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Saigon Markets: 10+ BEST Places to Visit for Shopping Enthusiasts

09/01/2024 12.535

One of the best ways to get to know Ho Chi Minh City is by visiting Saigon markets. You can experience all the sights, smells, and sounds of the city at these markets. Below are 10+ Saigon markets you will not regret exploring.

Saigon markets are excellent hubs for tourists looking to explore the city. You can buy souvenirs to remember your visit, sample the cuisine, interact with locals, and enjoy an authentic experience of Ho Chi Minh City and its culture. Here are some of the best markets to add to your itinerary.

1. TOP 10+ Busiest and Most Famous Saigon Markets

1.1. Tan Dinh Market – A long-standing market in the heart of Saigon

Visit this 97-year-old market in District 1 to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city. Here, you will find everything you need, from fresh produce to the latest fashion trends. 

However, Tan Dinh Market is best known for its wide selection of fabric. With dozens of stalls and each offering countless fabric materials and colors, there is no better market in Saigon for textile lovers. 

It is also a great place to explore local delicacies, such as pork rib porridge, crab soup, and chicken sticky rice. They are all fairly inexpensive, so you can try as many as your heart desires. If you are a foodie, this market is definitely worth a visit. 

Saigon markets

1.2. Binh Tay Market - A beautifully designed market in Ho Chi Minh City 

This is another market with a rich history. It was built in 1928 and spans 25,000 square meters. At Binh Tay Market, there are over 2,500 stalls selling more than 30 categories of products for you to check out. 

If you are not a shopper, you can still come here to appreciate the architecture, which resembles oriental temples. Snap photos of the market's red roof, blue clock, and green dragon statues for keepsakes.  

Binh Tay Market opens from 2 AM to 10 PM, so you can experience it at night as well. Take a stroll, and you will find all the flavors of Vietnam in one place. There is no need to go elsewhere for dinner and dessert! 

Saigon markets

1.3. Ben Thanh Market – The best market in Saigon

This is the most famous market in Ho Chi Minh City. You might have seen it on postcards before as Ben Thanh Market is considered one of the icons of Saigon. 

There are four main gates for you to come through, and each specializes in specific categories of products. But, in general, you can find basically everything you need here. 

It is a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts, as well as enjoy local dishes like broken rice (com tam) and crab paste vermicelli soup (bun rieu). 

You can also try fresh produce on the spot, such as durian and dragon fruit. Many stalls sell dried fruits and nuts along with tea and coffee that you can take home as a reminder of your experience in Vietnam. 

When the sun goes down, Ben Thanh Market becomes one of the most beautiful night markets in Saigon. Many young locals gather here after a long day of hard work to relax, so it is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the crowds. 

Saigon markets

1.4. Ba Chieu Market - One of the most exciting night markets in Saigon 

Also known as Cho Xom, this is another market in Ho Chi Minh City with diverse products at reasonable prices. 

It is mostly frequented by locals looking for daily groceries, such as vegetables and fruits. But it is also an excellent place for tourists who want to experience the bustling energy and local flavors.

Ba Chieu market is divided into a dry area and a wet area. The former sells items like clothes and jewelry, while the latter is where you can pick up fresh ingredients for your own cooking. 

After 5 PM, the market turns into a night food court with many delicious but affordable dishes. It is recommended that you try the chicken sticky rice, crab egg soup, and soy milk. There are also a lot of other street food options available all the way until 2 AM. 

Saigon markets

1.5. Hanh Thong Tay Market – A well-known night market in Ho Chi Minh City 

Located in Go Vap District, this market attracts locals and tourists alike. It offers a wide range of items, from fresh produce to apparel. You can also find handicrafts and souvenirs. 

During the day, it opens at 4 AM. After 6 PM, it shifts into a busy night market. If you like going out when it is dark, this is a night market in Saigon you should not miss. 

Hanh Thong Tay Market runs from 6 to 11 PM, then again from 11 PM to 7 AM. You can explore the nightlife of the city and its culture. There are many affordable, locally cooked dishes and freshly made snacks. The grilled rice paper, beef offal, and coconut water here are to die for!

Saigon markets

1.6. An Dong Market – A big market in Saigon for shopping

This is the best market in Saigon for wholesale clothes. If you are a fashionista urging for a haul, An Dong market has to be on your itinerary. 

It is located in District 5 and opens from 7 in the morning until 8 at night. However, some stalls continue to run past 10 PM. 

Currently, there are over 2,500 stalls for locals and tourists to buy from. In addition to Vietnamese textiles, you can find clothing items from Thailand, China, and Japan. It is not difficult to put together several outfits after a couple of hours here. 

But even if you are not a fashion guru, you can still enjoy your time at An Dong Market. Check out the woodwork and lacquerware. They would be wonderful gifts! 

Here, there are also all kinds of local foods from different regions of Vietnam. You can try snacks like grilled gizzards, quail eggs, and sugar-coated haws too. 

Saigon markets

1.7. Thu Duc Market - One of the few wholesale markets in Saigon 

This is one of the few agricultural wholesale markets in the city. It is not as old as the other markets on this list, but it is still very busy. 

