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Vietnamese chicken dishes: 20 unmissable highlights on the culinary map

31/01/2024 8.449

Vietnamese chicken dishes, known for their aromatic herbs and bold flavors, are a highlight of Vietnamese cuisine. Whether it is the famous pho ga or the flavorful com ga Hoi An, these dishes showcase the rich culinary heritage of Vietnam.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

In this article, we will bring you a list of Vietnamese chicken dishes that showcase the country's vibrant flavors. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a food enthusiast, don't miss the opportunity to savor these delectable dishes on your Vietnam travel adventure and make your journey unforgettable.

1. Scrumptious Vietnamese chicken rice dishes to add to your bucket list

From north to south, especially in the central and southern regions of Vietnam, you can encounter a variety of delicious Vietnamese chicken dishes with rice, each with its own unique flavors that you will never forget.

1.1. Phu Yen chicken rice

Phu Yen chicken rice has a distinctive characteristic compared to other Vietnamese chicken rice dishes. The rice is cooked in chicken broth with a touch of ground turmeric for an appealing golden color. The rice grains are soft and tender. The chicken is either finely shredded or served as whole pieces, accompanied by coriander, cucumbers, and more. What is even more interesting is that in Phu Yen, you will often find a special garlic-chili dipping sauce and a unique soup to accompany your meal, adding an extra layer of flavors.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

1.2. Quang Ngai chicken rice

Quang Ngai chicken rice is another standout Vietnamese chicken dish known for its delightful flavors. The chicken is marinated with spices like garlic, chili, ginger, shallots, and coriander. The rice is cooked by sautéing onions and garlic before adding boiled chicken broth, infusing it with a savory aroma. It is served with shredded chicken, coriander, papaya, pickled onions, chili sauce, various dipping sauces, and boiled bamboo shoots in chicken broth. This harmonious blend of tender chicken, aromatic coriander, mildly spicy chili, and fragrant ginger makes it an incredibly enticing dish.

1.3. Hoi An chicken rice - A world-famous Vietnamese chicken dish

Hoi An chicken rice is an incredibly famous dish that you should not miss out on. Each plate of chicken rice stands out with the yellow color of the rice, the glossy white chicken meat, and the green hues of accompanying vegetables. Shredded chicken mixed with onions, coriander, and lime juice creates a refreshing tangy taste. The rice is soaked in turmeric for an appealing yellow color, then cooked with chicken broth and chicken fat, making it fluffy and flavorful without being dry. To truly savor Hoi An chicken rice, mix in some squeezed lime and chili with shredded vegetables before enjoying it for the full experience.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

1.4. Nha Trang chicken rice

Nha Trang chicken rice is among the best Vietnamese chicken dishes. It features rice grains infused with turmeric for a vibrant yellow hue, shredded chicken, and a side of sour-salty condiments like pickled vegetables, cucumbers, coriander, fish sauce, and egg sauce. The special egg sauce is both fragrant and creamy, making it a standout component of Nha Trang chicken rice that sets it apart from other regional variations.

1.5. Phan Rang chicken rice

Phan Rang chicken rice impresses with its flavorful and tender chicken pieces, as they are prepared from free-range chickens boiled and chopped into bite-sized pieces. The rice is first lightly stir-fried in chicken fat or cooking oil before being cooked. The dipping sauces are unique, typically featuring three options: a tangy wine sauce mixed with fish sauce, a sweet and spicy fish sauce with finely ground chili, and a salted chili sauce with shallots. Lastly, the dish is garnished with cilantro, tomatoes, and cucumbers. An essential element of this Vietnamese chicken and rice dish is the crisp and golden pickled mustard greens, which add a delightful crunch to the dish.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

1.6. Bamboo rice with grilled chicken 

Bamboo rice with Vietnamese grilled chicken is a rustic specialty of the Central Highlands. A whole chicken is marinated with various spices like five-spice powder, honey, fish sauce, and herbs. It is then grilled over charcoal, creating a rich flavor, crispy skin, and enticing aroma. Meanwhile, bamboo rice is a type of sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes, which imparts a unique earthy fragrance to the meal. This Vietnamese chicken dish is often enjoyed with sesame salt or wild leaf salt, enhancing the natural flavors of this dish.

