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Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi: 11 best places to enjoy a feast of vegan food

14/01/2024 7.102

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi is typically known for its affordability and the mouth-watering taste from organic veggies that will keep you coming back for more.

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

Whether you are a vegan or simply someone who loves the taste of organic produce, a vegetarian buffet in Hanoi is worth trying. Although there are dozens of places offering vegan meals in Hanoi, these 11 restaurants shine as the best options.

1. Haan Vegan

  • Address: 71 Dao Tan Street, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm | 6 pm - 9pm

Haan Vegan is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi you shouldn’t miss out on. Their vegetarian buffet in Hanoi consists of about 30 vegetarian dishes which are swapped out daily, thus diners will never get bored. Overall, the dishes here are well-balanced, with fresh ingredients and perfectly adjusted seasonings. The dishes are always served hot, aromatic, and very enticing. Highlights include colorful summer rolls, sweet and sour vegetarian crab noodle soup, and coriander porridge with fragrant mushrooms.

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

2. Veggie Castle

  • Address: 7 Yen Ninh Street; 38 Ngoc Khanh; 29, Lane 2, Tran Kim Xuyen; 19 Alley 275 Au Co, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2:00 pm | 5:30 pm - 9 pm

Veggie Castle is the next vegan restaurant in Hanoi we would love to mention in today’s list. With a luxurious space, enticing dishes, and professional service, this vegetarian restaurant leaves many customers with fond memories. All the dishes here are inspired by traditional Vietnamese family meals or famous dishes from around the world. The ingredients are entirely from vegetables, tubers, fruits, and non-GMO fresh mushrooms. No MSG, artificial sweeteners, or pre-packaged meat substitutes are used. Another feature that sets Veggie Castle apart is that the menu here changes daily.

3. Vegito Buffet Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 4 Dinh Ngang Street, Hoan Kiem District and 45 Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2:30 pm | 6 pm - 9:30 pm

Located in a beautiful spot in the Old Quarter, Vegito is one of the popular vegetarian buffet restaurants in Hanoi among the capital's vegetarian enthusiasts. This restaurant stands out with its modern interior design, cute utensils, and a visually appealing food counter. The menu at Vegito changes daily and features around 15 vegetarian dishes, ranging from Western dishes like mushroom cream pasta and pumpkin soup to Vietnamese dishes like stewed vegetables in wine sauce and coconut-braised lotus root.

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

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4. Peace Vegan

  • Address: 45 Nhat Chieu Street, Tay Ho District and 54 Nguyen Khuyen, Ha Dong District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm | 5 pm - 9 pm

Next up, we have Peace Vegan - a vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi Vietnam that offers affordable vegan buffets. Once you purchase a buffet ticket here, you will receive a single plate for your entire meal. To avoid waste and protect the environment, at Peace Vegan, you can get more servings of food, but you must stick to using just one plate. From the start to the end of your meal, you will decide what you want to eat, find a seat, and even ensure that your plate is clean. Thanks to this self-service approach, Peace Vegan offers lower prices than other vegan restaurants while still serving delicious dishes to customers.

5. Vi Lai - A famous vegan buffet restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 67 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 10:30 am - 3 pm | 5:30 pm - 10 pm

If you are looking for a vegetarian buffet in Hanoi serving intricately-made vegan dishes, Vi Lai is the answer. With dedication and love for vegetarian cuisine, Vi Lai's experienced chefs offer a diverse menu with delightful vegetarian dishes that will satisfy all diners' palates. From light appetizers such as wild mushroom soup and rose pumpkin soup to enticing main courses with a distinctive flair, such as roasted pumpkin, spring rolls, woven tofu, mushroom stew with green pepper, and so on!

