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Vietnamese duck noodle soup: An authentic recipe for a bowl of goodness

10/01/2024 5.125

Vietnamese duck noodle soup offers a harmonious blend of flavors, creating a memorably comforting dining experience. On your journey, you should definitely savor the richness of this traditional dish, a true gem in Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

Vietnamese duck noodle soup, renowned for its exquisite blend of flavors, boasts succulent duck, aromatic Vietnamese noodles, and a rich broth. This traditional dish captures the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, offering a satisfying symphony of textures and tastes. The tender duck, paired with the comforting noodles, creates a culinary masterpiece that continues to captivate food enthusiasts with its savory allure.

1. Origin & highlights of Vietnamese duck noodle soup

Originating from the vibrant streets of Saigon, Vietnamese duck noodle soup is a unique creation born out of the cultural exchange between the Chinese community in Cho Lon and the Southern Vietnamese palate. Unlike traditional braised dishes in the Northern region, the duck in the South is marinated and simmered with a distinctive blend of Chinese herbs, resulting in a tantalizing aroma that has graced Saigon's alleys for over five decades.

This dish features Saigon noodles, enticing with their vibrant yellow hue crafted from fresh egg which adds a visual appeal to the bowl. The star of the show is obviously the duck, meticulously seasoned and simmered until tender. Along with it is a flavorful broth enriched with the essence of Chinese herbs. Complementing the broth are ingredients such as chewy noodles, crisp bok choy, and shiitake mushrooms.

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

Saigon's version of duck noodle soup is characterized by its softly braised or crispy fried duck. This dish is traditionally accompanied by pickled papaya, along with a condiment trio of vinegar, hot sauce, and soy sauce. This symphony of flavors and textures distinguishes Saigon's duck noodle soup as a culinary masterpiece which is cherished locally.

2. Authentic Vietnamese duck noodle soup recipe

2.1. Ingredients

To make an authentic bowl of Vietnamese duck noodle soup, start by cleaning 2 duck legs and simmering 500g of pork bones for the broth. Enhance the broth with star anise, cloves, cinnamon, dried orange peel, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, ginger, seasoning powder, salt, and sugar. Add 4 portions of thin egg noodles and a bunch of desired greens.

2.2. Instructions

Start by marinating the duck legs with garlic, pepper, soy sauce, salt, and seasoning for 30 minutes, then fry until golden. While waiting for the duck legs to be well-fried, soak the shiitake mushrooms until soft, remove the stems, and set aside. When the fried duck is ready, cook it in the broth, add the mushrooms, and adjust the seasoning. Vietnamese duck noodle soup is usually served with blanched egg noodles, boiled choy sum, and garnish. 

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

3. Best places to try a flavorful bowl of Vietnamese duck noodle soup

3.1. Top-rated Vietnamese duck noodle soup restaurants in Hanoi

3.1.1. Phat Ky Mi Gia

  • Address: No. 57, To Hien Thanh Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Phat Ky Mi Gia stands out as a top-rated duck noodle soup haven in Hanoi. With exquisite noodle dishes, dim sum options, and Hong Kong-style stir-fried noodle soup, the skilled chefs here promise satisfaction even for the most discerning palates. Located conveniently on To Hien Thanh Street, Phat Ky Mi Gia is an unmissable destination for those seeking the authentic Hanoi-style duck noodle soup in a welcoming ambiance.

3.1.2. Mi Vit Tiem Hung Phat

  • Address: No. 7, Dien Bien Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Mi Vit Tiem Hung Phat, a gem for Vietnamese duck noodle soups, offers abundant duck, flavorful broth, and distinctive spices. The fresh noodles, perfectly seasoned broth, and tender duck here make this eatery renowned citywide. The nostalgic ambiance further adds a unique charm, making it a captivating destination for duck noodle soup enthusiasts.