1.7. Vietnamese sticky rice with chicken

Vietnamese sticky rice is a familiar dish that can be found everywhere in Vietnam. It comes in various forms, including plain white, mixed, and flavored, all made from fragrant rice with a pleasant aroma and sticky texture. The chicken dishes to pair with sticky rice can range from boiled shredded chicken, spicy stir-fried chicken, roasted chicken drumsticks to crispy fried chicken skin, each offering enticing flavors to suit regional preferences. These dishes are served with pickled cucumbers, fermented mustard greens, and dipping sauces, making them even more delightful.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

2. Top-rated Vietnamese chicken noodle dishes that you will surely love

Apart from rice, Vietnamese chicken dishes also extend to include Vietnamese noodle, including:

2.1. Vietnamese chicken pho

One of the most famous Vietnamese foods is Vietnamese chicken pho, known for its delicious aroma and intriguing variations. The traditional chicken pho stands out with its clear chicken broth and tender chicken meat. If you prefer a modern twist, you can try chicken pho mixed with a rich sauce made from soy sauce and dried shallots, topped with crunchy peanuts. Additionally, chicken pho with dipping sauces - a dish consisting of a bowl of pho noodles, boiled chicken, a bowl of bamboo shoot soup, and a lime-chili dipping sauce, is another creative and delicious choice.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

2.2. Bun thang - Among the most popular Vietnamese chicken dishes 

One of the most delicious Vietnamese chicken breast recipes to mention is 'bun thang' - a specialty of Hanoi. The ingredients for bun thang are diverse, including chicken meat, Vietnamese sausages, fried eggs, dried turnips, shiitake mushrooms, fresh herbs, and more. The heart of bun thang lies in its meticulously prepared broth. It is simmered with chicken bones, pork bones, or dried shrimp for several hours, with constant skimming to keep the broth clear, yet fragrant and subtly sweet. This dish truly represents the sophistication of Hanoi's culinary artistry.

2.3. Vietnamese noodles with chicken stew

In the realm of Vietnamese chicken dishes, those who love noodles should not overlook Vietnamese noodles with chicken stew. This beloved dish in Hanoi combines chewy noodles with flavorful simmered chicken, infused with the herbal essence of a carefully crafted broth. The soup base contains various traditional herbs like mugwort, goji berry, jujube, lotus seeds, etc, simmered with chicken meat. This results in a slightly bitter yet mildly sweet broth, which is perfect for warming yourself up during winter.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

2.4. Vietnamese chicken noodle salad

For those who enjoy salads and Vietnamese chicken dishes, don't miss out on Vietnamese chicken noodle salad. This healthy dish combines noodles and chicken with various fresh herbs like lettuce, cilantro, and mint, all served with a variety of dressings. Depending on your preferences, you can prepare a Vietnamese lemongrass chicken recipe or Vietnamese chicken and noodle salad with options like soy sauce, chili sauce, satay sauce, or sweet and sour sauce. The balance of succulent chicken, aromatic herbs, soft noodles, and flavorful dressings will leave an unforgettable impression.

3. Unique Vietnamese chicken salad recipes that are full of flavors

Chicken can also be transformed into delicious salads. Explore these simple Vietnamese chicken salad recipes:

3.1. Vietnamese chicken salad with onions and laksa leaves

Among Vietnamese chicken dishes, one of the most enticing options is chicken salad with onions and laksa leaves. This Vietnamese chicken salad recipe includes chicken, laksa leaves, onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and roasted peanuts, all seasoned with sugar, lime juice, black pepper, chili powder, and salt. This creates a flavorful combination of sweet, spicy, salty, and tangy tastes that perfectly complement the tender chicken, crunchy herbs, and nutty peanuts, making it an excellent choice for family meals.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

3.2. Vietnamese chicken salad with mangosteen

A unique specialty of the Mekong Delta which is only available from April to June, chicken salad with mangosteen is one of the best Vietnamese chicken dishes. This dish combines free-range chicken meat, green mangosteen, and roasted peanuts, all mixed with a tangy sauce from garlic, chili, sugar, fish sauce, and vinegar. It is served with crispy shrimp crackers, adding a delightful texture.

In addition to this dish, the people of the Mekong Delta have also created various Vietnamese chicken salad recipes using local fruits and vegetables. These include chicken salad with custard apple and chicken salad with Burmese grape. Each dish offers a unique taste thanks to the different fruits used.

4. Other must-try Vietnamese chicken dishes on your food tour

In addition to the above-mentioned dishes, there are many other Vietnamese chicken dish recipes that you should not miss out on. Let’s discover some easy Vietnamese chicken recipes and try them today!

