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Vietnamese Women's Day: A Special Yearly Occasion in October

19/01/2024 18.403

Vietnamese Women's Day is an occasion dedicated to celebrating the contributions of women in Vietnamese society. Over time, this day has become an opportunity to not only honor the tireless efforts of Vietnamese women but also reflect on their many challenges and triumphs.

Vietnamese Women's Day is a celebration of the incredible contributions that women have made to society. It takes place annually on October 20th and is marked by various events throughout Vietnam. Read on to find out more about its significance and how Vietnamese people celebrate it each yea

1. Learn about the Vietnamese Women's Day history

The Women's Day in Vietnam was first initiated in mass organizations in 1927, where Vietnamese women affirmed their roles and positions in society. 

In 1930, the government officially declared that women were entitled to the same rights as men and implemented initiatives to liberate and support women.

Unions, agricultural associations, and independent organizations for women were established for women from all walks of life. Vietnam's Women Union was founded on October 20, 1930, which doubled as a day to celebrate and honor Vietnamese Women. 

Vietnamese Women's Day

2. Explore the significance of Vietnamese Women's Day

Vietnam Women's Day 20/10 was the first time an independent organization for women could operate legally and openly to encourage women to actively contribute to the country. It was also the first time Vietnamese women were allowed to vote, participate in the governmental system and social work, and hold responsibilities in the State apparatus. 

Thus, Women's Day in Vietnam is a very important historical milestone. It highlights women's roles in family, education, healthcare, politics, and social development. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to recognize the challenges that many women still face today and to promote gender equality.

Overall, Vietnamese Women's Day serves as an important reminder of the progress made toward gender equality in Vietnam while also acknowledging that more work needs to be done to ensure equal opportunities for all.

Vietnamese Women's Day

3. How do people celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day?

As a national celebration, in every locality and organization, people hold special events on this day in Vietnam. Songs about women are performed, and touching stories about the sacrifices and contributions of women in the past and present are told to continue promoting their significance in the community.

In companies, award ceremonies are held to acknowledge women who have had outstanding achievements and recognize their dedication. Businesses also have many campaigns for women on this day, such as discounts and promotions for women. Some will give fresh flowers and cards with Vietnamese Women's Day wishes.

Vietnamese Women's Day

On this day, men express their thanks and love for the women in their life by showering them with meaningful presents and spending quality time with them. It is common for men to take their beloved women out to a lavish dinner. 

Besides, why not give them the gift of travel? There is no better way to spend time with someone you love than going on a trip together. In Vietnam, you can go to Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, or Da Nang and choose the hotel and resort system of Vinpearl for the best stay.

  • Vinpearl Phu Quoc: With luxurious accommodations, stunning beaches, and top-notch dining options, every woman can have a happy Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10 unwinding at Vinpearl Phu Quoc.
  • Vinpearl Nha Trang offers an array of activities that are sure to keep you entertained throughout your stay. Take a dip in the pristine pool or hit up the beach for some sunbathing, and more. 
  • Vinpearl Hoi An offers a variety of activities that are perfect for families and couples alike. You can relax under the sun or take part in water sports such as kayaking or parasailing. You will also find plenty of other amenities such as gyms, spas, pools, etc.
  • Vinpearl Da Nang promises an unforgettable experience that caters to both families and couples alike. Lounge on the sandy beaches with crystal-clear water all around and try various Vietnamese delicacies to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day.
Vietnamese Women's Day


Vietnamese Women's Day

Whether you want to have an action-packed vacation or simply to unwind by the beach during your Vietnam travel, Vinpearl’s hotels and resorts have everything you need for a fulfilling time. Escape from the bustle of daily life this National Women's Day Vietnam, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones at these truly fantastic destinations. 

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4. Top 20 heart-touching Vietnamese Women's Day wishes

Vietnamese Women's Day wishes are expressions of appreciation, admiration, and love toward the women in our lives. Each heartfelt wish is unique and sincere, and they all aim to remind women how extraordinary they are.

4.1. Vietnamese Women's Day wishes for mother

  1. Without you, every moment of happiness is incomplete. I cannot thank you enough. Happy Vietnamese Women's Day!
  2. A beautiful woman, an amazing friend, and a great mother. You are all this and more. Happy Vietnamese Women's Day!
  3. Happy Women’s Day in Vietnam! Thank you for giving me the best life and for raising me with unconditional love.
  4. Thank you, and I love you - I do not say this enough. Happy Vietnamese Women's Day!
  5. To mom, thank you for your never-ending love and care. Have a great Vietnamese Women's Day. I hope it is filled with happiness! 

4.2. Vietnamese Women's Day wishes for wife/girlfriend

  1. Today is your day! Have the most wonderful Vietnamese Women's Day my girl.
  2. With you, all 365 days of the year are sweet. But today, I wish you a day more joyful and happier than other days. Happy Vietnamese Women's Day!
  3. You are the best thing in my life. Thank you for always being there. Have a good one today! 
  4. Thank you for stepping into my life. I love you forever and always. Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!
  5. Hi honey, happy Women's Day in Vietnam! I wish you the loveliest day! 

4.3. Vietnamese Women’s Day wishes for friends 

  1. How lucky I am to have you. I wish you all the best this Vietnamese Women’s Day!
  2. You are the best! Have a wonderful Women’s Day in Vietnam. 
  3. You always have my back. Thank you for being my best friend. Have an amazing day this Vietnamese Women’s Day! 
  4. There is no other friend like you. Love you always, and Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day!
  5. I am grateful to have the most brilliant woman in my life as my friend. Happy Women's Day in Vietnam!

4.4. Vietnamese Women’s Day wishes for colleagues 

  1. You never fail to amaze me with your diligence and talents. Thank you for being an inspiring office mate. Happy Vietnamese Women’s Day to you!
  2. You make work less tiring! I am glad to have you as a colleague. Remember to take a break and enjoy your special day! 
  3. To my hardworking partner, thank you for your constant support. Have a wonderful Women's Day today.
  4. Happy Women's Day in Vietnam! Have a day as beautiful as yourself!
  5. You are the loveliest colleague and the soul of our office. Happy Vietnamese Women's Day!
Vietnamese Women's Day

Simple yet deep, these wishes inspire us to recognize women's achievements and sacrifices while respecting their rights and dignity. At the same time, they serve as a reminder that we should continue working together toward gender equality and empowerment.

Vietnamese Women's Day is a joyful occasion for recognizing and honoring the significant contributions of women in Vietnam. This October 20th, make sure you express your appreciation and respect for all the women in your life. Do not forget to send them a heartfelt wish, too!

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