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Dalat Cathedral: Explore an outstanding landmark with timeless allure

06/01/2024 6.061

Step into a world of timeless beauty and architectural grandeur at Dalat Cathedral. Prepare to be amazed by the beauty of this remarkable gem in the heart of the city.

Dalat Cathedral

Dalat Cathedral, or Dalat Chicken cathedral, is a highly recommended attraction for your bucket list when you go to Dalat City. This place is well-known for its majestic architecture and interesting history. We will give you a host of information on this beautiful landmark, explaining why it attracts a lot of tourists every year.

1. Things to know about Dalat Cathedral history

  • Dalat Cathedral address: No. 15, Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province
  • Dalat Cathedral mass schedule: 
    • Sunday: 5:30 AM, 7:00 AM, 8:30 AM, 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM 
    • Other days: 5:15 AM & 5:15 PM

Dalat Cathedral was built during the French colonial period in Vietnam. It was constructed between 1931 and 1942 under the supervision of French architects and engineers. 

Now, Dalat Cathedral serves as the main cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Dalat. It holds significant religious importance for the Catholic community in this city and serves as a symbol of Christianity in the whole region. The cathedral's official name, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, is a homage to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and sailors.

During the Second Indochina War, Dalat Cathedral played a vital role in providing sanctuary to those seeking shelter from the conflict. Over the years, the cathedral has undergone many renovations to maintain its architectural design. Today, it stands as a symbol of the enduring legacy of colonial heritage and a place of worship for locals and visitors alike.

Dalat Cathedral

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2. Why is Dalat Cathedral a must-see attraction for tourists?

Dalat Cathedral, also known as Chicken Church Dalat, is a must-visit for tourists. Its unique name derives from a distinct feature - a magnificent chicken sculpture placed on top of the cathedral. Crafted from alloy, this sculpture rotates with the wind, symbolizing France's renowned Gallic Rooster.

The architectural design of the cathedral is equally captivating. Shaped like a cross, it spans 65 meters in length and 14 meters in width, with a towering bell tower standing 47 meters tall. The bell tower offers panoramic views of the city, while the main entrance of the cathedral faces the majestic Langbiang Mountain.

Inside the cathedral comprises three compartments - an expansive central space flanked by two smaller compartments. The cross-section showcases winding and cradle arches. The columns exhibit a blend of classical and decorative elements. The floor and facade are meticulously symmetrical, typical of classical architecture. The attic of the cathedral features 70 paintings crafted by the renowned Louis Balmet workshop in Grenoble, France.

Dalat Cathedral

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3. How to get to Dalat Cathedral on your trip?

Located in the city center, Dalat Cathedral is only around 1 kilometer away from Dalat Market. Thus, the cathedral is easily accessible on foot or by bicycle, especially if you are staying in the city center.

For those arriving from afar, the nearest airport is Lien Khuong Airport, situated about 30 kilometers away from Dalat. From the airport, you can take a taxi or shuttle bus to reach the city center, where Dalat Cathedral is located.

If you prefer public transportation, you can utilize the local bus service within Dalat. Buses regularly run throughout the city, and you can check the routes and schedules beforehand to plan your journey to the cathedral.

Another popular option for travelers is to rent a motorbike. This gives you the freedom to explore Dalat at your own pace and conveniently reach Dalat Cathedral. Motorbike rentals are widely available in the city. Just ensure you have the necessary license and follow traffic regulations.

Additionally, organized tours and private car services can be arranged, allowing you to visit Dalat Cathedral and other attractions in the area with ease. These options are particularly suitable for travelers who prefer guided experiences.

Dalat Cathedral

4. The top famous tourist attractions near Dalat Cathedral

Dalat Cathedral is located near several renowned Da Lat tourist attractions. This makes it ideal for visitors to embark on an enchanting exploration tour around the city. 

  • Xuan Huong Lake: 1.2 kilometers away from the cathedral 
  • Lam Vien Square: 1.2 kilometers away from the cathedral
  • Bao Dai Palace 3: 1.8 kilometers away from the cathedral 
  • Dalat Train Station: 2.3 kilometers away from the cathedral
  • Dalat Flower Park: 2.7 kilometers away from the cathedral 

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When planning your Vietnam travel itinerary, be sure to include not only Dalat but also other captivating destinations like Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. Each of these places offers a unique experience, adding depth and variety to your Vietnam travel adventure.

To further enhance your trip, you can enjoy elegant and spacious accommodations at Vinpearl. With a wide range of leisure facilities and entertainment amenities, including water sports activities and meticulously landscaped gardens, Vinpearl ensures a truly unforgettable stay.

Dalat Cathedral


Dalat Cathedral

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Make sure to include a visit to Dalat Cathedral when you travel to Dalat. It is an absolute must-see that promises an unforgettable experience. Exploring the interesting history and stunning beauty of this cathedral will add more excitement to your Da Lat trip. Plan your adventure now!

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