4.1. Black chicken hot pot

Black chicken hot pot is a popular dish in northern mountainous provinces such as Lao Cai and Ha Giang. The hot pot ingredients, including chicken, herbs, mushrooms, and corn, are all fresh and clean. Black chicken is a special type of chicken found in mountainous regions, known for its firm and succulent meat, as well as its exceptional nutritional value. The broth is aromatic with various spices and herbs. So, if you have the opportunity to visit these regions, don't miss out on this Vietnamese chicken dish.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

4.2. Tieu Quan chicken patties 

Tieu Quan chicken patties originate from Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province. This seemingly simple dish requires meticulous preparation steps, starting with selecting high-quality chicken meat. The cook will then meticulously process the meat, shred it, mix it with spices, and grill it over charcoal. The final product is small golden patties that are aromatic with a hint of citrus. They are typically enjoyed with sticky rice or plain rice, guaranteeing that the more you eat, the more you crave.

4.3. Phu Yen chicken hot pot - A must-eat on the list of Vietnamese chicken dishes

When it comes to Vietnamese hot pot, lau ga la e is one of the most beloved. This dish originated in Phu Yen but gained fame in Da Lat. A pot of lau ga la e combines the sweet essence of the broth, the tender chicken pieces, the sourness of bamboo shoots, the aroma of mushrooms, and the distinctive fragrance of 'la e' - a minty, warm, and slightly spicy leaf. The secret to enhancing the flavor of this hotpot lies in the salt dipping sauce. The salt is mixed with spicy chili and Sichuan pepper, making it a perfect complement to the succulent chicken.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

4.4. An Giang grilled chicken

Another specialty among Vietnamese chicken dishes is the grilled chicken of the Khmer people in An Giang. The chicken is marinated with lemongrass, chili, 'la chuc’ (a type of lime leaf), and spices. It is then grilled in a clay pot, with a layer of salt, lemongrass, and la chuc placed underneath, creating a unique aroma for the dish. Vietnamese chicken cooked in a clay pot has a beautiful golden color, crispy skin, and fragrant aroma. It is served with fresh herbs, cucumbers, and a dipping sauce made from la chuc, giving it a distinctive taste.

4.5. Vietnamese chicken curry

Originating from India, curry is combined with Vietnamese chicken and seasoned with Vietnamese flavors, creating a delicious Vietnamese chicken dish. The ingredients for chicken curry are simple, including chicken, potatoes, carrots, cilantro, and curry powder, along with coconut milk. The curry recipe is the soul of this dish, and while many restaurants in Vietnam follow the traditional Indian cooking style, some places have adapted it to Vietnamese tastes. You can try different places to find the curry flavor you love.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

4.6. Vietnamese chicken rolls

Vietnamese chicken rolls, much like other Vietnamese rolls, are fresh, light, and healthy. They combine chicken, vermicelli, lemongrass, fresh vegetables, and herbs, along with a homemade peanut dipping sauce. You simply grill the chicken, roll it with the herbs and vermicelli in rice paper, and dip it in the peanut sauce for a satisfying meal. The sweetness of the chicken, the crispiness of the vegetables and rice paper, and the saltiness of the sauce create a flavorful dish.

4.7. Vietnamese chicken sandwiches

In the list of Vietnamese chicken dishes, Vietnamese sandwich with chicken is a must-mention. By grilling and shredding chicken, then dipping it in mushroom sauce with cheese, Vietnamese chefs have created various delicious fillings for sandwiches. Each filling has its unique flavor. Combined with crispy hot bread, spicy chili sauce, pickled carrots and cucumbers, and fresh herbs, the result is a simple yet enticing street food that you can find anywhere in Vietnam.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

Embarking on a journey through Vietnam offers not only a delightful exploration of Vietnamese chicken dishes but also an opportunity to discover iconic destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. While you are in these remarkable destinations, consider enhancing your experience by staying at one of Vinpearl's exceptional hotels and resorts. 

Spanning across the country, the establishments of Vinpearl are committed to providing a world-class experience, offering an abundance of services for relaxation, rejuvenation, dining, and entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on you. To add even more excitement to your journey, don't miss the chance to explore the entertainment complexes of VinWonders. Here, you can engage in a wide range of unforgettable activities and festivals.

Vietnamese chicken dishes

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Vietnamese chicken dishes offer a captivating journey through the flavors of Vietnam. With diverse regional variations, these dishes are a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the country. So, when you explore Vietnam, be sure to immerse yourself in the delightful world of Vietnamese chicken dishes and let your taste buds savor the magic of these extraordinary treats.

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