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Eight Ladies Cave: A must-visit spiritual site in Quang Binh

10/03/2023 5.920

Eight Ladies Cave is associated with the sacrifice of young volunteers in the Second Indochina War. It is currently one of the most famous spiritual destinations to explore in Quang Binh.

Eight Ladies Cave

Quang Binh is renowned for its rich history, and one of its most significant historical relics is the Eight Ladies Cave. This cave is a must-visit destination for history buffs, serving as a powerful reminder of the heroic sacrifices made during the Second Indochina War. From the historical stories to strange coincidences occurring in this place, you are sure to be moved and inspired to explore here.

1. Eight Ladies Cave Quang Binh: Where is it? How to get there?

  • Location: Eight Ladies Cave is on 20 Quyet Thang Street, Tan Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province.
  • Entrance fee: Free
  • Opening hours: All day
  • How to get there?

To reach Eight Ladies Cave, go along 20 Quyet Thang Street to Tra Ang bridge. From here, continue to go straight for about 2.5 kilometers. The cave is on your left. 

Eight Ladies Cave

2. Explore the origin of the name Eight Ladies Cave

The origin of Eight Ladies Cave is associated with an event in the Second Indochina War. 

On November 14, 1972, the US army dropped a bomb on 20 Quyet Thang street, Quang Binh province. At that time, eight young volunteers who were filling in bomb craters in this area had to run into a cave to avoid the danger. 

Tragically, the huge explosion caused a massive boulder to roll down and block the cave's mouth, leaving 8 people trapped inside. Over the following days, they were provided with water and food through a tube while the army outside made an effort to rescue them. 

However, after nine days, all rescue efforts ceased, and the volunteers were presumed dead. In memory of their sacrifice, a shrine was constructed next to the cave, which became known as the Eight Ladies Cave.

Today, the cave serves as a historical site that visitors can explore to learn more about this important period in Vietnam's history.

Eight Ladies Cave

3. Things to do on your visit to Eight Ladies Cave Phong Nha

3.1. Learn about the stories related to the number 8

  • Banana bunches with 8 hands

Remarkably, all banana trees grown in the vicinity of Eight Ladies Cave have produced a bunch of bananas with 8 hands. 

  • Gecko laying 8 eggs

Another strange story is related to geckos. Nearly 10 years ago, a pair of geckos came to the cave for shelter. Strangely, the female only laid 8 eggs. Those eggs then hatched 8 baby geckos. This strange coincidence drew the attention of many visitors, so they took several photos to capture the impressive moment. 

  • The sound of geckos

On the night of the 50th Anniversary of the legendary opening of Truong Son Street, all participants were astonished by the sound made by geckos from the cave. They chirped exactly 8 times. 

Eight Ladies Cave

3.2. Visit the Temple of Heroes and Martyrs at 20 Quyet Thang Street

  • Temple of Heroes

On visiting Eight Ladies Cave in Quang Binh, take a moment to visit the Heroic Martyrs Temple on 20 Quyet Thang Street. Lighting a candle, there is a way to pay tribute to the young volunteers who sacrificed themselves to keep the street open during the war against the US. 

In addition, you can also visit the Truong Son Martyrs Memorial Temple on this street to express your gratitude to other heroes who contributed to protecting the national peace.

Eight Ladies Cave

Temple of Martyrs at 20 Quyet Thang Street, known as Truong Son Martyrs Memorial Temple, has an area of more than 10800 square meters. Situated on a high hill by the Long Dai River, next to Ho Chi Minh Street, the temple was completed within four years and has welcomed many people to offer flowers and incense. 

Truong Son Martyrs Memorial Temple in Quang Binh is divided into 3 different areas, each with its own unique significance. The main area is dedicated to honoring heroes and martyrs who sacrificed in the war. Next to the main area are the gratitude tower and bell tower, which have also become popular destinations for locals and visitors alike.

As you explore the surroundings, you will be amazed by the natural beauty of plants and flowers, creating a soothing and relaxing ambience. While you are here, take a moment to admire the stunning mountain scenery and explore other nearby historical relics.

Eight Ladies Cave

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Eight Ladies Cave

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Eight Ladies Cave is recognized as one of the famous historical relics of Quang Binh province. A trip to the place offers you opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the area and pay tribute to Vietnamese heroes who lost their lives during the war. Hopefully, this article has provided detailed information about this iconic cave in Vietnam to help you plan for your next visit.

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