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Vietnamese game shows: Top 13+ options for perfect entertainment

31/12/2023 5.283

Watching Vietnamese game shows is among the local’s favorite free-time activities. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the top 13 Vietnam's most iconic game shows here.

If you are planning your Vietnam travel, you may be interested in exploring Vietnamese culture. In the heart of Vietnam's rich tapestry of traditions lies an activity that is an integral part of the day for many - watching Vietnamese game shows. As the sun sets, families gather not just for a hearty dinner but also for the many game shows on TV. With various genres, Vietnamese game shows bring joy and laughter that send away all the tiredness in the day.

1. The most famous Vietnamese game shows

1.1. Vietnam knowledge-based shows

1.1.1. Road to Olympia (Duong Len Dinh Olympia)

Vietnamese game shows

Road to Olympia is a popular student competition show that comprises 53 contests in a year, including 36 weekly contests, 12 monthly contests, 4 quarterly contests, and 1 live-broadcast final. The 144 students participating in Road to Olympia each year are outstanding individuals selected by high schools nationwide. The laurel wreath, awarded to the show's champion, has become a dream for generations of high school students across Vietnam.

1.1.2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Ai La Trieu Phu?)

Vietnamese game shows

Ai La Trieu Phu is a Vietnamese adaptation of the world-famous game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”. Participants are tasked with answering 15 questions, progressing in difficulty across various fields such as culture, entertainment, sports, etc. Upon successfully crossing these milestones, players secure corresponding prize amounts for the questions they correctly answered. At present, the value of the 15th question is an impressive 150 million Vietnamese dong, equal to about $6,000.

1.1.3. Lightning Quiz Vietnam (Nhanh Nhu Chop)

Vietnamese game shows

Lightning Quiz Vietnam is a lively Vietnam game show where participants must answer tricky and funny questions to win. When contestants answer correctly, they will gradually ascend a slope. Conversely, if they answer incorrectly, they will gradually descend to the bottom of the slope. Players do not have the option to skip any questions; they must answer all of them, adding an extra layer of excitement to the show. Since the participants are often young celebrities, Lightning Quiz Vietnam is one of the popular Vietnamese shows among young viewers.

1.1.4. King of Vietnamese (Vua Tieng Viet)

Vietnamese game shows

The Vietnamese language is a tricky language to a lot of new learners due to its vast and flexible vocabulary. King of Vietnamese is a television game show that not only tests linguistic knowledge but also promotes the correct usage of the language, making it an engaging and educational experience for viewers. The show incorporates various games such as selecting the correctly spelled word, matching letters, and completing proverbs or idioms. Each episode features four contestants with four rounds of challenges.

1.2. Vietnamese music shows

1.2.1. Vietnam Idol (Than Tuong Am Nhac Viet Nam)

Vietnamese game shows

Vietnam Idol, which is also an adaptation of the global television show, features highly competitive contestants and renowned coaches. The show's abundant talent pool, coupled with entertaining performances, has garnered widespread appeal and high ratings. Notable artists like Son Tung M-TP, Isaac, Dong Nhi, and Bich Phuong, who faced elimination in previous shows, have risen to stardom. After a 7-year hiatus in production, in January 2023, Cat Tien Sa Company announced that the show would resume and bring back the hype to the audience.

1.2.2. Rap Viet - one of the favorite Vietnamese game shows

Vietnamese game shows

Known as a phenomenon in modern music game shows, Rap Viet is dedicated to discovering rap talents. It has achieved remarkable success with its episodes consistently ranking among YouTube's top trending videos. Featuring renowned artists as judges and coaches, including JustaTee, Rhymastic, Suboi, Wowy, Karik, and Binz, the show will have the contestants choose an idea and transform it into their unique rap verses to impress the coaches.

1.2.3. The Voice of Vietnam (Giong Hat Viet)

Vietnamese game shows

The Voice of Vietnam is a televised music competition based on the popular Dutch show "The Voice." It began airing in Vietnam on July 8, 2012 on VTV3. What sets The Voice of Vietnam apart from other Vietnamese music competitions is the emphasis on contestants competing solely based on their vocal talent through four main rounds: blind audition, battle round, cross battle round, and the final live show. The show provides a platform where contestants are judged solely on the merit of their singing abilities, adding a unique option for shows of Vietnamese music.

