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Phu Quoc National Park – A corner of PARADISE in pearl island

10/10/2023 43.758

Fascinated in exploring? Phu Quoc National Park, recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010, is definitely an ideal destination for you to immerse in serene nature, indulge with delectable cuisines and experience tons of exciting activities.

Phu Quoc National Park

Acclaimed as a paradise of entertainment, Phu Quoc National Park astonishes the tourists not only with the diverse ecosystems, the intact wildlife but also the opportunity to enjoy scrumptious specialities such as ken noodles, raw herring salad, slipper lobster and more. Get ready to unwind yourself with an array of exhilarating activities and prepare for the most thrilling and joyful vacation ever!

1. Overview of Phu Quoc National Park

1.1. Location

Situated in the northeast of Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc National Park encompasses the North Island's natural preservation area, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Dau, and Cua Can. Its administrative boundary is shared by three communes: Bai Thom (Thom Beach), Cua Cua, Ganh Dau and a portion of Cua Duong commune, Ham Ninh commune, Duong To commune, and Duong Dong Town.

Phu Quoc National Park

1.2. Acreage and conservation aspect

The National Park covers more than 32,000 hectares of natural land, accounting for 70% of the island's total land area. This park is divided into three regions: the strictly protected area of 8,786 ha, the reconstruction and rehabilitation area of 22,603 ha, and the administrative, service, and science research zones of 33 ha. Furthermore, there are roughly 20,000 acres of oceanic border zone, which has various unique and wonderful ecosystems.

In order to maintain the park's ecosystem, the government decided to renovate it in 2001. Since then, the Park Management Board has collaborated with local communities and military units to implement forest protection and restoration, especially fire prevention.

Phu Quoc National Park

1.3. Outstanding Features

1.3.1. Topography 

Phu Quoc National Park's topography is mountainous, although not exceptionally steep, with Mount Chua, at 603 m, being the highest point. The Rach Cua Can river, which flows into the Gulf of Thailand on the West Coast of the island just north of Cua Can village, is the most notable seasonal stream in the national park.

1.3.2. Biodiversity values 

Phu Quoc National Park Vietnam is an ideal habitat for over 470 plant species and numerous types of coral reefs offshore. Phu Quoc Island is covered with plain evergreen forest, and the national park protects 12,794 ha of it, which are roughly 86 percent of the entire region.

On Phu Quoc Island, 929 plant species have been identified. The national park contains distinct formations of Melaleuca – a type of tree whose leaves are evergreen with their colors changing between dark green and grey-green depending on the season – at lower elevations in some locations.

In particular, 43 mammal species belonging to 18 families and 6 orders were gathered here. Six of these reported species are included in the Red Data Book of Vietnam (2000), six are on the 2005 IUCN Red List, and eleven are in Governmental Decree 32/2006/ND-CP.

Phu Quoc National Park

The most endangered species gathered here include the silvered langur, slow loris, pygmy loris, crab-eating macaque, stump-tailed macaque, small-clawed otter, and fruit bat. Additionally, due to the abundance of shimmering coral reefs in the island's southern area, there are 125 kinds of fish, 132 species of molluscs, and 62 types of seaweed.

Amazingly, this place has also seen many kinds of hawksbills laying eggs in the waters, as well as the presence of a rare Dugong.

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1.4. Reasons to choose Phu Quoc National Park

1.4.1. Weather 

Phu Quoc Vietnam, influenced by the oceanic environment, maintains suitable weather conditions with generally steady temperatures ranging from 24-31 degrees Celsius, making Phu Quoc National Park an ideal year-round tourism destination.

This place has two different seasons due to its sub-equatorial climate: dry and rainy.

  • The dry season: lasts from November to April, with January and February being the driest months. The dry season is the greatest time for tourists to come since the weather in Phu Quoc is wonderful, with a bright blue sky.
  • The rainy season: lasts from May to October, with heavy rainfall and high humidity. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate this national park as it takes on an even more vibrant green color in this period of the year and the island's streams and waterfalls are at their finest.

1.4.2. Ecosystem

Not only is it an impressive tourist site in Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc National Park is also a rare natural museum due to the presence of the pristine ecosystems in Vietnam, which have developed a fantastic destination enticing people from all over the world. The rich flora and fauna, as well as the largest intact ecological environment in Vietnam, have greatly contributed to the National Park in particular and Phu Quoc tourism in general, being one of the most alluring Phu Quoc attractions, appealing to a large number of both local and foreign tourists.