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

6. Tinh Thuc Quan Buffet

  • Address: 10 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dong Da District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm and 5:30 pm - 9 pm

Tinh Thuc Quan is a vegetarian buffet in Hanoi frequented by many Buddhists and monks. This place is not only an ideal destination for enjoying vegetarian cuisine in a serene environment but also a place for socializing among those who appreciate vegetarian food. The menu here serves over 60 dishes - which are all flavorful, nutritionally balanced, and prepared from fresh vegetables free from preservatives. The vegetarian buffet at Tinh Thuc Quan entices diners with various Asian and European dishes such as Cantonese mock barbecue, mushroom stew with banana blossoms, fruit spring rolls, and braised tofu.

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7. An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Address: 109 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm | 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

An Lac offers an extensive vegetarian buffet in Hanoi with over 30 dishes prepared in a traditional style, such as braised tofu, bitter melon stew, braised mushrooms, soup, porridge, vegetarian sausages, and more. All the dishes at An Lac are purely vegetarian, except for mayonnaise dressing in some salad dishes. This restaurant has two spacious, clean, and airy floors, making it suitable for large groups of diners. The space is attractively decorated with a modern look while still retaining a traditional charm. 

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

8. Vo Uu Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 205, Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District
  • Opening hours: 7 am - 9 pm

If you are a vegan, Vo Uu Restaurant should be at the top of your list of dining places in Hanoi. With a diverse menu offering nutritious food and an elegant atmosphere accompanied by soothing Buddhist music, Vo Uu is a must-visit for vegetarian diners. This restaurant boasts a highly modern design. From the serving space to the decor and the plants, all are perfectly coordinated. The food selection is extremely varied, including many delicious vegetarian dishes ranging from salad, soup, fried rice, spring rolls, Italian pasta, and more, giving you plenty of choices to savor.

9. Huong Thien Vegan Buffet

  • Address: 261 Xa Dan Street, Dong Da District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm | 6 pm - 9 pm 

Huong Thien Vegan Buffet has some of the best vegetarian dishes in the capital, known and loved by many vegetarian enthusiasts. Here, you can enjoy various nutritious dishes prepared in both Asian and European styles. The menu has up to 100 delicious vegan dishes (including desserts). This restaurant for vegetarian buffet in Hanoi operates on the principle of pure vegetarianism that uses natural ingredients. These ingredients, combined with meticulous preparations, offer the most authentic flavors.

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

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10. D've Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: 83 Mai Hac De Street, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 11 am - 2 pm | 6 pm - 9:30 pm

It would be a mistake to leave D’ve Vegetarian Buffet in Hanoi out of this list. What we love about D’ve is the restaurant’s extensive menu with a wide variety of dishes. They offer traditional vegetarian dishes and creatively introduce many innovative options, like crispy fried oyster mushrooms, fruit spring rolls, and crispy winter melon with tamarind sauce.

11. Sadhu Buffet Restaurant in Hanoi

  • Address: Udic Complex, N04 Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Thanh Xuan District; 309, 3rd Floor Lotte Mall West Lake, and 87 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 10:30 am - 10 pm

Last but not least, Sadhu is considered by many to have the best vegetarian buffet in Hanoi. Offering around 50-60 dishes, the menu here draws inspiration from traditional Vietnamese cuisine, featuring dishes reminiscent of various culinary regions in Vietnam, such as Vong Village rice porridge, Thien Tuyet Nhi soup, Thien Mu cake, and tofu with lemongrass sauce, among others.

Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

*The details in this article are for reference purposes only and may change over time. If you are planning to visit these establishments, it is recommended that you contact them for the most up-to-date information.

After enjoying a fulfilling vegetarian buffet in Hanoi, make sure not to miss out on exploring iconic attractions in the city, such as Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi Opera House, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo Prison, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, St. Joseph's Cathedral, etc.

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Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi


Vegetarian buffet in Hanoi

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Whether you are a vegan or simply someone who loves to experience vegan cuisine in Hanoi, this article will help you find the best vegetarian buffet in Hanoi. The 11 restaurants listed above are a testament to the city's growing embrace of plant-based dining, ensuring you can savor a wide array of delicious dishes while immersing yourself in the heart of Vietnam's capital.

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