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Hong Kong to Hoi An: A full guide to a seamless journey

04/04/2024 5.018

If you are in Hong Kong and you want to visit Hoi An, a charming ancient city in Central Vietnam, this article about how to travel from Hong Kong to Hoi An is for you.

Hong Kong to Hoi An

Embarking on a journey from Hong Kong to Hoi An in Vietnam? Opting for a flight is your best bet for convenience. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with essential information on how to seamlessly travel from Hong Kong to Hoi An by air. Read on to discover the route and valuable tips for planning an unforgettable Vietnam travel experience.

1. The optimal way to travel from Hong Kong to Hoi An

Hong Kong is located in China, while Hoi An is situated in Vietnam. So, how to get to Hoi An with ease? Since the Hong Kong to Vietnam distance is over 940 kilometers, the most optimal and common means of transportation is air travel. The average Hong Kong to Hoi An flight time is about 3 hours and 36 minutes.

As of now, Hoi An does not have its own airport, meaning travelers must first fly to Da Nang Airport and then proceed to Hoi An using other modes of transportation. The Da Nang Airport-Hoi An journey is only around 30 kilometers, which can be covered by various land vehicles.

Hong Kong to Hoi An

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2. Detailed information about Hong Kong to Hoi An routes

2.1. Route 1: Hong Kong to Da Nang by air

Since Hong Kong to Hoi An flights are currently not available, travelers will have to book their flights from Hong Kong to Da Nang City before transferring to Hoi An. 

  • Departure airport: Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is the primary airport located in Chek Lap Kok. It is the world's busiest cargo airport as well as one of the busiest for passenger travel, connecting much of Asia to the rest of the globe. 
  • Arrival airport: Da Nang International Airport (DAD) is located in Hai Chau District, just 1 kilometer east of the city center of Da Nang. It is one of the busiest international airports in Vietnam, handling over 150 domestic and international flights with approximately 15,000 passengers passing through each day.
Hong Kong to Hoi An

Direct flights from Hong Kong to Da Nang are operated by various airlines, such as VietJet Air, HK Express, Cathay Pacific, and Hahn Air, etc. Travelers can choose from diverse options to suit their preferences and budget when booking a flight between the two cities. 

VietJet Air is one of the most prominent airlines in Vietnam. As an official member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), VietJet Air prioritizes a culture of safety throughout its operations. The brand is also known for its extremely affordable flights.

In recognition of its service excellence, VietJet Air has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally, including being named one of the Top 500 Brands in Asia and “The Most Favorite Carrier in Vietnam” by the Economic Times. 

Hong Kong to Hoi An

The average ticket price for flights from Hong Kong to Da Nang varies depending on various factors, such as the airline and the traveler's flight schedule. However, as a reference, the average price starts at approximately $127. It is important to note that ticket prices may fluctuate and are subject to change based on actual circumstances.

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2.2. Route 2: Da Nang to Hoi An by land

The Da Nang to Hoi An distance is conveniently short, spanning only about 30 kilometers, making transportation between the two destinations quite effortless. You can call a taxi, take a Da Nang to Hoi An bus, or even rent a motorbike to explore the route at your own pace. 

Among these options, Xanh SM Taxi stands out as a reliable choice for travelers seeking speed, convenience, and comfort. Xanh SM Taxi, the first electric taxi business in Vietnam, provides exceptional services with a fleet of odorless, emission-free VinFast electric cars.

In addition to receiving top-notch service, customers using Xanh SM taxi service also contribute to the company's efforts to lower vehicle emissions and protect the environment. A one-way trip from Da Nang to Hoi An typically costs around VND 380,000 with Xanh SM Taxi service.

Customers can easily book a Xanh SM taxi in three ways:

  • Call the nationwide hotline at 1900 2088
  • Waving down Xanh SM taxis outside the airport terminal
  • Book a ride on the Xanh SM mobile app
Hong Kong to Hoi An

3. Tips for booking cheap flights from Hong Kong to Hoi An

Before booking flights from Hong Kong to Hoi An, you may want to take a look at the following tips for securing the most affordable flight tickets: 

  • Stay flexible with travel dates: Avoid peak travel periods and weekends when prices are typically higher. Instead, opt for weekdays or off-peak-season flights for lower fares.
  • Be open to connecting flights: Sometimes, flights with layovers can be cheaper than direct flights. If you are open to a short layover, you may discover better deals.
  • Compare prices: Remember to compare prices from different airlines using online travel platforms or flight comparison websites to choose the most budget-friendly option.
  • Utilize price alert tools on travel websites or apps: These alerts will notify you when there is a drop in fares, allowing you to get the best deals.
  • Book early: Booking your tickets early can increase your chances of securing cheaper fares, as airlines frequently offer early booking promotions.
  • Consider carry-on luggage: If you are traveling light, consider packing only carry-on luggage to avoid extra fees for checked baggage.
  • Join loyalty programs: You can sign up for loyalty programs offered by airlines or travel agencies. Accumulating points or miles can lead to discounts or even free flights in the future, saving you money on your travels.
Hong Kong to Hoi An

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*The information provided in this article is for reference purposes only and may be subject to change depending on actual circumstances.

The journey from Hong Kong to Hoi An is surely an exciting trip, seamlessly facilitated by the convenience of air travel, with many airlines offering both direct flights and efficient connections through nearby airports. Once your journey concludes, Hoi An awaits with a plethora of enriching experiences and captivating destinations to uncover. 

While you are in Hoi An, consider exploring the Hoi An Ancient Town, checking out the Japanese Bridge, and visiting interesting places such as Tan Ky Old House, Cantonese Assembly Hall, Fujian Assembly Hall, My Son Sanctuary, Quan Cong Temple,etc. 

Furthermore, you might want to check out VinWonders Nam Hoi An, a world-class amusement complex that guarantees endless excitement for you and your loved ones. 

After a long day of exploration and having fun, you can relax and enjoy a luxurious stay at Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An, where you can expect top-quality rooms and services. Vinpearl provides guests with an assortment of all-inclusive amenities, including spa sessions and even a golf course, for the most amazing getaway.

Hong Kong to Hoi An

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