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Vung Tau Lighthouse: Guide to exploring an iconic landmark of the city

24/01/2024 6.385

Vung Tau Lighthouse is a prominent tourist attraction in the coastal city of Vung Tau. With its striking architecture and panoramic views, this old lighthouse in Vung Tau offers visitors a unique opportunity to marvel at the city's beauty and the surrounding sea.

Vung Tau Lighthouse

If you come to the coastal city of Vung Tau in Vietnam, you should not miss out on the iconic Vung Tau Lighthouse, which stands tall as a symbol of the city’s maritime history and is also a popular tourist spot. With its commanding presence and breathtaking views, the lighthouse offers visitors a glimpse into the city's rich heritage while providing a picturesque backdrop for stunning photographs.

1. An overview of Vung Tau Lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse, located at the peak of Tao Phung Mountain, stands 149 meters above sea level, making it an ideal place to admire Vung Tau City from above. 

The lighthouse is open from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM daily for visitors to explore. As the oldest among the 79 lighthouses in Vietnam, Lighthouse Vung Tau was constructed by the French in 1862 to guide ships in Vung Tau’s waters. 

Vung Tau Lighthouse

Towering approximately 18 meters high, Vung Tau Lighthouse showcases Western architectural influence. It comprises various areas such as the lightkeeper's house, customs tower, and storage cellar.

To reach the top of the lighthouse, visitors must ascend 55 spiral steps. Equipped with a bright light, the lighthouse illuminates the night sky, reaching a distance of up to 63 kilometers. 

Nowadays, Vung Tau Lighthouse continues to serve its purpose of assisting maritime navigation while becoming a prominent tourist symbol.

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2. How to get to Vung Tau Lighthouse to enjoy the night?

Not only a sightseeing spot with panoramic views of Vung Tau City from above, the lighthouse is also a place to enjoy the enchanting and magical ambiance of this seaside city at night, when the lighthouse shines brightly. 

You can easily get to Vung Tau Lighthouse by motorbike or car. The lighthouse is approximately 15 kilometers away from the city center, equivalent to a 30-minute drive. You can use Google Maps or ask the locals to find the most suitable route. 

Note that before reaching the lighthouse, you need to drive around Nui Nho Mountain. The scenery here is highly praised by many tourists for its beauty, with gentle winding roads, lush green trees, and vibrant blooming flowers. Therefore, you can take a moment to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the surroundings and capture photos to preserve beautiful memories.

Vung Tau Lighthouse

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3. An ultimate guide for your Vung Tau Lighthouse tours

To have the best Vung Tau trip, below are some recommendations about what to eat, must-visit Vung Tau attractions, and extra useful tips.

3.1. What to eat around the old lighthouse in Vung Tau?

Visiting Vung Tau, do not miss a chance to treat your taste buds with many delicious Vietnamese foods here, such as:

  • Crab soup cake: A popular breakfast dish among the locals, filled with fresh crab, quail eggs, shrimp, and a sweet and savory broth
  • Stingray hotpot: A specialty in Vung Tau, made from freshly caught stingray from Vung Tau Beach
  • Seafood: In the evening, after exploring Vung Tau Lighthouse, visitors must indulge in a wide range of seafood dishes here, which are fresh and affordable
  • Vung Tau fish noodle soup: Featuring soft and slightly chewy noodles, and flavorful and firm fish cakes, making it a fantastic choice after a Vung Tau tour
  • Khot cake: A delightful street food in Vung Tau, with a crispy yet soft texture, filled with delicious shrimp and served with tangy and sweet fish sauce dressing
  • Co Tien Yogurt: Head straight to Co Tien Yogurt for a refreshing treat with its creamy and tangy yogurt
Vung Tau Lighthouse

3.2. What are the top attractions near the lighthouse?

After visiting Vung Tau Lighthouse, you can consider some other nearby tourist attractions:

  • Jesus Statue Vung Tau: Standing 32 meters tall and approximately 18.4 meters wide, this is the biggest Christ statue in Vietnam. Here, you can admire the statue, explore its interior, and enjoy a panoramic view of Vung Tau from above.
  • Reclining Buddha Statue: Located about 4.3 kilometers away from Vung Tau Lighthouse (equivalent to an 11-minute drive), there is a reclining Buddha statue resting on a pedestal over 2.5 meters high. This 12-meter-long statue emanates a sense of tranquility and captivates visitors.
  • Minh Dam Mountain: This is a tourist attraction with stunning natural scenery and rich historical significance, bearing the heroic stories of the local people's valiant efforts in the war against foreign invaders.
  • Front Beach and Back Beach: When in Vung Tau, you should not miss out on these beaches. Front Beach allows you to experience the fishermen's way of life and enjoy the serene view of fishing boats anchoring, while Back Beach features clear blue waters with few underwater rocks, making it an ideal spot for swimming and engaging in water activities.
Vung Tau Lighthouse

3.3. Extra tips for your best experiences

  • The route to Vung Tau Lighthouse includes a steep uphill section, mountain roads, narrow paths, and many curves, so take caution when driving
  • Currently, there is no admission fee to visit the lighthouse. However, if you are traveling by car, you should prepare a small parking fee
  • If you are looking forward to capturing beautiful photos here, visit during the months from May to July, when the bougainvillea and flamboyant flowers are in full bloom
Vung Tau Lighthouse

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In addition to Vung Tau City with the iconic Vung Tau Lighthouse, Vietnam boasts numerous tourist destinations that showcase both cultural heritage and natural marvels, including Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long

During your visit to these destinations, you can enhance your experience by staying at Vinpearl's internationally renowned hotels and resorts, which seamlessly blend with the picturesque landscapes. They provide an array of services, including restaurants, spas, swimming pools, golf courses, entertainment complexes, shopping centers, and much more.

Vung Tau Lighthouse

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Vung Tau Lighthouse stands tall as an enduring symbol of Vung Tau's maritime history and scenic beauty. With panoramic views and captivating architecture, it offers a mesmerizing experience for visitors. Whether you are admiring the city from its heights or exploring the surrounding attractions, Vung Tau Lighthouse will leave a lasting impression.

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