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Hue bus stations: TOP 3+ transportation hubs for convenient connections

13/01/2024 6.847

Serving as a vital link between travelers and their desired destinations, Hue bus station offers convenience and connectivity. This article covers everything travelers need to know about bus stations across Hue city, from bus station addresses and phone numbers to different routes.

Hue bus station

Welcome to the bustling city of Hue in Central Vietnam, where Hue bus station serves as a crucial transportation hub. As a gateway to the region's cultural heritage and natural beauty, the bus station in Hue connects travelers to a multitude of captivating destinations. From historical landmarks to scenic landscapes, visitors can embark on an adventure to uncover the hidden gems that await them.

1. Things to know about Northern Hue Bus Station

1.1. Information for tourists

  • Address: No. 132 Ly Thai To street, An Hoa Ward, Hue city.
  • Phone number: 0234 3522 716
Hue bus station

Situated in the north-western part of Hue, Northern Hue Bus Station serves as a vital transportation hub connecting tourists to various destinations. This bustling station offers convenient bus services to popular cities like Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, Hanoi, as well as transportation to Phu Bai airport. 

To reach Northern Hue Bus Station, there are a few options available. Visitors can take a taxi or use ride-sharing services for a quick and direct journey. Another option is to hop on a local bus that stops near the station. Additionally, some hotels in Hue offer shuttle services to the bus station, providing an added level of convenience.

1.2. Northern Hue Bus Station schedule

Below is a general overview of Northern Hue Bus Station schedule, showcasing different routes, corresponding bus names, estimated one-way ticket prices, and contact phone numbers for reference:


Bus Name

Ticket Price

Phone Number

Hue - Nghe An

Thanh Hung bus

200,000 VND / one way

0989 864 818

Hue - Thanh Hoa

Nhat Xuan bus

300,000 VND / one way

0906 527 051

Hue - Quang Binh

Hong Loi bus

220,000 VND / one way

0932 464 111

Hue - Hanoi

Thuan Tuan bus

550,000 VND / one way

0916 604 779

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2. Guide to depart and arrive at Southern Hue Bus Station

2.1. General information

  • Address: No. 97 An Duong Vuong Street, An Dong Ward, Hue City.
  • Phone number: 0234 3826 065
Hue bus station

If you are wondering how to reach this station, it is conveniently situated within close proximity to popular tourist destinations such as Hue Imperial City, just a short distance away.

For those planning to travel to cities like Nha Trang, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Hue Bus Station offers a wide range of bus routes to choose from, providing flexibility and convenience.

2.2. Southern Hue Bus Station schedule

Here is a Southern Hue Bus Station schedule table that highlights various routes, corresponding bus names, estimated one-way ticket prices, and contact phone numbers:


Bus Name

Ticket Price

Phone Number

Hue - Nha Trang

Nam Phuong

300,000 VND / one way

0905 353 289

Hue - Da Nang

Phuong Trang

100,000 VND / one way

1900 6067

Hue - Ho Chi Minh

Ngoc Xanh

920,000 VND / one way

0987 807 555

It is recommended to verify the most up-to-date information regarding schedules, ticket prices, and contact details by contacting Hue Vietnam Bus Station directly.

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3. Other Hue bus stations that you need to know

Apart from Northern and Southern Stations, there are a couple of other bus stations in Hue that are worth knowing:

  • Dong Ba Bus Station
    • Address: No. 6, Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City.
    • Phone number: 0234 3523 055
  • Nguyen Hoang Bus Station
    • Address: No. 10 DT8B, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue City.
    • Phone number: 0915 202 649

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Hue bus station

Hue, the enchanting city in Central Vietnam, boasts a multitude of remarkable attractions that captivate the hearts of visitors from around the world, such as Perfume River, Dong Ba Market, Trang Tien Bridge, Hue Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Meridian Gate, Hue Historic Citadel, An Dinh Palace, Mausoleum Of Emperor Minh Mang, Thuy Tien Lake, Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities, Vong Canh Hill, and Tu Hieu Pagoda.

You can also maximize your exploration of Central Vietnam by including visits to both Hoi An and Da Nang in your itinerary. These neighboring cities seamlessly blend together cultural heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes, and contemporary attractions. What is more convenient is that you can easily travel to both Hoi An and Da Nang from any Hue Bus Station.

Hue bus station

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Hue bus station

At Vinpearl, visitors have the privilege of a direct entry to the exclusive beachfront, indulging in revitalizing spa experiences, embarking on a gastronomic adventure at the in-house dining establishments, or unwinding amidst the picturesque ambiance of the meticulously designed swimming pool area.

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Hue bus station stands as a vital gateway to the vibrant city of Hue and its surrounding attractions. Serving as a pivotal hub for transportation, it connects travelers to captivating destinations steeped in cultural heritage and natural beauty. Whether exploring the historic Imperial City, cruising along the Perfume River, or venturing to nearby cities, Hue bus stations offer convenience and accessibility. With their bustling activity, diverse routes, and seamless connections, these renowned transportation hubs set the stage for unforgettable adventures and memorable journeys in and around Hue.

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