1.2.4. Hidden Voices (Giong Ai Giong Ai)

Vietnamese game shows

Hidden Voices is a combination of music and humor, a feature often seen in Vietnamese game shows. Beyond talented contestants from various professions, the show features the participation of celebrities such as Thu Trang, Truong Giang, Tran Thanh, and numerous guest singers. With their intuition and logical guessing, the participants make quick judgments to discern who the singers are. Hidden Voices brings together entertainment and talent discovery, as participants navigate the challenge of identifying talents among a mix of skilled and not-so-skilled performers.

1.2.5. Hidden Singer (Ca Si Giau Mat)

Vietnamese game shows

Hidden Singer is based on the South Korean show of the same name. It features a guest singer standing behind one of the six doors and singing with five contestants that have seemingly identical voices. In each round, a contestant who sings the least similarly to the main singer will be eliminated. The mission of the 100 judges is to listen attentively and vote for the door that houses such contestants. Contestants will be eliminated until the ultimate winner, the one who mimics the main singer most accurately, is revealed.

1.3. Vietnamese reality shows

1.3.1. Wanna Date (Ban Muon Hen Ho) - A Vietnamese dating reality show

Vietnamese game shows

Wanna Date is a reality show designed for singles aged 18 and above. In each episode, the show introduces two pairs who take turns getting to know each other, chatting, and meeting on the stage. Each pair has 10 minutes to learn about each other, with a curtain separating the male and female participant for 8 minutes. In the remaining 2 minutes, when the curtain is lifted, the two can talk face to face and make decisions whether to go on a date together after the show.

1.3.2. Who is Single Vietnam (Nguoi Ay La Ai) - Another Vietnamese dating reality show

Vietnamese game shows

Who is Single Vietnam is a show adapted from Thailand, revolving around a single female participant who has experienced a past romantic setback but is now open to new love. Assisting her is a panel of four advisors tasked with identifying the one who is currently single and most compatible among five men. This is the first television show in Vietnam to feature the participation of members from the LGBT community, which is a significant step towards inclusivity. 

1.3.3. The New Mentor (Nguoi Mau Toan Nang) - A Vietnamese modeling reality show

Vietnamese game shows

A model is someone who needs to not only meet high fashion standards but also possesses the ability to establish their name and influence. Along with many other Vietnam fashion shows, the New Mentor is among the TV shows in Vietnam that aim at discovering and training the next generation of models with qualities that meet the evolving demands in the market. Through this show, contestants have an opportunity to carve a new path in their careers and become recognized mentors after having passed the unique challenges of the show. 

1.3.4. 2 Days & 1 Night (2 Ngay 1 Dem) - A Vietnamese travel reality show

Vietnamese game shows

2 Days & 1 Night, a reality game show in Vietnam adapted from the South Korean version, is currently one of the hottest reality shows with impressive views both on the episodes and behind-the-scenes content. Featuring the participation of six Vietnamese artists, each episode takes viewers to various famous tourist destinations, showcasing the culture of different regions in Vietnam. Participants strive to overcome challenges for a well-deserved meal, providing laughter for the audience throughout the journey of 2 days and 1 night.

Nowadays, you can watch these Vietnamese TV shows on their YouTube channels, which is very convenient as you will be able to keep track of every episode without missing out on any.

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2. The unforgettable Vietnamese game shows in the past

Vietnamese game shows, alongside their entertainment value, often emphasize knowledge sharing, community bonding, and the celebration of traditional values. They showcase a diverse array of participants whose performances are relatable and down-to-earth. Many of these popular Vietnamese game shows, such as Dau Truong 100, Chiec Non Ky Dieu (Wheel of Fortune), Hay Chon Gia Dung (The Price Is Right), Do Re Mi, and Vuon Co Tich have ceased airing. Despite their discontinuation, these shows have left a significant impact, with their names still evoking nostalgia whenever game shows are mentioned.

Vietnamese game shows

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Vietnamese game shows captivate audiences with their unique formats and engaging content. They not only provide a platform for talented contestants to showcase their skills but also offer a fun experience for viewers at home. Now that you know some of the most popular game shows in Vietnam, grab some snacks, gather your friends or family, and get ready for a fun game show night. 

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Vietnamese game shows

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