3.1.3. Minh Ky Dimsums & Noodles

  • Address: No. 44A, Phan Boi Chau Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Minh Ky Dimsums & Noodles stands out among Hanoi's top-rated spots for Vietnamese duck noodle soup. With charming Chinese-style decor and a commitment to cleanliness, this eatery captivates diners at the first visit. A hearty bowl here features rich broth and aromatic duck, making Minh Ky a haven not only for dim sum but also for duck noodle soup options.

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

3.1.4. The Duckling

  • Address: No. 80 - 82, Nguyen Van Tuyet Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

The Duckling is a must-visit in Hanoi for those who love the city's cuisine. Its Vietnamese duck noodle soup stands out with fresh noodles in a rich, sweet, and flavorful broth. With a diverse menu, The Duckling offers various options like hotpot, noodles, and porridge.

3.1.5. Vit Quay Jacky

  • Address: No. 77, Dang Van Ngu Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

The duck noodle soup at Vit Quay Jacky will impress your taste buds with succulent duck, rice noodles, and aromatic herbs in a savory broth. This eatery is also a top-rated spot for roasted duck variations like Peking duck rolls, stir-fried duck with noodles, and spicy salt-roasted duck bones.

3.2. Famous Vietnamese duck noodle soup restaurants in Saigon

3.2.1. Mi Vit Tiem Ba Cao

  • Address: Xom Cai Apartment Complex, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Mi Vit Tiem Ba Cao is a modest establishment nestled on the ground floor of an old apartment complex in Saigon. Known for authentic Chinese flavors, it surprises with the sweet broth. Most diners here favor the mixed duck noodles, along with other dishes like mixed pork noodles and fish ball noodles. 

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

3.2.2. Mi Vit Tiem Thiem Huy

  • Address: No. 455, Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Mi Vit Tiem Thiem Huy stands out as the potentially priciest spot for duck noodle soup. A premium bowl here can cost up to 350,000 VND. Despite the cost, options like tender braised duck noodles, crispy fried duck noodles, or duck noodles with shiitake mushrooms provide an exquisite experience. Every dish is a fulfilling delight, with rich flavors that stay true to the traditional Chinese cuisine.

3.2.3. Hai Ky Mi Gia

  • Address: No. 349 - 351, Nguyen Trai Street, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Hai Ky Mi Gia in Saigon distinguishes itself with handmade Japanese flour noodles. It brings a perfect balance of tenderness and aroma, utilizing both chicken and duck eggs. The duck meat is subtly fragrant, blending harmoniously with the eggs for a delightful experience.

3.2.4. Mi Vit Tiem Thuong Hai

  • Address: Alley 481, Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Mi Vit Tiem Thuong Hai stands out with its large duck leg portions served with noodles, offering a rich flavor without overwhelming oiliness. The tender duck meat here is complemented by crispy duck skin. Paired with a fragrant broth, this dish will bring a delightful experience for everyone.

Vietnamese duck noodle soup

3.2.5. Mi Vit Tiem Tan Tong Loi

  • Address: No. 311, Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Mi Vit Tiem Tan Tong Loi in Saigon, while not as renowned as other eateries, entices the locals with its distinct duck leg noodles. The large duck legs, with plentiful meat, are deep-fried to an appealing golden brown. Dip the crispy duck into a tangy soy sauce with a hint of chili for a flavorful bite.

Apart from Vietnamese duck noodle soup, tourists should also try other famous Vietnamese noodles such as Quang noodles, Ken noodles, Vietnamese egg noodles, Vietnamese beef noodles, Vietnamese rice noodles, Vietnamese duck bamboo noodle soup, etc.

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Vietnamese duck noodle soup

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Vietnamese duck noodle soup is a culinary delight that captivates with each steaming bowl. Succulent pieces of roast duck float atop a bed of tender noodles, creating a symphony of flavors. The broth, infused with carefully selected herbs, elevates the dish to a gastronomic masterpiece. As a harmonious blend of comforting elements, Vietnamese duck noodle soup stands as a testament to Vietnam's culinary prowess, inviting enthusiasts to savor its exquisite taste.

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