Shopping at Thu Duc Market is an interesting experience, as you can glimpse into the daily lives of Vietnamese people. 

It is also a good chance to discover specialty fruits that you might not find at home, such as mangosteen, rambutan, longan, etc. 

Another unique aspect of Thu Duc Market is that a lot of trucks come in and out all the time with products to ensure constant restocking in order to meet the high demands. It is quite a sight to see sellers stocking up their stalls.

Saigon markets

1.8. Minh Phung Market - One of the best Saigon markets to visit for fair prices 

Also called Cho Go, this is a farmers' market by day and an apparel market at night. It is one of the most popular markets in Saigon's District 6, catering to both locals and tourists since 1995. 

There is no bargaining culture at Minh Phung Market, so you do not have to worry about being overcharged or scammed. 

Plus, while browsing its diverse selection of products and enjoying the lively atmosphere, you can grab tasty snacks and drinks from vendors lining the streets. They are pretty friendly and will be glad to chat if you want to know more about Vietnamese culture. 

Saigon markets

1.9. Ba Hoa Market – A must-visit food market in Ho Chi Minh City

If you like Central Vietnamese cuisine or want to know more about it, Ba Hoa market is a must-visit. It lies in Tan Binh District, within a small alley. Though not as large as other Saigon markets, there is a lot to appreciate here. 

In the morning, the market sells ingredients. Then, around 2 PM, sidewalk stores start offering freshly cooked food. 

You should try fermented fish noodles and steamed fish with rice paper. If you are not in the mood for a hearty meal, there are also lighter Saigon cuisine snacks like mixed jackfruit and carp snails that will surely leave your stomach happy. 

A special thing about this market is its calm and cozy atmosphere. Normally, you will not hear vendors jostling. But if you are lucky enough, you might catch some dialects, giving you insights into the language of the region. 

Saigon markets

1.10. Kim Bien Market - A niche and affordable Saigon market 

This is a wholesale market in District 5 that specializes in chemical products. 

Kim Bien provides a specific niche compared to other Saigon markets, so it is often overlooked by tourists. However, you will be amazed by what you can discover here. 

Kim Bien market is also flooded by stalls selling home goods, toys, cosmetics, accessories, and textiles. Everything you buy will feel like a steal because they are priced very low. 

Saigon markets

1.11. Ho Thi Ky Flower Market – One of the best Saigon markets to visit

This is a paradise for flower lovers. Here, you can find all sorts of flowers from different corners of Vietnam, including Dalat, Hanoi, and the Mekong Delta region. It is possible to buy pots and other floral accessories at Ho Thi Ky Flower Market as well. 

Locals and tourists are not only attracted by the beauty and fragrance of the flowers but also by the delicious food offered here. 

There are hundreds of stalls with mouth-watering dishes for you to choose from. You will not regret trying the beef hot pot and escargot noodle soup. 

Saigon markets

2. Tips For Your Upcoming Tour to Saigon Markets

Saigon markets have a lot to offer, but it can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. To make the most of your visits to these markets, you should:

  • Know basic phrases: Sellers in some markets speak foreign languages, but not all do. So, knowing a bit of Vietnamese is very beneficial. It is also a good way to impress locals and keep yourself safe. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the currency and exchange rates: Since you will be buying products and availing of services at these markets, it is essential to know the currency and prevent yourself from being overcharged. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes: Most Saigon markets are very crowded. If you wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes, you will find it difficult to enjoy your time shopping and exploring. 
  • Bring a hat and wear sunscreen: It can get quite hot in Saigon, and even more so in crowded markets. Wearing a hat and applying sunscreen will make it easier to get used to the weather. 

Besides the markets we have listed above, do not forget to drop by other popular destinations in the city, such as Sai Gon Central Post Office, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Saigon War Remnants Museum, Nguyen Hue Street, Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, Landmark 81 Vietnam, etc.

Saigon markets

Beyond Ho Chi Minh, it is also wise to visit Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang to complete your trip to Vietnam. These are all hotspots for tourists with plenty to discover. 

For a fulfilling time at these places, you can stay at the Vinpearl system of hotels and resorts. 

  • Vinpearl Phu Quoc: This is one of the finest resorts on the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. It offers many luxurious amenities, including a private beach, spa treatments, and a range of exquisite dining experiences. 
  • Vinpearl Nha Trang: Those looking for a vacation by the beach, will find this destination ideal. You can have fun snorkeling and kayaking, as well as engaging in the exciting nightlife at upbeat bars and restaurants. 
  • Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An: This is a five-star resort that offers guests a unique and enjoyable experience with its facilities, entertainment options, etc. You can swim at Hoi An's largest infinity pool and enjoy BBQ dinners with fresh catch. 

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Saigon markets

Visit Saigon markets and experience the hustle and bustle of the city. From the shopping to the sights, smells, and sounds, these markets provide glimpses into Saigonese culture that you cannot find elsewhere. Try the food, mingle with the locals, and take home souvenirs to explore Ho Chi Minh City to the fullest.  

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