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Yen Island Nha Trang: Immerse yourself in a paradise with sea blue color

22/01/2024 12.767

Yen Island in Nha Trang is regarded as one of the most exquisite natural attractions of Vietnam. Learn more about the beauty of Yen Island with the help of this guide to plan for a most amazing trip to Nha Trang’s tropical paradise.

Yen Island

While there are a range of beautiful beaches in Vietnam, each with its unique charm, Yen Island in Nha Trang (Swallow Island) still shines as one of the most attractive summer destinations, alluring visitors with spectacular scenery and various exciting activities. This guide will provide you with the most essential information about the best time of the year to come and what to do here.

Yen Island is located in Nha Trang Bay, around 25 kilometers from Khanh Hoa Port. This island in Nha Trang has managed to retain its natural, untouched beauty. It is also the natural habitat of many rare species of swallows. It has many marvelous beaches, which will give visitors a truly exotic and spectacular sight to behold.

The ideal time of the year to travel to Yen Island is from April to August. At this time, the island welcomes tourists to enjoy its stunning beauty under the clear blue sky and summer breeze.

Not only is Yen Island considered one of the most attractive natural destinations of Vietnam, but the place also offers a wide range of exciting activities for visitors. Take a look below and learn more about the wild beauty of Swallow Island:

2.1. See the swallows and their nests

Yen Island

Birdwatching is a must-try activity on this island. Flocks of swallows can be seen gliding in the sky above Yen Island all day long. To reach the swallows’ caves, you will need to walk around a cliff and cross a wooden bridge. On your way towards the caves, don’t forget to take photos of the swallows, which are usually sitting atop the rocky ledges or residing in the many nests scattered inside the caves.

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2.2. Explore Hon Sam and Hon Ngoai

Yen Island

Before reaching Yen Island, visitors have a chance to visit Hon Sam. This beautiful island is where many swallows nesting houses are built. The local guides here will tell you about the fascinating behavior and habits of the swallows.

A bit farther away is Hon Ngoai - the island with the largest swallows’ cave in Vietnam. To preserve the natural quality of this island, entry is extremely restricted. However, from afar, visitors can still admire the pristine beauty of the island.

2.3. Take photos at the unique double beach 

Yen Island

The double beach is the island’s distinctive feature. From a bird’s eye view, a stretch of soft white sand can be seen separating the two sides of the water. What is special about this double beach is that the water temperatures differ on the two sides, with a warm current flowing through one side and a cool current flowing through the other. The colors of the waters also differ, which creates an impressive and stunning double beach.

2.4. Admire the strikingly colorful coral reefs

Yen Island

Lying below the rocky caves and cliffs and the beautiful beaches of Yen Island is a diverse underwater world. Here, there are magnificent coral reefs of striking colors, waiting to be discovered and admired. Hence, snorkeling and scuba diving should be on top of the list of to-do activities at Swallow Island

2.5. Visit the Temple of the Nest Craftsman

On the other side of the double beach lies the solemn Temple of the Nest Craftsman, situated in between the palm trees. Visitors can take a short walk to the temple and learn more about the interesting history and development of Yen Island in Nha Trang as well as Khanh Hoa’s nest-farming industry.

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Yen Island is a wonderful place to visit, so don’t forget to take note of the following so that you will have an amazing experience on the island.

Yen Island
  • Contact local travel agencies in advance. To preserve the natural resources of the island, only a limited number of visitors are allowed to enter daily. Tickets to the island often run out quickly, especially during weekends, so don’t hesitate to reach out to these agencies to book your trip.
  • Make a list of things to bring to the island, including swimming goggles, swimsuits, extra clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, cameras, power banks, etc.
  • Find nearby accommodation in advance so that you can have a reliable place to stay for your trip. Good and convenient accommodation can help you recharge after a long day at Yen Island and allow you to explore other famous Nha Trang attractions, such as Nha Trang Cathedral, Long Son Pagoda, Hon Chong Promontory, National Oceanographic Museum, etc. with ease. The luxurious resorts and hotels of Vinpearl Nha Trang, with a wide selection of high-quality facilities and services, will surely satisfy all your needs.
Yen Island


Yen Island

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Yen Island stands out as a truly exotic and scenic natural beauty. The sight of flocks of swallows gliding through the clouds above the emerald double beach will surely leave an unforgettable memory for you after the trip. 

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