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The best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand for first-time visitors

21/07/2023 6.851

The best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand varies based on whether you want to explore the spectacular scenery, the interesting festivals, or outdoor activities.

Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

Exploring the best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand helps travelers experience the breathtaking scenery, cultural festivals, and local lifestyle completely. However, planning a tour package for Vietnam travel and Vietnam neighboring countries can be overwhelming. In this article, we will delve into the key factors to consider when determining the ideal timing for your Vietnam - Thailand tour.

1. Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand: Weather Conditions

Climate in Vietnam and Thailand varies significantly by region and time of year. Understanding Thailand and Vietnam weather by month can help travelers plan their trips accordingly.

The best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand is between November and April. These months offer comfortable weather conditions for travelers, with average temperatures ranging from 21 to 28°C. However, it is worth noting that this is also the peak tourist season in both countries, so it is advisable to make early bookings for accommodations and flights.

Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

For those seeking to avoid crowds and take advantage of more affordable prices, the months of May through October can be a viable option. During this time, the weather is still pleasant, although there may be slightly more rainfall than usual. Temperatures in Vietnam and Thailand typically range from 25 to 35°C during the shoulder season.

Regardless of the time of your travel, it is important to pack appropriate clothing to suit the weather conditions. It is recommended to bring a light jacket or sweater for evenings, as temperatures can drop significantly once the sun sets in Vietnam and Thailand.

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2. Best time to visit Thailand and Vietnam: Cultural Festivals

Determining the best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand largely depends on your vacation preferences. If you are seeking cultural festivals and events, late spring and early summer are optimal.

Vietnam festivals include the Vietnamese New Year, known as Tet Nguyen Dan, and various other celebrations throughout the year. These festivals provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture and traditions.

  • Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year): Celebrated in January and February, Tet is a time for families to gather and enjoy traditional foods and gifts.
  • Hue Festival: Held every two years in April, May, or June, the Hue Festival showcases the cultural heritage and customs of the Nguyen Dynasty in the beautiful city of Hue. 
  • Mid-Autumn Festival: Celebrated in mid-September, Vietnam's version of the popular Asian festival involves lanterns, mooncakes, festive food, lion dancers, music performances, and bustling streets. 
Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

Thailand’s most popular events:

  • Songkran is Thailand's biggest and wildest festival, a three-day nationwide water fight where people soak each other with water guns, hoses, and buckets, guaranteeing a fun and wet experience.
  • Ghost Festival: Phi Ta Khon is a 3-day festival in Dan Sai Town, Loei Province, featuring vibrant masks worn by locals. It combines religious traditions, local crafts, and a lively party atmosphere.  
  • Chiang Mai's lantern festival in November is a stunning event where thousands of paper lanterns are released into the sky along the Peng River.

3. Best time of year to visit Thailand and Vietnam: Outdoor Activities

When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand for outdoor activities? The most popular period is from November to February. During these months, the weather is dry and cool, creating an ideal environment for pursuits such as hiking, biking, and climbing. It is a great time to engage in adventurous endeavors and explore natural landscapes.

From March to May, the hot season prevails, making it less suitable for strenuous activities. It is advisable to plan lighter and less physically demanding activities during this time to avoid discomfort.

If you wish to avoid the rainy season, it is best to plan your visit between June and October. This period experiences more rainfall, which may limit outdoor activities. However, it is worth noting that rain patterns can vary, and there are still opportunities to enjoy your trip with proper planning and flexibility.

Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

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4. Crowd Considerations

The best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand is during the high tourist season, which spans from November to April. This period boasts optimal weather conditions and correspondingly higher prices. For Vietnam, December to February are particularly favorable, offering cool and dry weather. In Thailand, the recommended period is from March to April, when the weather is hot and dry.

However, there are notable advantages to visiting Vietnam and Thailand during the shoulder seasons of April–May and October–November. While the weather remains pleasant and the crowds thin during these times, there are compelling reasons to consider an off-season visit:

  • Cost savings: Off-season travel generally comes with lower costs due to reduced demand and more available deals. Opting for an off-season visit can be an excellent way to save money on your trip.
  • Crowd avoidance: If you prefer to escape the crowds, the off-season provides an ideal opportunity. With fewer travelers, you can fully enjoy the sights and attractions without battling excessive crowds.
  • Authentic experiences: With diminished tourism, you can immerse yourself in the authentic culture and local way of life. This is especially true in smaller towns and villages where tourism is less developed.
  • Pleasant weather: While the off-season may bring slightly cooler temperatures, the weather remains pleasant enough to enjoy activities and attractions. In fact, the cooler weather can be advantageous for certain destinations, such as Ha Long Bay.
  • Better deals on accommodation and tours: Due to reduced demand, off-season travelers can find better deals on accommodation and tours. This presents an opportunity to further economize during your trip.
Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

Consider these factors when deciding the best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand, weighing the advantages of the high tourist season against the benefits of an off-season visit.

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Vietnam's cities offer diverse weather conditions and host a variety of festivals throughout the year. From the historic charm of Hanoi's Old Quarter to the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An and the stunning beaches of Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang and Ha Long each destination provides a unique experience for travelers. 

Consider Vinpearl for your stay in Vietnam. Renowned for its luxurious hotels and resorts, Vinpearl offers unparalleled service, lavish amenities, and strategically located properties in breathtaking destinations. Whether you desire a tranquil beachfront retreat or a vibrant urban experience with excellent shopping and dining options, Vinpearl has the perfect accommodations to suit your preferences.

Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand


Best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand

When visiting, do not miss out on Vinpearl's entertainment centers and theme parks, including VinWonders in the mentioned destinations. These attractions offer thrilling rides, captivating shows, and opportunities to explore marine life, ensuring unforgettable moments during your trip to Vietnam.

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When considering the best time to visit Vietnam and Thailand, take into account the climate, budget, and travel preferences. For outdoor activities, the dry season from November to April is recommended, while the cool season from December to February is great for exploring cities. Keep in mind that peak tourist season comes with higher prices, so traveling during the off-season may be more budget-friendly for accommodation and dining.

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