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Ha Tinh, Vietnam - A detailed travel experience guide

09/01/2024 11.809

Ha Tinh is a sunny and windy land in the central region of Vietnam. When visiting Ha Tinh, Vietnam, you will see many beautiful monuments, landscapes, and undiscovered beaches.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Ha Tinh, Vietnam in the central region is a must-see tourist destination. Every year, millions of tourists visit Ha Tinh to enjoy its majestic beauty bestowed by nature. This place is really a tourist destination with much potential and many beautiful beaches. Moreover, the locals here are well-known for their friendliness.

1. Where is Ha Tinh Province in Vietnam?

Ha Tinh, Vietnam is a province on Vietnam's North Central Coast, bordered to the north by Nghe An Province, to the south by Quang Binh Province, to the west by Laos, and to the east by the East Sea.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

This province has many exciting landscapes, typical tangible and intangible cultural heritages, a beautiful marine tourism space, and a variety of seafood. Cultural – spiritual tourism is the pride of Ha Tinh.

  • Area: 6,055.6 square kilometers
  • City: Ha Tinh
  • Towns: Hong Linh, Ky Anh
  • Districts: Can Loc, Cam Xuyen, Duc Tho, Huong Khe, Huong Son, Ky Anh, Loc Ha, Nghi Xuan, Thach Ha, Vu Quang

2. How to get to Ha Tinh, Vietnam

  • From the north of Vietnam to Ha Tinh:

Ha Tinh City is 341 kilometers away from Hanoi. You can get there by bus via National Highway 1A. Alternatively, book a Thong Nhat Express Train ticket to get to the province. If you want to travel by plane, fly to the airport in Vinh, take a taxi to Vinh City, then take the bus to Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

  • From the south of Vietnam to Ha Tinh: 

Ho Chi Minh City is 833 kilometers away from Ha Tinh. There are three ways for you to get there: plane, bus, and train. 

Ha Tinh Vietnam

The cheapest way to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Tinh, Vietnam is by train and bus, which costs 27 to 65 USD and takes 29 hours and 10 minutes. The fastest way is by plane, which takes 1 hour and 25 minutes.

3. The best time to travel to Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh, which is under a tropical monsoon climate, is also influenced by the typical tropical climate of the South and the cold winter of the North. As a result, the weather in Ha Tinh has two distinct seasons: the hot summer and the cold winter.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

So, if you want to visit Ha Tinh, Vietnam, the best time to go is in March – April, when the cold of winter has just passed, or in September – October, when the summer heat has just subsided.

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4. Best places to visit in Ha Tinh, Vietnam

Ha Tinh is not as busy as Da Nang, nor does it have a grand international amusement area like Nha Trang, nor is it a foggy city with beautiful strawberry gardens like Da Lat… Ha Tinh, Vietnam takes you to a land full of sunshine and wind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to find your inner peace.

4.1. Thien Cam Beach Ha Tinh

Ha Tinh's 137-kilometer-long coastline always astounds visitors with the beauty of its beaches, including Thien Cam beach. This beach stretches nearly 3 kilometers, beginning at Thien Cam Mountain and ending at Dau Voi Mountain.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Here, you will enjoy the sound of the waves bouncing into the cave, echoing with the sound of the wind like a melody that nature has given to Thien Cam beach. The highlight of this beach is that it has complete tourist services while still retaining its wild and pure features.

4.2. Xuan Thanh Beach

Xuan Thanh beach is in Nghi Xuan District, 60 kilometers away from Ha Tinh City. This beach has beautiful scenery, with the white sand stretching for about 6 kilometers and embracing the ocean waves. 

Ha Tinh Vietnam

This lovely Ha Tinh beach is a popular destination for those who enjoy peace or need personal space to write articles. Here, visitors can free their mind into the waves. Furthermore, along Xuan Thanh beach, there is Duong My freshwater creek flowing from Hong Linh mountain to the sea, with coconut trees illuminating day and night, giving the scenery here many wild and beautiful features.

4.3. Vu Quang National Park

Situated near Truong Son Range, Vu Quang National Park is a potential eco-tourism site in Ha Tinh Province. Here, you can explore the vast forest space with its diverse flora and fauna and participate in appealing sports tours. 

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Furthermore, the Vu Quang nature reserve preserves traces of the heroes associated with the glorious Can Vuong movement which visitors can explore and learn about.

4.4. Huong Tich Pagoda Ha Tinh

Huong Tich Pagoda is also known as Huong Tich Co Tu, which means "Thom Pagoda." This pagoda is at a height of 650 meters above sea level. It is on the peak of Huong Tich, one of the most beautiful mountains in Hong Linh mountain range.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Huong Tich Pagoda is a complex of traditional Vietnamese cultural and religious relics, including many temples that worship Buddha, a temple that worships a deity, and some temples for agricultural and maternal worship. This complex is divided into three major sections: the Upper Palace, the Thien Vuong Temple, and the Holy Mother Temple.