Phu Quoc National Park

1.4.3. Food specialty

Phu Quoc National Park Vietnam is located in Phu Quoc Island, a culinary paradise which has an extremely interesting and unique food scene with local specialties that are also well known outside of Phu Quoc, such as green pepper, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Sim wine (Myrtle wine) or Melaleuca mushroom.

2. Must-try specialties when visiting Phu Quoc National Park Vietnam

“Food is central to travelling and is a vivid entryway into another culture …” - Lucy M. Long. 

Spice up your vacation and surprise your palate with an exquisite culinary journey that can be offered only on this pearl island:

2.1. Ken noodles

Phu Quoc National Park

The elegant harmony of the special broth made from fish broth, shredded fish, curry powder, and coconut milk unfold in the mouth will surely impress every gourmet at the very first try. Thin noodles, bean sprouts, sliced cucumber, raw papaya, cilantro, basil, and a dash of fish sauce will round up a tempting bowl of Ken noodles.

2.2. Raw herring salad

Phu Quoc National Park

When it comes to Phu Quoc specialties, the most popular dish is herring salad. This delicacy is a perfect combination of the sweet taste of fresh fish meat and the slight sourness and spiciness of chilli, garlic and authentic dipping fish sauce, in addition to the aroma of toasted peanuts, the sweetness of lettuce and the crunchiness of cucumber.

2.3. Slipper lobster

Pamper your seafood craving with a special type of shrimp in Phu Quoc Island: Slipper lobster. 

To fully indulge in the freshness of thick and tender lobster meat, boiled lobster served with a mixture of lime juice and black pepper salt is a savoury choice. 

Phu Quoc National Park

In addition, grilled lobster with cheese, garlic, butter and spring onion will bring an irresistibly buttery texture that satisfies even the most gourmet tourist.

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3. Tourism activities in Phu Quoc National Park

Immersing yourself in the refreshing crystal-clear seawater, lying back on flat rocks, listening to the gurgling stream, the cheerful bird songs and enjoying the warm embrace of the gorgeous sunset are unforgettable moments for tourists when coming to this paradise.

3.1. Enjoying the wildlife

There are walking trails that take visitors deep into the woods. It is an adventurous yet fascinating trip through lush forests as the tourists can jump across small little streams, see wild creatures, and listen to the murmur of birds.

Phu Quoc National Park

Since the natural ecosystem is well protected, there is little trace of human intervention, which provides visitors with the greatest experiences in a pristine rain forest.

You may also go to a secluded beach or island to discover the picturesque beach or dive deep to see the vivid coral reefs and fish schooling.

3.2. Phu Quoc National Park trekking

The ideal time to watch wild animals is around dawn, hence you should carry mosquito/insect repellent if you intend on visiting at an earlier time.

The route that crosses Phu Quoc National Park is approximately 90 kilometres long, with 12 bridges to traverse. It is divided into multiple sections, beginning with Ham Ninh.

Phu Quoc National Park

Large tree species, precious and attractive orchid species, and unique plants such as Chinese knotweed, liquorice, resilient rubber tree, and others are plainly observable.

3.3. Soaking in the spring water of the forest

Old forests are speckled with sparkling white spots of waterfalls and streams, in addition to the many green shades of trees. Tourists can also visit the prominent streams and waterfalls that originate in the Ham Ninh range, such as Tranh stream, Da Ban, and Da Ngon.

Phu Quoc National Park

Tranh and Da Ban streams should be visited during the rainy season since they dry up during the summer months. However, the gorgeous 7-story Da Ngon stream flows year-round at Phu Quoc National Park, which is also one of the most stunning springs.

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3.4. Enjoying the accommodation when coming to Phu Quoc National Park

Having a comfortable place to rest after a long day of fun-filled nature discovering is essential for every tourist. If you want to treat yourself to a lavish and impeccable lodging experience, Vinpearl Phu Quoc Hotels is one of the best choices.

Vinpearl Phu Quoc Hotels offers hotel rooms and private villas with spectacular views which are perfectly suitable for any guest who loves exploring and indulging themselves with nature. In addition, visitors may relax and enjoy a gastronomy adventure that includes delicious dishes prepared by professional chefs.

Phu Quoc National Park

Besides, tourists can also tailor their own exciting itinerary to other recreational places such as VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc or Vinpearl Golf Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc National park

>>> Let Vinpearl Phu Quoc Hotels elevate your experiences and create your most memorable moments!

If you are a nature lover, Phu Quoc National Park is truly an ideally unparalleled destination for your vacation this year. Add this place to your bucket list and get ready for the most compelling trip to Vietnam!

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