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Casino Phu Quoc - Discover the first legal casino in Vietnam

09/01/2024 37.829

Casino Phu Quoc is the first casino that allows Vietnamese people to enter and try their luck. It provides high-class facilities with twenty-four-seven gambling activities to meet all the entertainment demands of tourists.

Casino Phu Quoc

As the first legal casino in Vietnam, Casino Phu Quoc is a special destination which can rouse all of your feelings in your Phu Quoc trip. Here, you can try your luck to receive a large amount of money with many interesting games like Chinese dice, pocker, roulette... Details about this place will be revealed in this article.

1. Where is Casino Phu Quoc?

About 20 kilometers away from Duong Dong Town to the North of the pearl island, Corona Casino Phu Quoc belongs to the complex Phu Quoc United Center which is located at Bai Dai Area, Ganh Dau Commune. With a prime location, this place brings excitement to the all-in-one trip to relax your mind and entertain yourself with loads of fun in this complex.

Casino Phu Quoc is considered one of the top-rated casinos in Asia. It is licensed to operate under the certificate of the Ministry of Finance and has become the only casino that allows Vietnamese people to make their fortune. Belonging to a 5-star resort complex, Corona Casino Phu Quoc has a splendid space with high-class entertainment facilities, which will make you feel like coming to a lavish casino in Singapore or Macau.

Casino Phu Quoc

The casino offers around-the-clock entertainment activities on a scale that is no less than that of famous Asian gambling destinations. Here, there are 100 gaming tables, 1,000 slot machines, 32 Fusion Roulette machines and 125 Stadium Novo Unity II Multi-Game Stations with modern LED screens. All of these will promisingly bring you unique experiences that you can hardly find elsewhere in Vietnam.

Casino Phu Quoc

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2. Experience interesting things in Corona Casino Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Casino Phu Quoc is Asia's leading entertainment destination with the most luxurious and classy services. This is the ideal place for you to gamble and enjoy endless amusement in your Phu Quoc trip. Below are the specific reasons why Corona Casino Phu Quoc is worth a visit:

2.1. Casino Phu Quoc is the first legal casino in Vietnam

In the past, we could only admire the luxurious beauty of famous casinos in the world through TV or the Internet. But now, right in Vietnam, you can have a chance to visit Corona Casino Phu Quoc - The largest and most modern casino in the country, and try your luck with a lot of fantastic games.

As the first legal casino for Vietnamese people, Corona Casino Phu Quoc has an area of ​​18,000 square meters with luxurious and world-class furniture. Here, there are many separate subdivisions to meet the preferences and finances of different tourists.

Casino Phu Quoc Vietnam has a team of professional and dedicated staff. They are always willing to serve foods, drinks and deal cards for gamblers as well as enthusiastically explain game rules. As a result, you will quickly get used to the games and get a great deal of memorable experiences.

Casino Phu Quoc

2.2. Casino in Phu Quoc offers a lot of popular games

Corona Casino Phu Quoc provides tourists with many popular games similar to those in famous casinos around the world. With its above-mentioned modern equipment, it will surely give you and your companions the best entertainment experiences.

Casino Phu Quoc

Below are some exciting games for you to try your luck in the first legal casino in Vietnam:

  • Chinese Dice/Sic-bo: This is a popular game in Asia with 3 dice that show the player's luck in each round.
  • Corona Poker: This game brings players a feeling of tension mixed with excitement when they play cards with the dealer using a 52-card deck.
  • Three-Card Poker: The result of this game is based on the comparison of the player's and the dealer's hand.
  • Roulette: The luck of the player is determined by a ball spinning on a wheel of 37 compartments, numbered from 0 to 36.
  • Russian Poker: For this game, players will use their cards to beat the dealer's cards. Each player will be playing with two hands which will be shown one by one.
  • Slots: This game uses slot machines. Each machine usually has 3 - 5 horizontal rows and 3 - 5 vertical rows with many different symbols according to the theme of the game.
Casino Phu Quoc

3. How to get into Phu Quoc Casino?

When coming to Corona Casino, you have to strictly adhere to the following regulations:

3.1. Vietnamese citizens

  • Aged 21 years or older
  • Present your citizen ID card or passport for membership registration (for new members)
  • Need to buy tickets to the casino with prices as follows: 1,000,000 VND/24 hours/person or 25,000,000 VND/month/person.
  • Provide documents proving that you have a regular income of 10,000,000 VND/month or personal income tax of level 3 or higher according to regulations.

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3.2. Foreigners

  • Aged 18 years or older
  • Present your passport for membership registration (for new members)
  • Do not need to buy tickets to Phu Quoc casino
  • Dress politely, do not wear pajamas, swimwear, tank tops, clothing with offensive letters/patterns,...
Casino Phu Quoc

To conveniently take part in the exciting gambling activities in Corona Casino Phu Quoc, you should stay in the resorts and hotels of Vinpearl Phu Quoc. As the top-ranking accommodation in Phu Quoc, it offers a large number of classy amenities and luxurious services to meet the needs of all tourists.

Casino Phu Quoc

>>> Book rooms in Vinpearl Phu Quoc to enjoy a great stay during your trip!

In addition, Vinpearl Phu Quoc has numerous wonderful things for tourists to explore, especially in the entertainment paradise VinWonders Phu Quoc, the semi-wildlife conservation area Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, the 18-hole golf course Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc and the sleepless city Grand World Phu Quoc.

Casino Phu Quoc

>>> Book combo VinWonders + Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc to get the best experience!

All the essential information and important regulations of Casino Phu Quoc have been mentioned in this article. Hopefully, it will give you memorable experiences while you try your luck in the first legal casino in Vietnam. To have a complete vacation without any inconvenience, don’t forget to book rooms in advance! With an excursion to Casino Phu Quoc, your Phu Quoc trip will certainly be more special than ever.

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