Behind the pagoda, the ancient trees and large rocks bring an antique and strangely fanciful look. Surrounding the pagoda, there are many landscapes such as Co Temple, Tien Nu Cave, Tien Stream...

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4.5. Trai Tieu Lake Eco-Tourism Area

The Trai Tieu Lake eco-tourism area, with an area of 21 square kilometers, is not only a critical irrigation project but also a popular tourist destination in Ha Tinh, Vietnam.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

When you visit Trai Tieu Lake, you can climb the winding hills and enjoy the sound of the pine trees and the fresh air. You can also use the yacht to float in the cool water and explore the vast lake. Then, you can explore war relics or rich farms where you can enjoy your favorite four-season fruits and many other valuable things. 

4.6. Nguyen Du Relic Site

The most well-known tourist attraction in Ha Tinh, Vietnam is the Nguyen Du relic site. This monument park is in Hong Lam Hamlet, Tien Dien Commune, Nghi Xuan District and covers 28,562 square meters.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

The great poet Nguyen Du relic site stretches across Tien Dien Commune and includes a complex of family relics and temples, communal houses, and other structures associated with Nguyen Du's family. You can go to the Nguyen Du memorial area in the relic site and light incense or visit the Nguyen Du Museum to learn more about the great poet's life and career.

5. Top must-try Ha Tinh specialties

Ha Tinh, Vietnam attracts tourists not only with its friendly people and poetic natural landscapes but also with its unique culinary culture.

5.1. Banh Beo

Banh beo is made of tapioca starch, with the inside made of peeled young shrimp or lean meat and sauteed with dried onions before being served with herbs. When enjoying this dish, add a little chili sauce, lemon, and sugar to create a spicy, sweet and sour taste.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

The banh beo, whether hot or cold, is both delicious and appealing. Eating it hot with spicy fish sauce will keep you warm in cold weather. The dish is chewy and crunchy when served cold, with a strong flavor.

5.2. Jumping Squid

The season for catching jumping squids typically lasts from March to the end of July. To get fresh squids, people must go fishing at night, put them into the containers, and quickly sell them to restaurants. 

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Squid can be prepared in various ways, including boiling, frying or steaming. The simplest and quickest way to cook it is to place the fresh squid in a pot, boil it, then serve it with ginger fish sauce or mustard. The jumping squid in Ha Tinh, Vietnam has a distinctly delicious and fragrant flavor that distinguishes it from the squids found in other parts of the country.

5.3. Ram Cake

Ram is made primarily of two ingredients: brown rice and molasses. The rice is finely ground and mixed with molasses, then it is rolled thin and dried two or three times. When the rice paper thickens, it is sealed in a plastic bag. You can then take it out when you need to use it.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

The color of Ha Tinh, Vietnam ram cake is light yellow. The cake paper is thin and soft, making it easy to roll. Before frying paper rolls, add a few drops of vinegar to the oil. With that, the ram cake will be crispy, yellow and hard to break. Ram cake is crunchy, fragrant, and lightly sweet.

5.4. Opaque Fish Salad

Because Ha Tinh, Vietnam has a large sea area, fish dishes are hard to miss here. Many delicacies can be made from opaque fish, but the most popular one is opaque fish salad.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Opaque fish salad is served with fig leaves, piper lolot, mango leaves, green mangos, and green star fruits. To enjoy this dish, roll the rice paper with vegetables and fish, then dip them in the broth. The taste of the fish, vegetables, and the spicy and sour taste of the sauce will result in a memorable dish.

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5.5. Grilled Herring

For the people of Ha Tinh, herring is not a luxury dish, it is even considered the most budget option compared to other types of fish and shrimp. However, anyone who has tasted the hot fresh herring that has just been grilled will not be able to forget this dish.

Ha Tinh Vietnam

Herring has a flat body with many bones and scales, but its meat is fragrant and rich when grilled. Grilled herring has the aroma of smoke and retains the freshness of its meat. Grilled herring is sold from 40,000 to 60,000 VND per kilogram. This dish is served with fig leaves, raw vegetables, or rice vermicelli. The dip is also very simple. Just a dip bowl of fish sauce with lemon and garlic is delicious enough.

Ha Tinh attracts visitors with many historical, cultural sites, beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, and unique traditional and cultural values. The land and people of Ha Tinh promise to provide visitors with exciting experiences. 

After basking in the beauty of Ha Tinh, you can continue your journey through Vietnam with a series of enchanting destinations that unveil the diverse tapestry of this captivating country, such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long. From the tranquil shores of Phu Quoc to the vibrant culture of Hoi An, each stop promises unique experiences that weave together history, natural splendor, and modern charm.

Linh Long Tu Temple


Linh Long Tu Temple

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