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Vietnamese male names and surnames: Insights into the masculine identity

24/01/2024 70.342

In Vietnamese culture, naming carries immense significance within families and clans. Therefore, Vietnamese male names and surnames are meticulously chosen, thoroughly considering their phonetics and meanings.

Vietnam male names and surnames

In Vietnam, names play a vital role in defining one's identity, representing a deep and intrinsic connection to traditional and cultural heritage. This article delves into the importance of Vietnamese male names and surnames, thoroughly exploring their role in shaping the masculine identity and celebrating the diverse tapestry of Vietnamese heritage.

1. The structure of Vietnamese male names and surnames

Compared to most Western names, Vietnamese names have the opposite order, consisting of three parts:


This three-part structure showcases the intricate interplay between family lineage, cultural heritage, and individual identity in Vietnam.

For example, “Nguyễn Tất Thành” (written in English as “Nguyen Tat Thanh”) is a Vietnamese full name. “Nguyễn” is the surname, “Tất” is the middle name, and “Thành” is the given name.

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Vietnam male names and surnames

2. Popular Vietnamese male names and surnames

2.1. Common Vietnamese surnames

Common Vietnamese surnames often reflect diverse historical and cultural roots. Most surnames in Vietnam originate from prominent families of a certain historical dynasty. Along with the evolution of society, Vietnamese surnames have undergone significant changes.

Nguyen, Tran, Le, Pham, and Hoang are among the most prevalent surnames in Vietnam. These surnames often trace their origins back to prominent historical figures or influential families. Nguyen is the most common surname, representing a significant portion of the Vietnamese population.

Below are 14 family names accounting for 90% of the Vietnamese population:

  • Nguyễn
  • Trần
  • Phạm
  • Huỳnh or Hoàng
  • Phan
  • Vũ or Võ
  • Đặng
  • Bùi
  • Đỗ
  • Hồ
  • Ngô
  • Dương
Vietnam male names and surnames

2.2. Vietnamese male names and meanings

In Vietnam, naming a son is considered a highly significant and meaningful task. Vietnamese culture strongly emphasizes the role of names in shaping an individual's identity and development.

When choosing Vietnamese male names for their sons, parents often seek words that carry positive meanings and reflect valuable qualities. This may include names that signify intelligence, strength, perseverance, and filial piety.

Additionally, Vietnamese people also consider the phonetic and melodic aspects of words. They look for names with pleasing sounds that harmoniously combine with family names. This helps create a unique and memorable name.

Below is a common list of Vietnamese male names:

Common Vietnamese male names Meanings Symbolic meanings
Minh Bright or intelligent Wisdom and enlightenment
Long Dragon Strength, power, and nobility
Quang Bright or clear Clarity of mind and spirit
Anh Heroic or brave Courage and valor
Nam Man or masculine Masculinity and strength
Tuấn Order or harmony Balance and tranquility
Hiếu Filial piety or respect Family values
Khoa Knowledge or learning Intellectual pursuits and wisdom
Dũng Brave or resolute Determination and fearlessness
Phúc Blessing or good fortune Luck and prosperity
Bình Peace and calmness A tranquil and composed nature
Sang Glory or pride Optimism and positivity
Huy Land or earth Honor and achievement
Đạt Stable or firm Groundedness and connection to nature
Định Kindness or compassion Strength and steadfastness
Nhân Royal or imperial A sense of nobility and leadership
Hoàng Clear Clarity of thoughts and purposes
Quốc Nation or country Patriotism and love for one's homeland
Cường Strong or powerful Physical and inner strength

Some other common middle names for males include Văn, Đức, Xuân, Minh, Hữu, Tiến, Đình, Trọng, Công, Tuấn, Hoàng, Quang, Bảo, Sơn, and Nhân. These names reflect the cultural and traditional values of Vietnam and should be selected with great consideration.

Vietnam male names and surnames

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3. Facts about Vietnamese male names and surnames

  • In Vietnam, children often take their father's surname
  • Vietnamese middle names are often inherited from the father or the mother
  • The selection of Vietnamese male names and surnames must comply with Vietnamese laws
  • Vietnamese male names are believed to influence the personality and future of the child
  • All members of the family are involved in the selection of Vietnamese male names and surnames
  • Names and surnames play a crucial role in defining the unique identity of each Vietnamese male

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Besides exploring the culture, to enrich your Vietnam travel experiences, it is essential to discover the many natural wonders, architectural marvels, and entertainment destinations throughout Vietnam.

Vietnam male names and surnames

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Vietnam male names and surnames


Vietnam male names and surnames

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Vietnam male names and surnames


Vietnam male names and surnames

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Vietnamese male names and surnames showcase cultural richness, shaping masculine identity and capturing the essence of Vietnamese heritage. From the careful selection process to their profound meanings, these names serve as a testament to the traditional values upheld in Vietnamese society. They are not mere labels but representations of individual and ancestral identity, weaving a vibrant tapestry of Vietnamese heritage for generations to come.

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