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Vinh Market: Inside the oldest and largest market in Vinh City, Nghe An

17/01/2024 5.048

Vinh Market is where countless items from different regions are gathered for retail sale or wholesale and delivered to other areas. This destination also offers a lot of delicacies for you to discover.

Vinh Market

Vinh Market is the largest and most crowded trading hub in Vinh City. Visiting this destination, tourists will get the chance to explore a vast selection of goods from different parts of Vietnam as well as enjoy many Vietnamese delicacies. If you are looking to explore the vibrant atmosphere of a market in Vietnam, this is an attraction that should not be missed.

1. Overview of Vinh Market in Nghe An Province

Vinh Market is considered the largest market located in Nghe An, with a modern architectural design consisting of three floors and a basement. Located in Cao Thang Street, Hong Son Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An, the market covers a large area dedicated to trading businesses, with different categories of goods divided into different sections of the market, which is convenient for tourists to explore and shop.

Vinh Market

Vinh Market serves as a diverse marketplace, catering to both retail customers and wholesale traders from neighboring regions and provinces. Visitors can explore a vast array of Vietnamese delicacies and unique souvenirs here. Additionally, Vinh Market also has a bus station, which makes goods trading more convenient.

2. History of Vinh Market

If you are seeking to explore historic markets in Vietnam, Vinh Market is a noteworthy destination. As a bustling trading hub in Vinh City, it gained prominence, especially after Vinh became the capital of Nghe An in 1804. In 1808, a fire broke out, resulting in the destruction of nearly 300 houses. This incident serves as a testament to how busy and lively the Vinh Market area was during that period.

Vinh Market

Being older than Vinh City itself, the market’s location has not changed over the past 300 years. Even though it is not considered a landmark architectural structure, Vinh Market stands as one of the primary and most significant elements shaping the city of Vinh. Its value lies in being a historical witness and an urban memory for the local residents.

3. Unmissable highlights in Vinh Market

3.1. Coffee with milk foam

Having operated in the Vinh Market for over 20 years, Mr. Nguyen Van Long’s coffee shop is a well-known destination for both locals and tourists. The famous milk foam coffee served here is a unique beverage that has attracted many generations of coffee enthusiasts and travelers. The owner developed his own secret recipe for this signature brew, making his shop a highly recommended destination within the market.  

Vinh Market

Mr. Long's special milk foam coffee is a unique blend of pure coffee, condensed milk, and optional crushed ice, tailored to the customer's preference. While the ingredients are similar to other types of coffee, what sets this brew apart is the layer of foam on top, which adds a delightful and creamy texture.

3.2. Delectable dishes

Along with numerous categories of goods, Vinh Market also has a wide selection of Vietnamese cuisines for tourists to enjoy. You can easily find many convenient and low-cost foods in Vinh Market that will bring a flavorful experience.

  • Banh mi thit quay: Banh mi is an iconic Vietnamese food that many tourists enjoy. In the market, you can try banh mi combined with roasted pork, different aromatic herbs, and a touch of chili sauce that creates a signature flavor of the Central region.
  • Banh goi, banh nep: These special Vietnamese rice cakes are wrapped in layers of banana leaves to absorb all the natural fragrance. The cakes are filled with green beans and minced meat with mushrooms, delivering appetizing tastes.
  • Banh duc: Banh duc, a type of Vietnamese steamed rice cake, is made from non-glutinous rice powder, which gives it the white color and a soft, gooey texture. Typically eaten with a pickle salad and special dipping sauce, banh duc is a must-try for anyone who adores Vietnamese food culture.
Vinh Market

Beside the Vinh Market, Nghe An has a lot of famous attractions that are recommended for tourists. If you wish to learn more about the culture of the locals, you can visit the Kim Lien Relic Site, where you can explore President Ho Chi Minh’s legacy. If you wish to indulge in the natural beauty of the region, Cua Lo Beach, and Pu Mat National Park are popular recommendations.

If you are planning on exploring the Central region for your Vietnam travel, visiting Vinh Market is a highly recommended destination where you can buy Vietnamese products and unique souvenirs. Visiting this crowded trading hub, you will get the chance to explore an extensive selection of merchandise and enjoy delicacies from different parts of Vietnam, as well as experience the bustle of a market in Vietnam. 

Other than busy markets, Vietnam has a lot to offer, from breathtaking scenery to vibrant cultures and flavorful culinary creations. To fully discover the diverse culture of Vietnam, you can consider visiting different cities in Vietnam, namely HanoiHo Chi Minh CityPhu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi AnHa Long, etc., all of which promise to deliver memorable moments.

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Vinh Market

You can also explore VinWonders, a well-furnished amusement complex that delivers relaxing and entertaining hours for your family to enjoy.

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