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Vietnamese orange: A gift of nature with bountiful benefits

06/02/2024 5.059

Orange is one of the most famous fruits in Vietnam, commonly grown in many regions. The nutritious and juicy Vietnamese orange is enjoyed all year round.

Vietnamese orange

Traveling to Vietnam brings a good chance to try every tropical fruit with reasonable prices. Among Vietnamese fruits, Vietnamese oranges offer not just a burst of refreshing citrus sweetness but also a myriad of health benefits. These vibrant oranges are a must-try on your journey through Vietnam's diverse fruit scene.

1. Overview of Vietnamese oranges

The Vietnamese orange fruit is known for its distinctive flavor, vibrant color, and nutritional benefits. It has a green color with a hint of yellow-ish. The skin is thick, rough, and very difficult to peel. To eat the orange, you need to cut it into segments or cut it in half and squeeze for the juice. Vietnamese oranges usually have seeds (except Ha Giang oranges, which can be seedless). When ripe, the orange has a thick yellow pulp with a mild aroma. When eating you can expect a sour and sweet taste, depending on the ripeness of the fruit.

The harvest season of Vietnamese oranges varies depending on the varieties. The oranges from Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang are usually available in the winter months near Tet (December - February). Southern Vietnamese oranges are available all year round. The prices of Vietnamese oranges also depend on the varieties, which are generally around 40,000-75,000 VND/kg.

Vietnamese orange

2. Famous varieties of Vietnamese oranges

2.1. Ha Giang oranges

Ha Giang oranges are one of the famous specialties of Ha Giang Province. This variety of orange is harvested in December, so many people choose to buy it as gifts and offerings during the Tet Holiday (Lunar New Year). These oranges have a flat round shape and thick rough peel, emitting a mild aroma. The inside has succulent yellow-orange cloves, with a sweet taste mixed with a slight sourness.

2.2. Cao Phong oranges

Cao Phong oranges have a light-yellow color and large succulent fruits. Cao Phong orange is a famous specialty of Cao Phong District in Hoa Binh Province. This variety of orange is harvested from early October onward. Compared to other oranges, Cao Phong oranges have a much thinner skin and a lighter aroma. The orange pulp inside has a characteristic dark-yellow color and is very sweet. 

Vietnamese orange

2.3. Lai Vung oranges

Lai Vung oranges are a variety that is loved for its sweet taste. Among the many types of oranges currently grown in Vietnam, this variety has fewer seeds and a sweeter taste. The fruit is round in shape, with thin light-yellow skin. The smaller the fruit, the sweeter the taste and the firmer the segments. Lai Vung oranges are rich in juice, much more so than other varieties of Vietnamese orange.

2.4. Huong Son oranges

This is an orange variety that has a rough peel at the time of harvest, with a few tiny black dots. Huong Son oranges have a sweet, fragrant, and succulent taste mixed with a mild sour note. To keep the oranges fresh with the stems and leaves intact, the farmers must use scissors to prune very carefully. Therefore, this type of orange is often purchased as a gift for special occasions.

Vietnamese orange

2.5. Vinh oranges

Grown in Nghe An Province, where the climate is hot with hilly lands, Vinh oranges are often not as beautiful as those in other regions. The oranges here have a slightly yellow or red bottom, with lots of tan on the skin. The ripe skin is also thin, making it soft to the touch. Vinh oranges often have a sweet taste, but it is not rare to find some with a slightly sour note as well.

2.6. Canh oranges

Canh oranges originate from Canh Village, Hoai Duc District, Hanoi. They have a yellow-orange color that resembles a tangerine. The locals often peel the skin and separate it into segments to enjoy. This type of orange is sweet, cool, and not usually sour. During the Lunar New Year, Canh orange is considered a precious gift and often displayed on a five-fruit tray. Thus, its price can be high.

Vietnamese orange

2.7. Khe May oranges

Ha Tinh Province has not only Huong Son oranges but also Khe May oranges. This type of orange has a distinctively sweet taste and is very juicy. However, as the locals have not established their own brand of oranges, they find it difficult to compete in the domestic market. Some are even counterfeited by other orange varieties. To buy authentic Khe May oranges, you need a reputable supplier.

2.8. Ham Yen oranges

Ham Yen oranges, with a dark-yellow color, are among the most delicious fruits in Vietnam. These oranges have their own unique flavor, with the sweetness being different from the oranges in other regions. With suitable climate and soil conditions, the quality of Ham Yen oranges is much better. These succulent fruits are famous not only in Tuyen Quang Province but also throughout the country.

Vietnamese orange

3. Various uses of Vietnamese oranges

3.1. Culinary uses

There are many dishes that you can make using Vietnamese oranges as ingredients, such as salad, braised chicken, or ribs with Vietnamese orange sauce. There is also the Vietnamese orange duck, which is cooked using duck drumsticks and orange sauce. For refreshments, there is Vietnamese orange juice. You can also enjoy a cup of Vietnamese orange tea before you start the day. In winter, you can use oranges as a syrup and consume them with warm water to help you avoid sore throats. Oranges can be used to make jam and eaten with bread as well. 

3.2. Medical uses

The fiber in Vietnamese oranges is excellent for the digestive system, lowering cholesterol levels and helping blood sugar regulation. Oranges are also high in calcium, which supports strong teeth and bones. Vietnamese oranges include vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. According to Oriental medical practices, orange juice can help cool down a fever and relieve hangovers. If added to chamomile water, it can help treat sore throats and phlegm. Vietnamese oranges can also be used to treat flatulence and indigestion.

4. Tips for choosing fresh Vietnamese oranges

Vietnamese orange

Usually, a good orange is one with thin skin. If the orange is still green but the bottom is yellow-íh, it is ripe. If the stem is concave compared to its surroundings, it is a juicy orange. You can try gently squeezing the peel to see if the juice secretes or not. If it secretes tangy juice, it is a fresh and delicious orange. If the orange has thick pulp, it means that the orange has little juice and is not delicious. That's why you should choose ripe oranges that have yellow spots and are not uniform in color.

Vietnam's fruit paradise is exemplified by the wide variety of Vietnamese oranges, a true testament to the nation's bounty of tropical treats. Also, there are other Vietnamese fruits that are equally delicious, such as Vietnamese apples, Vietnamese bon bon fruits, Vietnamese mangoes, Vietnamese white dragon fruits, Vietnamese avocados, Vietnamese durians, Vietnamese guavas, etc. All of these fruits can be easily found in famous tourist destinations such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Ha Long

Vietnamese orange

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