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The 16 best islands to visit in August for exceptional travel experiences

13/01/2024 10.163

The list of the best islands to visit in August beckons with warm weather and captivating landscapes, from Crete's historical wonders to Seychelles' pristine beaches.

Best islands to visit in August

If you are an island lover, read on to discover the best islands to visit in August, where sun-drenched shores and cultural wonders await. Each of these 16 islands offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, making them ideal for a memorable summer getaway.

1. Santorini, Greece - A breathtaking volcanic island with great sunset views

In August, Santorini experiences hot weather with abundant sunshine, providing favorable conditions to immerse oneself in the coastal region. Considered one of the best islands to go to in August worldwide, Santorini treats visitors to dazzling panoramas of white houses overlooking black sand beaches with lively water sports. Here, you can explore the charming alleys to discover vineyards, traditional villages, open-air cinemas, wine caverns, the impressive Museum of Prehistoric Thera, and cooking classes celebrating Santorini’s growing food culture. Adventure enthusiasts should walk around the volcano's crater and admire the views of this best island to visit in August.

2. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand - The setting of Leonardo Di Caprio’s movie “The Beach”

Best islands to visit in August

Thailand is one of the best places to visit in Asia in August. Particularly, Koh Phi Phi stands out as one of the best beaches to visit in August. The weather is hot with sunny skies interspersed with brief downpours, creating ideal conditions to explore this island paradise. Koh Phi Phi offers white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and a diverse culture. Phi Phi Don is famous for its beach parties. For stunning bays, caves, and snorkeling tours, Phi Phi Leh is your ideal place. Other unforgettable experiences on Koh Phi Phi include kayaking, rock climbing, diving, and spa sessions.

3. Hon Tre Island, Vietnam - Home to awe-inspiring coastal gems

Among various beautiful islands of Vietnam, Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang stands out as one of the best islands to visit in August due to its mild climate with little rain and warm sunshine. Hon Tre boasts a pristine beauty with white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. Apart from beautiful beaches, visitors should not miss out on the top-rated amusement park of VinWonders Nha Trang, Truc Lam Pagoda, and delicious fresh seafood. Other notable islands in Nha Trang such as Hon Tam Island, Monkey Island, Diep Son Island, Hon Mun Island, and Yen Island also offer impressive natural beauty.

Best islands to visit in August

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4. Isabela Island, Ecuador - Among the best islands to visit in August for bird lovers

Isabela Island in Ecuador is the best Pacific island to visit in August, which offers cool and dry weather. Coming to this island, you can explore its extraordinarily rich ecosystem, which is abundant with rare flora and fauna. Must-try experiences here include visiting Puerto Villamil Beach to observe iguanas and crabs, snorkeling at Concha de Perla to see penguins, turtles, and tropical fish, and taking a boat trip to Las Tintoreras. Moreover, you cannot miss out on Arnaldo Tupiza Tortoise Breeding Centre and a hike to Sierra Negra Volcano. History enthusiasts can visit the Wall of Tears, a penal colony from World War II.

5. Crete Island, Greece - An island paradise packed with stunning beaches & ancient ruins

Best islands to visit in August

Crete Island stands out as the best Greek island to visit in August, also recognized as one of the cheap islands to visit in August. During this period, the island enjoys warm and sunny weather, creating an ideal setting for a relaxing holiday. Upon reaching Crete, visitors can indulge in the beauty of exquisite beaches, explore ancient sites, and marvel at magnificent landscapes. You can explore the labyrinthine Bronze Age Minoan Palace of Knossos, the Archaeological Museum, the Dikteon Cave, and the resort town of Agios Nikolaos. Two remote but spectacular beaches, Balos and Elafonissi, with white sand and turquoise waters, are not to be missed.

6. Bora Bora, France - A romantic island getaway for newlyweds

Bora Bora in France is considered one of the best islands to visit in August, a precious gem of France, and a romantic resort paradise for beach enthusiasts. The warm temperatures, minimal rainfall, and low humidity during August are perfect for enjoying the pristine beaches of the island. Bora Bora features resorts seemingly floating on the water, providing an incredibly dreamy landscape. Unmissable activities here include trekking Mount Otemanu for panoramic views of the island, going on boat excursions, and snorkeling to explore vibrant coral reefs. For those interested in the local culture, a visit to Vaitape Village with its traditional markets is recommended.

7. Tasmania, Australia - A beautiful island covered with lush forests & cascading waterfalls

Best islands to visit in August

If you are looking for the best island to travel to in August in Australia, head to Tasmania, which ranks high among the world's nicest islands to visit. August marks the end of winter in Tasmania, with chilly weather and occasional snowfall. Nevertheless, the island offers intriguing experiences, including stargazing under an unpolluted night sky, spotting rare white wallabies and spotted-tail quolls in Adventure Bay, exploring Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park, Tasman National Park, and Cataract Gorge - a forested river reserve surrounding a dramatic gorge. Additionally, you can delve into culture and history with visits to the Museum of Old and New Art, the Port Arthur Historic Site, and the Coal Mines Historic Site.

