visit!

So, where should you go to explore the world of Vietnamese food souvenirs? We recommend Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long Bay. In these destinations, you can stay at Vinpearl’s resorts and hotels. Vinpearl offers a range of amenities and services to enhance your stay and make your experience unforgettable.

Vietnamese food souvenirs


Vietnamese food souvenirs

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Exploring the world of Vietnamese food souvenirs is a delightful way to bring the flavors of Vietnam home with you. Whether it is soft mung bean cake or crunchy prawn crackers, the unique tastes and cultural significance of Vietnamese food souvenirs serve as a reminder of your time in Vietnam, allowing you to relive the memories and share the culinary delights with family and friends. Don't forget to immerse yourself in the local food scene and bring home a taste of Vietnam through these delectable souvenirs!

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