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Vietnam passport samples and the updates on important changes

15/01/2024 7.372

What does the new Vietnam passport sample look like, and what has changed? Let's discover the detailed information in this article.

Vietnam passport sample

The Vietnam passport serves as a crucial document for Vietnamese citizens when traveling, working, or visiting relatives abroad. It is not only internationally valid but can also prove the holder’s identity and nationality. So, what does the Vietnam passport sample look like?

1. The latest official Vietnam passport samples

According to Decree No. 31/2023/TT-BCA issued by the Ministry of Public Security regarding Vietnam passport samples, starting from August 15, 2023, there will be four types of Vietnam passports as follows:

  • Diplomatic passport: Brown-red cover, code HCNG
  • Official passports: Dark green cover, code HCCV
  • Standard passport: Purple-blue cover, code HCPT
  • Standard passport issued through simplified procedures: Black cover, code HCPT-RG

Compared to the previous regulations, the Ministry of Public Security has added the standard passport issued through simplified procedures.

Vietnam passport sample

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2. Things to know about the new Vietnam passport sample

The new Vietnam passport sample (standard passport issued through simplified procedures) consists of 12 pages and has a validity of up to 12 months. According to the Immigration Law of Vietnam, this passport is issued to the following individuals:

  • Those who are overseas, have lost their standard passports, and wish to return to their country immediately.
  • Those who are deported from the host countries and lack passports. 
  • Those who are forced to return to their country under international treaties or agreements on repatriation.
  • Those who were granted passports due to national defense and security reasons.
Vietnam passport sample

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3. The updated specifications of Vietnam passports

These Vietnam passport samples have general specifications as follows:

  • The cover is printed with the national name, national emblem, and passport name. For chip-embedded passports, there is a symbol of the electronic chip.
  • The pictures on the pages of the passport are beautiful scenery of Vietnam, combined with bronze drum motifs.
  • The languages used in the passport are Vietnamese and English.
  • Diplomatic, official, and standard passports have 48 pages (excluding the cover). Standard passports issued through simplified procedures have 12 pages.
  • The size of every passport adheres to ISO 7810 (ID-3) standards: 88mm x 125mm ± 0.75mm.
  • The electronic chip is placed within the back cover of chip-embedded passports.
  • The passport covers are made of synthetic plastic with high durability.
  • The numbers and letters on the passport are punched with laser technology from page 1 to the back cover of the passport.
  • All content and images printed in the passport are produced using modern technology, preventing the risk of counterfeiting and meeting ICAO standards.
Vietnam passport sample

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If you are a foreigner planning a trip to Vietnam, you should first know about the Vietnam visa and relevant information about Vietnam visa exemption, how to get a Vietnamese visa, e-visa for Vietnam, and other Vietnam entry requirements. This information will ensure a smooth journey during your Vietnam travel.

In addition, you should consider the best time to visit Vietnam for an unforgettable vacation experience. Between February and August is the best time to visit the magnificent beaches of Nha Trang or Da Nang and wander through the lantern-lit alleyways of Hoi An. From December to April is perfect for discovering the vibrancy of Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc. From October to April, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay become wonderfully attractive.

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Vietnam passport sample


Vietnam passport sampleVietnam passport sample

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The new Vietnam passport sample showcases sophisticated design and robust security features, showing Vietnam's commitment to travel safety. With a blend of modern technology and aesthetic elegance, the Vietnam passport sample not only represents the cultural identity of the country but also provides a secure means for Vietnamese citizens to explore the world.

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