8. Kauai, United States - Among the best islands to visit in August for adventure seekers

Kauai Island in Hawaii is a stunning island on the list of cheap islands to visit without a visa. Specifically, for those staying in Hawaii within 90 days, a visa is not required. Instead, an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application at least three days before departure is mandatory. Thanks to the warm and dry weather, Kauai is the best Hawaiian island to visit in August, offering dramatic scenery, outdoor adventures, rich history, cultural experiences, and delicious cuisine. You can explore the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail to Makauwahi Cave Reserve, discover the underwater world at Anini Beach Park, and take a bird-watching walk at Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

9. Taveuni Island - The garden island of Fiji

Best islands to visit in August

On the list of the best islands to go to in August, Taveuni Island is a special destination where the kindness of the people harmonizes with the natural wonders of the ocean, jungles, and waterfalls. In August, the weather is warm and dry with an average temperature of 23-24°C. Some exciting activities on Taveuni include hiking up a dormant volcano for breathtaking views, relaxing on remote beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, visiting pearl farms, hiking, and admiring waterfalls. You can also explore the fantastic ecosystem at Taveuni's Bouma National Heritage Park, Lavena Coast, Des Voeux Peak, Lake Tagimoucia, and Waitavala Water Slide.

10. Where to vacation in August? Gozo Island, Malta

In August, the weather on Gozo Island in Malta is hot and dry with an average temperature of 27°C, making it one of the best islands to visit in August. Known for its tranquility and relatively unspoiled nature, Gozo presents a tapestry of experiences. For those who love the water, Gozo boasts top-tier diving and snorkeling spots like Wied il-Ghasri, a gorge with crystal-clear waters in calm conditions. For lovers of culture and history, the island offers majestic sites such as the ancient Cittadella, the prehistoric Ggantija temples, St George’s Basilica with its baroque elegance, and the Il-Hagar Museum, a treasure trove of local historical and religious artifacts.

11. Ambergris Caye, Belize - A tropical charm blessed with the unparalleled beauty of nature

Best islands to visit in August

Ambergris Caye, the largest and most popular of Belize’s cayes, is among the cheap tropical islands to visit. August is when warm sunny weather alternates with refreshing rain showers, enhancing your trip to this best Caribbean island to visit in August. You can visit San Pedro Town to wander through sandy streets, admire multi-hued wooden houses, and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere along with delicious seafood. Young travelers can hang out at The Truck Stop for live music, delectable cuisine, outdoor movies, or a swim in the pool. A visit to Secret Beach provides moments of relaxation on its turquoise shores. At Hol Chan Marine Reserve, you can witness diverse marine habitats teeming with corals, sponges, seagrasses, and mangrove trees.

12. Lewis and Harris, Scotland - One of the best islands to visit in August in Europe

The Island of Lewis and Harris in Scotland is truly a magical land with stunning landscapes of nature. You can visit this island in August for the cool weather, offering numerous exciting experiences. Here, clear turquoise seas and white sandy beaches await. Other experiences include exploring quaint villages like Leverburgh and Hushinish, going seal spotting at Finsbay, and visiting the historic Lews Castle which dates back to 1680. You can also admire the Mangersta Sea Stacks, watch the Northern Lights, explore the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village, and embark on a boat trip to St Kilda - a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to impressive wildlife.

13. Capri, Italy - A world of natural beauty & exhilarating adventures

Best islands to visit in August

Capri in Italy is one of the best islands to visit in August, boasting an average maximum temperature of 27°C which is ideal for exploration and relaxation. You cannot miss out on the famous Blue Grotto with its crystal-clear aquamarine water, Giardini di Augusto with stunning views of Mediterranean flora, and Via Krupp - a narrow path winding around the mountain overlooking the sea. Then, you can take a boat trip around the island to pass through the rock formations of Faraglioni and the Natural Arch. Other interesting activities include hiking to Monte Solaro for panoramic views of Capri and strolling through the charming streets of Marina Piccola to savor Italian specialties like gelato and pizza.

14. La Digue, Seychelles - Famous for unspoiled beaches & exotic boulders

La Digue experiences one of the driest and coolest months in August, with stunning beaches, a breathtaking coastline, and a variety of wildlife. Here, you should visit Anse Source D'Argent with unique granite rock formations, Anse Marron with turquoise waters and sandy shores, and Grand Anse for a relaxing beach atmosphere. Additionally, you can enjoy activities such as taking a crystal kayak tour, riding around the island, and embarking on an epic hike along natural trails. You will also get to encounter endemic species like the Aldabra giant tortoise, Seychelles treefrog, bronze gecko, and white tern at Veuve Nature Reserve.

15. Madeira, Portugal - The island of eternal spring

Best islands to visit in August

Madeira in Portugal enjoys warm and dry weather in August, making it an ideal time to explore this paradise island. With tropical fruits, legendary wines, seaside resorts, and mountainous villages, Madeira offers many mesmerizing experiences. One of the top things to do here is hiking along paths like Levada do Caldeirão Verde and Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço for spectacular views. You can also take a cable car ride to admire the beautiful beaches and vibrant harbors below, swim in natural pools, explore rocky beaches, and savor traditional dishes such as grilled beef marinated in garlic and bay leaves.

16. Curacao - Among the best Caribbean islands to visit in August 

Curacao, known for its rich culture and beautiful beaches, is among the best islands to visit in August with warm and sunny weather. This island offers sandy beaches, clear waters, colorful buildings, historical sites, and a variety of dining options. Some experiences for your trip include exploring Willemstad through a tuk tuk tour, visiting Kura Hulanda Museum and Serena’s Art Factory, admiring city murals, crossing Queen Emma Bridge, and shopping at Mambo Beach. You can also discover Shete Boka National Park with its coastal inlets and visit stunning beaches like Playa Kenepa, Playa Lagun, and Playa Porto Marie, which are perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Best islands to visit in August

These 16 best islands to visit in August provide an exceptional blend of picturesque landscapes, cultural experiences, and perfect weather for an unforgettable vacation. Whether it is the historical allure of Crete, the tranquil beauty of Seychelles, or the vibrant life in Gozo, these destinations promise an enriching escape from everyday life. So, pack your bags and set sail for these idyllic islands for a summer adventure that will linger in your memories for years to come.

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