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Ke Ga Cape: A scenic getaway along the coastline of Binh Thuan

23/01/2024 5.466

Ke Ga Cape has become a popular tourist attraction in Binh Thuan Vietnam, drawing many visitors with its magnificent and pristine beauty, featuring clear blue waters and unique rock formations.

Ke Ga Cape

Ke Ga Cape is a tranquil coastal haven nestled in the corner of the stunning Binh Thuan Province. With its poetic beauty, this place attracts both international and domestic visitors. For those seeking to explore this novel attraction, here's a comprehensive guide to enhance your Vietnam travel experience.

1. An overview of Ke Ga Cape Vietnam

  • Location: Tan Thanh Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

Ke Ga Cape is a small island located 500 meters off the mainland and 20 kilometers away from the center of Phan Thiet City. This island is formed from granite stones with unique shapes, creating a small island of enchanting beauty.

According to the locals, the name "Ke Ga" originated from a rocky area on the island that resembles roosters gazing out to the sea. Historically, it was referred to as "Dao Ga" (Rooster Island) due to the presence of wild roosters living near a freshwater stream that flows into the sea.

Ke Ga Cape offers a peaceful coastal heaven with its long stretches of pristine white sand, crystal-clear blue waters, and distinctive rock formations. This tranquil setting has become a beloved weekend getaway for those looking to unwind from the city's hustle.

Ke Ga Cape

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2. How to get to Ke Ga Cape in Binh Thuan?

To reach Ke Ga Vietnam, travelers often start from the center of Phan Thiet City. To get to Phan Thiet from other cities in Vietnam, you can take a bus or train. From Phan Thiet, you can either rent a motorbike or take a taxi to go to Ke Ga Cape.

If you opt for a ride by yourself, make your way to National Road 1. At Song Phan Toll Gate, turn right at the small junction and proceed until reaching Nhum Stream. Another right turn will unveil the captivating sight of the Ke Ga Cape.

In case you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, take National Road 51 to get to Ba Ria Town. Turn left onto National Road 55 and continue straight to reach Ke Ga Binh Thuan.

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3. Things to do on your trip to Ke Ga Cape

3.1. Visit Ke Ga Lighthouse

Rising to a towering height of approximately 60 meters, Ke Ga Lighthouse stands as an architectural marvel. From its vantage point, visitors can relish expansive sea views and refreshing ocean breezes. The best time to visit the lighthouse is at sunset, which offers a splendid display of colors.

This tallest Vietnamese lighthouse is constructed from granite imported from France. Adorning the lighthouse is a 2,000W beacon originally imported from France, which served as a navigational aid for maritime vessels. Today, Ke Ga Lighthouse has become a tourist attraction, captivating visitors with its artistic architecture and picturesque natural surroundings.

Ke Ga Cape

3.2. Take photos of unique rock formations

The highlight of Ke Ga Cape is its expansive area filled with stunning rocks, resembling a "rock garden" with stones and cliffs in diverse shapes and sizes. These formations are arranged to craft a breathtaking tableau that captivates every tourist's gaze. Furthermore, the gentle flow of water through the rocks creates a visual resemblance to clouds embracing the mountains.

Ke Ga Cape

3.3. Camp overnight on the beach

The beach at Ke Ga Cape offers pristine white sands, gentle waves, and scattered cliffs, making it a perfect spot for overnight camping. Visitors can gather around the campfire, relishing grilled seafood, and witnessing the breathtaking sunrise over the sea. These experiences are bound to leave an indelible mark on your memory.

3.4. Savor plenty of seafood dishes

Visiting Ke Ga Binh Thuan, you should not miss out on the fresh and affordable seafood here. You can indulge in these delectable dishes at local stalls or restaurants, or even purchase them directly from fishing boats before they are prepared. Some renowned seafood restaurants include Trong Tam and Bien Nho, which offer specialties such as grilled scallops with chili and salt or butter-grilled clams.

Ke Ga Cape

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4. When is the best time to visit Ke Ga Cape?

You can visit Ke Ga Vietnam at any time of the year, as the weather here remains beautiful all year round. Still, the best time to visit is in February and March, when the tides are at their lowest, revealing the charming rock formations. The lush greenery, gentle golden sunlight, clear blue sea, and absence of rain make it an ideal time for your journey.

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5. Extra tips to have the best time in Ke Ga Cape

  • Carry personal papers for convenient lodging rental
  • Bring sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. to protect your skin from the sun
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes or hiking boots to explore the rocky area safely
  • Bring water and snacks for your visit to the lighthouse
  • If you plan to camp in Ke Ga, a flashlight is handy to be brought along
Ke Ga Cape

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In addition to Ke Ga Cape, you should also visit other attractions of Binh Thuan tourism, such as Mui Ne Fishing Village, Ta Cu Mountain, Red Sand Dunes, Fairy Stream, Phan Thiet Market, Hon Rom Island, Phu Quy Island, Co Thach Beach, Poshanu Cham Tower, etc.

Along with Binh Thuan, Vietnam boasts many other destinations such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. For a memorable journey to these destinations, ensure that you arrange accommodation in advance.

Notably, consider reserving a room at Vinpearl. The hotels and resorts of Vinpearl are conveniently situated near major attractions. They provide lavish lodgings, comprehensive amenities, and enticing facilities like restaurants, bars, pools, etc. Vinpearl is a premier choice for upscale lodging and exceptional service in Vietnam.

Additionally, make sure not to miss out on VinWonders, a renowned network of amusement and theme parks that provides an ideal retreat away from the busy pace of daily routines.

Ke Ga Cape


Ke Ga Cape

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Traveling to Ke Ga Cape is an ideal journey for those who want to discover new lands and seek tranquility during their weekends. So, don't hesitate to include this attraction in your Vietnam travel plans.

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