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Vietnamese male names: TOP 150+ highly sought-after names from A to X

20/01/2024 24.141

Rooted in cultural heritage and spiritual beliefs, Vietnamese male names carry a profound significance that goes beyond simple identification. If you are curious about the implications of Vietnamese names for males, read on.

Vietnamese male names

Vietnamese male names are not mere labels but windows into a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, symbolism, and spiritual beliefs. In Vietnam, the process of selecting a name for a boy is imbued with deep significance, as it is believed to shape his destiny, character, and overall well-being. This article will provide you with some fascinating facts about the 150+ most popular Vietnamese male names.

1. Vietnamese male names starting with the letters A, B, C, and D

From the letters A to D, here is a list of Vietnamese male names, each with its own unique meaning and symbolic representation:

  • Anh: intelligent
  • An: peaceful
  • Ái: affection
  • Ân: precious
  • Bảo: protection
  • Bửu: virtuous
  • Bình: calm
  • Bá: talented
  • Ba: strong
  • Bảy: born in July
  • Bính: crucial
  • Bắc: North
  • Bạc: silver 
  • Cao: tall
  • Cường: powerful 
  • Chí: intelligent
  • Chiến: victory
  • Cung: respectful 
  • Công: success
  • Cả: eldest
  • Cẩn: fine jade
  • Châu: pearl
  • Cát: lucky
  • Chính: integrity
  • Đại: great
  • Dương: ocean
  • Danh: famous
  • Đức: moral
  • Dũng: brave
  • Duy: clever
  • Du: optimistic
  • Đạt: achieved
  • Đăng: luminous
  • Đông: East, winter
  • Dĩnh: skillful
Vietnamese male names

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2. Vietnamese men’s names starting with the letters G, H, and K

Are you curious about Vietnamese male names starting with the letters G, H, and K? Look no further! We have compiled a captivating list of Vietnamese names that begin with these letters:

  • Giang: river, strong
  • Gia: family
  • Giáp: friendly
  • Hà: river
  • Hải: sea
  • Hào: generous 
  • Hiên: brave
  • Hiệp: strong
  • Hùng: courage
  • Hiếu: respectful 
  • Hoàng: glod
  • Học: studious
  • Huy: glorious
  • Hy: hopeful
  • Hai: born in February
  • Hảo: good 
  • Hòa: peaceful
  • Huân: successful
  • Khải: victory
  • Khanh: leader
  • Khánh: clever
  • Khôi: handsome
  • Kim: as precious as gold
  • Khắc: win
  • Kiêt: hero
  • Khiêm: humble
  • Kỳ: good fortune
Vietnamese male names

3. Vietnamese male names starting with the letters L, M, and N

From timeless classics to modern favorites, here are some Vietnamese male names starting with the letters L, M, and N, reflecting the aspirations, virtues, and traditions that have shaped Vietnamese society:

  • Long: dragon
  • Lâm: forest
  • Lợi: benefit
  • Lực: strength
  • Linh: spirit
  • Lập: independent
  • Lộc: precious
  • Liêm: pure 
  • Luân: clever
  • Luật: polite
  • Lễ: propriety
  • Minh: bright
  • Mạnh: strong
  • Mậu: talented
  • Mong: hope
  • Nhẫn: patient
  • Nam: manly
  • Nghĩa: meaningful
  • Nguyên: peace
  • Nhân: good
  • Nhất: important
  • Ngôn: talkative
  • Nghị: determined
  • Nghiêm: serious 
Vietnamese male names

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4. List of Vietnamese male names starting with the letters P, Q, and S

From powerful and regal names to those evoking grace and wisdom, this curated list will unveil the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese male names starting with P, Q, and S.

  • Phong: wind
  • Phương: determined 
  • Phúc: happy
  • Phú: rich
  • Phước: good luck
  • Quân: manly
  • Quang: bright
  • Quy: precious
  • Quý: beloved
  • Quốc: patriot
  • Quyết: resolute 
  • Quảng: broad
  • Quyền: powerful 
  • Sang: noble
  • Sinh: blooming
  • Sơn: mountain
  • Sung: wealthy
  • Sáng: bright
  • Sỹ: expert
  • Sâm: forest
Vietnamese male names

5. Vietnamese male names starting with the letters T, V, and X

Vietnamese male names beginning with the letters T, V, and X are like melodic notes that resonate with the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of Vietnam.

  • Tài: talented
  • Tâm: softhearted
  • Tân: creative
  • Thái: intelligent
  • Thanh: pure 
  • Thành: successful
  • Thao: courteous
  • Thịnh: prosperous
  • Thọ: a long life
  • Toàn: safe
  • Tin: great thinker
  • Tín: trustworthy
  • Tú: star
  • Trung: loyal
  • Tùng: dignified
  • Thắng: victorious
  • Tám: born in August
  • Thiện: mindful
  • Thiên: powerful 
  • Thức: knowledgable
  • Thăng: rise
  • Trác: tall
  • Trường: leader
  • Tiến: advance
  • Tuân: obedient
  • Vũ: confident
  • Vĩnh: eternal 
  • Vương: king
  • Vân: sky
  • Xương: flourish
  • Vinh: Glory
Vietnamese male names

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Vietnamese male names


Vietnamese male namesVietnamese male names

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Vietnamese male names hold significant cultural and historical importance in Vietnam. They reflect the country's rich traditions, values, and beliefs while also showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of its people. Whether rooted in nature, inspired by ancient legends, or symbolizing virtues and aspirations, male Vietnamese names carry a profound meaning that connects individuals to their heritage and ancestry. 

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