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Hanoi weather November - What is the weather like in Hanoi in November?

10/01/2024 14.300

Hanoi weather November is characterized by a drop in temperature and dry weather. It is an ideal time to visit Hanoi, with many cultural, architectural, and historical attractions. Remember to pack warm clothes if you plan to visit this city in November.

Hanoi weather in November

If you are planning your Hanoi travel in November, it is essential to research the Hanoi weather November conditions beforehand to ensure a hassle-free trip. This guide offers valuable insights on the top places and activities to enjoy during the November weather in Hanoi, along with helpful tips to make the most of your travel experience.

1. Overview of Hanoi weather in November

November marks the onset of Hanoi's winter, or the final month of autumn, when the monsoon winds gain strength, resulting in a drier climate. Hanoi weather November is characterized by pleasant daytime temperatures and cool breezes at night, with a decline in average temperature compared to October. The humidity level in Hanoi in November and the average rainfall are also dropping. As the weather can be unpredictable, visitors should come prepared with warm and casual clothing.

1.1. Average Hanoi temperature in November

Hanoi weather in November

The average temperature of Hanoi weather November continues to decline steadily from the previous month of October. Typically, temperatures range between 18°C and 26°C, with daily lows ranging from 13°C to 24°C and daily highs fluctuating between 19°C and 31°C. The average daytime temperature is 23.7°C, which is 2°C higher than the average nighttime temperature. During this month, the days are typically warm, while the nights are cool and comfortable.

1.2. Average sunshine hours in Hanoi in November

Hanoi weather November experiences a reduction in the number of sunshine hours. Typically, the city receives approximately four hours of sunlight per day, which accounts for about 28% of the daylight hours. The remaining 72% of the time is characterized by overcast or mostly cloudy weather.

1.3. Average Hanoi rainfall in November

Hanoi weather in November

Weather in Hanoi in November marks the start of the dry season, with an average rainfall of around 45 millimeters for the month. The number of rainy days is typically lower in November than in October, ranging from 7 to 9 days throughout the month. The likelihood of rainy days decreases as the month progresses, with the probability of wet conditions decreasing from 21% at the start of November to around 15% by mid-month and 9% at the end of the month.

1.4. November’s average wind speed in Hanoi

Throughout November, the average wind speed in Hanoi remains relatively constant at around 2.8 meters per second. During the day, wind strength may increase up to 3.8 meters per second, while at night, it may decrease to 2.2 meters per second.

1.5. Average humidity in Hanoi in November

Hanoi weather in November

In Hanoi, the relative humidity in November averages around 68%, which generally feels comfortable. The likelihood of muggy conditions decreases rapidly throughout the month, dropping from approximately 63% on November 1st to 32% on November 30th.

1.6. Sunrise and sunset in Hanoi in November

In Hanoi, November 1st has the longest daylight hours of the month, with sunrise at 5:59 am and sunset at 5:21 pm, giving the city 11 hours and 22 minutes of daylight. By November 30th, daylight hours have decreased to 10 hours and 57 minutes, with the sun rising at 6:16 am and setting at 5:13 pm.

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2. Exciting experiences when traveling to Hanoi in November

Visitors to Hanoi in November can enjoy the pleasant and dry weather with a gentle chill. If you are planning a trip to Hanoi during this month, here are some must-try activities:

Hanoi weather in November
  • Sightseeing at attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi: In this comfortable Hanoi weather November, it is perfect for you to visit some iconic destinations such as Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Hanoi pagodas, Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, etc, to understand more about the beautiful culture and history of the capital.
  • Admiring the pure white chrysanthemums and taking beautiful photos: As a typical flower of November in Hanoi, the delicate and simple beauty of the daisy blends well with the ancient beauty of Hanoi. If you have the chance to visit Hanoi during this time, do not forget to take pictures with bunches of pure white and innocent chrysanthemums.
  • Contemplating the blooming wild sunflower season: During late autumn, wild sunflowers with their golden petals bloom and shine brightly in the sun, creating a romantic atmosphere that captivates tourists. Let’s come here to enjoy the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by the beauty of the only wild sunflower season of the year.
  • Enjoying the last moments of the Hanoi milk flower season: As the signature flower of the autumn season in Hanoi, tourists to Hanoi in November can not miss a chance to enjoy the Hanoi milk flower season with its unforgettable and one-and-only fragrance.
  • Buying Vong village's green rice flakes to savor the late autumn flavor of Hanoi: A specialty of Hanoi that can only be found in autumn is Green Sticky Rice. If you want to explore the quintessence of culture and cuisine of Hanoi, green sticky rice is a must-try specialty.
  • Savoring the famous and delicious dishes of the capital city: Pleasant Hanoi weather November allows people to indulge in various mouth-watering local dishes, from a wide range of Hanoi Street Food, Pho rolls, Bun dau mam tom, to Egg coffee in Hanoi, etc.

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3. Travel tips based on November weather in Hanoi

Hanoi weather in November

To enjoy your trip to Hanoi in November to the fullest, some useful tips are:

  • Make sure to pack 1-2 light jackets that are suitable for the weather.
  • It is also recommended to wear layered clothing and comfortable sports shoes for your sightseeing adventures in the city. 
  • If you have dry skin, do not forget to bring moisturizing cream, due to the low humidity level in Hanoi weather November.
  • Be sure to bring any necessary medication in case you have difficulty adapting to the weather or food in Hanoi.
  • To make your trip smoother, it is best to avoid going out during peak hours as the streets can become congested. 
  • It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the local language in Hanoi to avoid any language barriers or misunderstandings.

On your trip to Hanoi, besides the suggested activities, you can visit VinKE & Vinpearl Aquarium Times City - an edutainment complex suitable for children and families, at any time, regardless of Hanoi weather November.

Vinpearl Aquarium Times City is an extensive aquarium in Hanoi, boasting a collection of over 30,000 marine creatures and providing visitors with a captivating underwater experience. Meanwhile, VinKE is an interactive edutainment complex specially designed for children, where they can learn and play through a variety of job simulation games, exploring their interests and dreams. 

Hanoi weather in NovemberHanoi weather in November

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Apart from Hanoi, with its chilly Hanoi weather November, Vietnam has plenty of tourist destinations in the Central and Southern regions, including Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, Ha Long, and more. If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay in these places, consider Vinpearl - one of the top-rated hospitality brands in Vietnam. You can indulge in a broad range of international-standard services, including hotels, resorts, shopping malls, spas, restaurants, conference centers, entertainment complexes, and much more.

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Hanoi weather in November


Hanoi weather in November

The Hanoi weather November can be quite cool and dry, with occasional drizzles and cloudy days. It is recommended to bring along jackets and medicines to adapt to the changing weather conditions and enjoy a variety of attractive activities, including cultural and historical attractions, blooming flower seasons, and endless food excursions in Vietnam's capital with over 1000 years of culture and civilization.

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